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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Nine

David found himself restrained in a vacuum bed, but one like he had never seen before. It seemed to cover him from his shoulders to his thighs, but left his head, arms and lower legs free. The most unusual feature of this vacuum bed, and the most enjoyable, was the sheath his cock was buried in. It was warm... no, hot... and wet-so wet that his cock was sliding in and out of the sheath with a delightful regularity.

No, his cock wasn't sliding... the sheath was sliding up and down his cock... and it was massaging it, squeezing it and generally making it feel soooo good. David struggled to reconcile all these contradictions in his mind but was still stymied as to their explanation. Then he heard a groan... no, a series of moans and panting noises he just couldn't place.

As his mind began to ascend from the fog of drowsiness, he realized he was not in a vacuum bed, he just had a naked Erin lying on him. Well, lying was not quite the operative term here. She was sliding up and down his naked body, having impaled her cunt on his morning wood. Now conscious, David wrapped his arms around his slave.

“Good... (unh!) morning... (ooh!) Mas... (ahhh!) ter... (moan)!” she gasped between movements, with her moans and groans coming as she bottomed out on his cock. Erin's red hair hung down around her face, making her cheeks seem even redder than they were from the exertion.

Found a new way to wake me up, eh, little one?”

“Do... (oooh!) you... (unhh!) a... (ahhh!) prove... (oh, Oh, OH!)?”

“I do, but let me take over so you can rest. Lay on me and bring your legs together.” David held onto Erin as she followed his instructions. He then opened his legs so hers dropped in between his. “We'll roll towards the wall,” he instructed, then they rolled until David was laying on Erin.

David still had Erin's legs trapped between his. “Let me try something here first,” he said as he withdrew his cock almost completely from her cunt. He slid back in and with her legs trapped by his, she became incredibly tight, much tighter than before.

“Ohhh, Yessss!” he hissed as he slowly sank into his slave. Erin groaned loudly as he did. When he had completely filled her cunt, he looked in her eyes. They were glazed with desire. “We'll have to try that some other time, little one. Right now I want to pound your cunt senseless. Open your legs!”

When Erin had her legs opened again, David growled, “Now pull your knees up!” She did, and David rose up on his arms and began to slam his cock into her cunt repeatedly. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Erin hissed. “Fuck me! Pound me! Harder! Harder!” The sound of David's crotch slapping Erin's thighs and cunt lips filled the room along with their moans of pleasure.

“I'm... I'm...”

“No, Erin! DO NOT CUM!”

She let out a gut wrenching moan but tried to fight back the sensations engulfing her. David slammed into her a few times more then barked, “Cum for Me!” Erin almost immediately exploded in an orgasm made more intense by having held it back. She started crying so loud she grabbed the pillow next to her to scream into, but David kept up his relentless assault on her sex.

Just as Erin felt the first orgasm die down, another one suddenly spiked in intensity. She threw the pillow back over her face and hugged it tight as she screamed her release again. This time, even her legs began to tremble.

David finally hit his peak and slammed his cock as far into her cunt as he could as he coated her cervix with his cum. The heat of his release set Erin off one more time, cumming in time with David's spurts. As David spent himself, his body slowly sank onto Erin's until he had completely entrapped her. Erin had never felt so much weight spread over her body, but she felt so loved, so possessed, so dominated that she welcomed the pressure.

David slowly rolled off of his slave's body and lay on his side. Erin finally turned to face him. David stroked her face, her hair, her side and her breast, reveling in the feel of her smooth skin. They lay like that for what seemed an eternity, but when David finally peeked at the clock, it was only 7:08 AM.

I don't know how you do it, Master. Each time we fuck, I think you've driven me to the heights of ecstasy, only to have you push me farther the next time we make love.”

“It's you, little one,” David confided in her. “You're learning more and more about your body each time, just as I am. As you discover those responses and build on them, your pleasure increases.”

They laid there for what seemed an eternity... an eternity that wen by in the blink of an eye. Then David lifted his head from his pillow and listened for a minute. “Have you checked on the boys? I don't hear them and I thought they'd be fussing by now.”

Erin dropped here eyes to the bed. “Master, I checked on them before I came back to wake you. I wanted to be sure they were taken care of so they wouldn't interrupt us. I... I hope you...”

David laid back on the bed. “Wow. You were able to get out of my bed and get back in without my waking? After only two nights together?”

“Master, I am sorry...”

“Why? I think that's beautiful. It means I am so comfortable with you that your leaving my bed doesn't disturb me. I've never had that happen in such a short time. Erin, I... do you know what this means?”

“No, Master, I don't.”

“I am where I am meant to be.” Tears rolled down Erin's face. “What's wrong, little one?”

“I was afraid it meant I was doing something wrong, Master. I'm just so happy that you're happy...” Her voice trailed off as she began crying.

“Silly,” David said as he wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her forehead. His kisses then moved down her face, following the tracks of her tears, kissing away each one. As he did, David's stomach emitted a soft growl. Erin sat up with a start.

“I need to tend to my Master's needs,” she said, wiping the remaining tears away. She jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen naked, her butt plug's crystal catching the light as she did. David watched her lithe body and her cute ass disappear through the door, then got up himself and headed for the bathroom.


David walked into the kitchen to find Erin at the sink. She had put on an apron, but was otherwise still naked. He silently walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her against his body. His left hand began fondling her breasts and his right hand dipped down to rub her pussy lips, flicking her clit as he did.

Erin arched her back into David's body, laying her head against his chest and pushing her ass into what was a renewed hard-on. She moaned until he pinched her clit, then she yelped. As she did, he claimed her mouth with his, probing her every corner with his tongue.

David could feel Erin's pussy honey begin to flow. He tweaked her clit again, then pushed her away and smacked her ass. “You better get my breakfast ready A.S.A.P., slave,” he chuckled as he headed towards the bedroom to dress. “Meanie!” Erin called out as he walked off.

David turned at the door and gave Erin a wicked grin. “Damn right, little one, and don't you forget it!” He walked out the door. On impulse, Erin stuck out her tongue. “You'll be putting that to good use later, slave!” came from down the hall. Erin fidgeted but smiled as she turned back to her work.

Erin was just finishing up the main part of their breakfast, pancakes, when David came back in and sat down at the table in the breakfast nook. He had on a faded pair of jeans, an old T-shirt and worn running shoes that he slipped into one of the suitcases just before leaving the condo yesterday. “I know it's not my place to question your decisions, Master,” she said as she brought his plate over and set it before him, “but why are you wearing such old clothes?”
“These are my work duds,” he replied. “Since I'm moving my stuff out of the condo, I thought it would be better to wear clothes I didn't mind dirtying.”

“Oh, that's right!” Erin brought the coffee pot over and filled David's cup, then set the pot down on a hot pad. She noticed that he had untied a seat cushion from one of the chairs and placed it beside his chair, so Erin removed her apron and knelt on the cushion by her Master's side. They enjoyed breakfast that way, with David feeding her and giving her sips from a glass of orange juice she had set out for herself.

“I see you anticipated this arrangement, little one, and put an extra helping on my plate.” He held out a piece of bacon and she took a bite. “I've wanted to do this for so long, Master, but...”

“Shh... you don't need to finish that thought. Is this something you'd like to do whenever it's just the two of us?”

Erin nodded. “I enjoy being fed by you. It reminds me that I look to you for everything.”

“I enjoy it, too, little one.”

“When are you leaving, Master?”

David looked at his watch. “I want to head out soon. I need to pick up some boxes at the truck rental place and start boxing up my stuff at the condo. And you?”

“You asked Mom to come over about eleven, so I'm going to leave by eleven fifteen. I don't know the way there as well as you do, so I'm giving myself time to get lost.”

David nodded. “You know your smartphone has a navigation function.”

“It does? That's great! How does it work?”
“Would you like me to show you?”

“That would be wonderful, Master! May I go get my phone?”

“Hurry up, little one.” Erin ran through the kitchen and into the living room. She came back a minute later with her phone. She went to kneel on the cushion again but David motioned to Erin to sit on his lap.

“OK, do you remember the address for the Emporium?”

“Yes, Master, I do.”

“OK. Now press the apps button in the bottom center, then flick the pages over until you see an app labeled “Navigation,” then choose it.”

Erin followed his directions as David walked her through setting up directions by voice. “That was easy, Master!” she said when they finished.

“Great, Erin! Now, go get dressed and we'll get the boys up before I leave. I want to see them.”

Erin hopped off David's lap and ran to the bedroom. She quickly dressed and ran to the nursery, where David was waiting. “How does this look, Sir?” she said since they were with the boys.

“It's nice, but I don't know if it's what Barb will want you to wear. Maybe she'll let you model one of those leather spanking skirts while you work there.”

“That would be great... wait a minute, Sir! Won't my... bottom show?”

“Of course.”

Erin's cheeks grew red as her eyes flew open. “But... but what about the customers?” They'll see my...”

“The store doesn't open until four PM on Saturdays, remember? I'm pretty sure we'll be done by then and George will be back at the store.”

“Oh, that's right. But, Sir... why would Barb want me to wear that skirt?”

“Maybe she'd like to see your...” David chuckled.

“Ma... David! That's not funny!” she said softly.

“Come here, little one!” David gave Erin a big hug. “If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to tease.”

They each picked up one boy. David said to both of them, “I've got to go do some work but I'll be home this evening. You be good for Mommy and Grandma.” They carried them out to the kitchen and sat them in their high chairs, then David gave both of them a kiss on the forehead.

“What about me, Sir?” David grabbed Erin by the waist and pulled her close, then gave her a big kiss. Both boys giggled at the sight. “Sounds like they appreciate you taking good care of their mother, Sir,” Erin said when they stopped.

David turned to the twins. “Don't worry, boys, I will always take good care of your mother!” With that, he walked out into the garage.


David arrived at his condo with a trunk full of boxes he had picked up at a truck rental place. As he got out of the car, he heard a familiar voice call out to him. “Davy, where'd ya been? I've missed you all week!” It was Benjamin Merinsky, the owner of the condo complex.

“Benny!” David called out. “I had to work the beginning of the week and then some personal things came up so I took a few days off from work.”

“A few days off? I didn't see you around here since last Sunday night.”

“What, you my mother now?” David considered Benny more of an “uncle” than a landlord and Benny treated David like he was a part of his family.

“I worry about you, kid.” Benny watched over his tenants like a mother hen.

“I was here yesterday.” David grinned, knowing what would come next.

“I saw the car but I didn't think it was you.”

David stared at Benny. “Why not?”

“There was a girl in the car. I didn't think you were seeing anyone.”

“Benny, I'm not a monk.” David was waiting for Benny to put it all together.

“You mean that you got a girlfriend now?”

“Yeah, Benny, I do.”

“And from what I saw, she's a looker! Redhead... you know what they say about redheads.”

David motioned for Benny to come closer. “It's all true!” he whispered.

“I don't believe it! Mazel Tov! When are you going to bring her around?”

“I already did. Yesterday.”

“What, she's not good enough for my condos?” Benny looked disappointed.

“No, Benny, she has her own house.”

Benny finally put it all together. “You mean you're moving in with her? Oy vey! What am I gonna do now?”

“I got it covered, Benny. Remember Lou, my friend from work?”

“Lou? Oh, yes, Lou. He's a mensch.”

“Well, he told me he's looking for a new place. Would you give him the same deal you gave me if he takes my place over?”

“Sure, sure, Davy. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.” Benny seemed relieved.

“Great! I'll call him now and see if he can come over. You can have him fill out the papers.”

Benny looked like he'd just lost his last friend. “I can't believe you're leavin' here.”

David smiled. “Erin is definitely worth it, Benny.”

“Erin? Erin it is? A redhead and she's Irish? Why couldn't I be so lucky?”

“You always tell me that the missus was the best thing to ever happen to you.”

“Oh, but a firecracker like that? Oy! What I would...” David cut him off.

“Hey, hey, Benny... That's my girlfriend!” David was still grinning, however.

“Sorry. I'm just sayin', ya know? So when you movin' out?”

“This weekend.”

“This weekend? Oy, you'll be the death of me yet, Davy.”

“If it's alright with you, Benny, I'd like to let Lou move in and use up the rest of my month.”

“Sure, sure, just call him and make sure he still wants it, OK?” Benny seemed worried again.

“I'll call him and let you know.” David pulled out his phone.

“OK, Davy. I gotta go fix a leaky faucet in Mrs. Lupinsky's kitchen again. I swear she breaks it just to have me over.” Benny was grinning.

“Why don't you just ask her out, Benny?”

“Because this way, I don't have to spring for dinner, if ya know what I mean.”

David laughed. “Benny, you sly old dog! Go get her... but don't do anything I wouldn't do!”

“There's something you wouldn't do?” Benny retorted as he walked off.

“Aw, gee, Benny, you're killin' me!” David laughed, then opened the trunk to take out the boxes.


Inside his condo, David called his friend. “Lou, this is Dave. Are you still wanting to get your own place? How would you like to take over my condo? I know you've loved it when you were here before... Yeah, I'm moving out... No, a four bedroom house with a two car garage... That's right! Oh, she's sweet and... What? Yes, she's a sub. No... anyway, if you want it, you better get over here ASAP. You remember Benny? Yeah, he'll want to talk to you, but you should be a shoo-in. OK, see you in about two hours.”

David turned to packing boxes with the things he wanted to take with him. He realized on Friday that he wouldn't need much furniture, other than the living room set, the HDTV and its stand. He'd even offer Lou all the kitchen stuff if he needed it. All that needed to be packed then was his books, DVDs, CDs and his keepsakes, of which he had a few. That and the clothes he hadn't retrieved the day before.

An hour later, Enrico and George arrived with the van. They started moving the living room furniture into the van while David disconnected his HDTV, surround sound system and set top box and got them ready to be loaded. After they were secured, they went up to the bedroom where David anf George disassembled the Whipping post and moved it into the van.

“You aren't taking too much from here, are you?” George asked as he surveyed the half-filled van.

“No,. I'm not,” David replied. “I realized that Erin already has most of what I'd be moving there. When we went through here yesterday, we determined that the only thing here that was better than what she has already is the living room set.”

“What are you going to do with the rest?” Enrico had walked up while David and George were talking.

“I've got a friend who should be here some time soon who's looking for his own place. He's been rooming with a friend but it's beginning to wear on their friendship. The last time he was over here, he told me he'd love to have a place like this.”

“What's your landlord going to say?” George asked.

“I talked with Benny when I got here. That was when I decided to see if Lou wanted the place. I know he'll take good care of it and besides, he needs a place of his own. He's been getting into the Scene lately. I think that's what's causing the friction with his roommate.”

The rumble of a car engine announced the arrival of Lou. He parked next to the van and David introduced him to George and Enrico, then they all headed back into the condo. “You know that Benny needs you to fill out the paperwork, but the place is yours if you want it. I'll even leave all the furniture and the contents of the kitchen since you don't have what you need.”

“That's great, Dave!” Lou surveyed the living room with a puzzled look. “Um, where's your couch and chair?”

“I want to keep those, so we'll swap them out with the ones Erin has at the house and bring them over here.”

“Aw, man, you're taking your TV, too?” Lou sounded upset but he had a big grin on his face.

“That stays with me!” David returned the grin. “You've got a nice TV. I've seen it.”

“But it's not a 50 incher!”

“Size isn't everything, Lou.” They both laughed. Lou looked around. “Well, with you giving me all this, I guess I'll be able to use the money I'm saving for furniture and put it on a TV.”

“Suit yourself.” David patted him on the shoulder.

“When can I move in?”

“How about as soon as you sign the papers. You can use the rest of my month. Benny already knows. Let's go see him now.” David took Lou over to Benny's condo, then came back. “I need to pack up my computer and the rest of the stuff I'll need from that room. We'll haul it over to Erin's house, unload and swap out the living room set, then bring it over here. That should be all we need to do today.”

“This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be,” George said. “You probably didn't even need me!”

“But I'll need you to help me set up some things, George. Besides, I thought it would give Erin and Barb some time to chat. She's still new at all this and it's sometimes better to let the ladies chat by themselves.

Right, David. Keep thinking that and Barb will turn Erin into a domme in no time!” They all laughed at that.

David's phone rang. He looked at the display, then said to the other men, “I need to take this. Would you guys excuse me?” He walked off a distance and pressed the CALL button.

“David, It's Melissa. I just finished talking with Sonja. I need to talk to you and Erin face to face. It's vital.”

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