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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Five

David carried Erin into the bedroom to find the closet doors and the dresser drawers were all closed. He carried his slave to the bed and set her down, then turned to inspect the suitcases. Both were still sitting there open and both were filled with David's clothes. Laying beside the two suitcases were two suit bags. David recognized one as his travel suit bag. It contained three different suits from his closet.

He smiled as he saw the other suit bag. It was closed but he knew what it contained. It was a pair of leather outfits-one was a black leather vest and black leather jeans, the other was a black leather blazer with matching black leather pants. He used to wear the former to play parties and the latter to more formal events, sometimes with the vest underneath.

“I am amazed, little one,” David said admiringly. “I didn't believe you when you said you were already done, but you did much better than I would have thought.”

“Well, packing in a hurry is one thing I am expert at,” Erin said proudly. “When Ronnie would need to go on a last minute business trip, I had to get him out the door and ready to look neat at his destination ASAP. Packing for you was actually easier, since I didn't have to worry about weight restrictions.”

David noticed a pile of items between the suitcases and the suit bags. “Then what is this, little one?”

“I couldn't find the bag I would think they go in.” Erin smiled sweetly. “That's why I stacked them there, to see if you wanted to take them with you.”

David took a closer look at the items. They were all BDSM toys. There was a leather blindfold and hood, three pairs of nipple clamps, two pairs of handcuffs, a set of leather cuffs, a tawse, a pair of crops, a rubber “barbed wire” cat o' nine tails and a pair of leather vampire gloves. He smiled at Erin's neatly ordered collection lying there, then turned to her and said, “That's right. My toy bag is in the computer room. I'll go get it and you can pack it, too.”

“Thank you, Master.” Erin reached for her bra and David turned just short of the doorway. “Oh, yes. No clothes,” he added, then he walked out of the bedroom, chuckling. Erin smiled as she sat on the bed, then remembered something she wanted to ask David about. She went over to the dresser where she had found the BDSM gear and opened it, revealing the box she was curious about. She moved the box over to where the rest of the toys were laid out and placed it with them.

Just as she sat back down, David walked in carrying his toy bag. Placing it on the bed, he looked at Erin and smiled. “You may put the toys in here,” he instructed her, then he dressed in the burgundy golf shirt and khaki slacks Erin had laid out for him. Erin opened the large duffel bag to find a jumble of items, bags and coils of rope. She carefully placed the box and the toys in the bag but left it open, then returned to her place on the bed.

David went into the bathroom after he dressed. He returned a few minutes later with some towels over one arm, carrying a small basin in one hand and a cup with a handle sticking out of it in the other. “I know we've been so busy, rushing around the last few days,” he said. “We barely have had any time to talk, so I haven't been able to explain some of my rules to you. There is one thing we need to talk about now.”

“What is that, Master?” Erin looked concerned, wondering what was needed to be discussed.

“Erin,” David started solemnly, “I have this standing rule for all my slaves and submissives. I require that they keep their pubic hair shaved at all times. I have required this from my very first submissive in high school.”

Erin's eyes grew wide as David told her this. She remembered how Ronald had insisted on that at first. She recalled the irritation she experienced when he finally got bored of making her shave and allowed her to grow back her bush. She didn't want to go through that again, but she didn't know how she could go against her Master's wishes.

“However, since I've met you, little one, I've had a change of heart,” he continued. “From the first time I saw your fiery red pubes, I knew, as attractive as your naked cunt would be for me, to shave them completely off would be like erasing the smile from the Mona Lisa or cutting the arm that holds the torch off the Statue of Liberty.” At that, Erin relaxed.

“But that doesn't mean I want to see a shaggy patch of unruly curls that will take away from the pleasure I get by admiring your pussy much less eating it, so I am going to trim your pubic hair in a manner acceptable to me.”

Erin's face froze as she realized she was not getting out of the requirement of shaving down there. Nervously she asked, “Wh... When do you want to do this, Master?”

“Right now!” David exclaimed. Erin's expression changed to one of panic. “Right now?” she echoed. “Yes, right now,” David confirmed, adding, “But what was your question again?”

Erin thought quickly, then replied, “Right now, Master?” She looked like a kid who was just caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“I thought that's what you said,” David chuckled. “Now lay back and spread your legs wide. Hold still, or I'll have to get out a spreader bar, or even tie you to the bed.” He thought for a minute, then said, “That's not a bad idea.” He reached into his toy bag and pulled out one pair of the cuffs Erin had just packed. He knelt down and started wrapping one around her right ankle.

“Di... Didn't you say we have a lot to do today, Master?” Erin said in a pleading voice.

“This won't take long, little one,” David replied as he put the other cuff on Erin's left ankle. He then went back to the toy bag, tossed a coil of rope onto the bed by her head and then pulled out a metal rod with eye bolts on each end. A carabiner hung from each eye bolt. Connecting each carabiner to a cuff, Erin felt David move her legs closer together. Then he did something between her legs and suddenly her ankles were forced apart. David didn't stop until her legs were open wider than they had been before.

“It's an adjustable spreader bar,” David explained as he walked around the bed to the side by her head. He uncoiled the rope, ordering Erin, “Arms up!” and tied her wrist together when she complied. He then tossed the rope under the bed and returned to where her feet dangled. He looped the rope around the spreader bad so as to secure her arms and legs. She could not move her legs at all as they were bent at the knees over the side of the bed and held apart by the spreader bar.

“Now, for the preparations,” David announced with a grin as he pulled a chair up to Erin's wide open crotch. He picked up the cup and started swirling the wooden handle around. When he pulled it out of the cup, Erin saw that it was an old fashioned shaving brush that was full of lather. David started applying the lather all around Erin's pubic mound. It was warm and the brush tickled. Erin began to giggle and squirm.

David put the brush back in the cup, saying, “You better settle down, little one, I'm about to start the shaving.” He held up a straight razor and Erin froze. David carefully began removing just tiny bits of hair. The scraping of the blade on Erin's skin was very erotic. She realized she was starting to feel her juices flowing as her clit began to swell.

David didn't appear to notice her arousal. He was intent on his work, making careful cuts and stopping every so often to sit back and check his work. Erin felt the razor on all sides of her mound, but not in the middle. Between David's almost Zen-like concentration, the slow, steady pressure of the razor, the slowly cooling foam on her pubic mound and the complete silence in the room, Erin started to feel drowsy. Only the arousal she felt kept her in the moment.

David gave the razor one last little flick, then sat back. He studied Erin's groin like a fortune teller studying tea leaves. Erin saw him smile and reach for a wash cloth. Dipping it in the basin, he carefully removed the last of the shaving soap from her mound. “Now, that is beautiful, little one,” he told her. David picked up the cup and basin and walked into the bathroom, then came back immediately with a hand mirror. He positioned it so Erin could get her first glimpse of her newly trimmed pubes.

The hair had been shaven away from all but the center of her mound. The part that remained was wider than the 'landing strip” style she had seen in magazines, but it tapered slightly from the top of her mound to just above her engorged clit. Suddenly Erin started laughing. “What's so funny, Erin?” David asked.

When Erin could speak, she said, “With my clit so big and red it looks like an exclamation point!” David dropped the mirror so he could see and burst out laughing himself. “It... It... certainly... does!” he managed to get out between guffaws. Still laughing, he laid the mirror down and knelt to untie the rope from the spreader bar.

Free again, Erin swung her bound hands down to where David could reach them from where he sat. He untied the rope and quickly coiled it back, then tossed it in the toy bag. Inspecting her wrists for any signs of marking or damage, David was satisfied that what little there was would soon fade. David telescoped and unhooked the bar from the ankle cuffs and removed the cuffs then put them all away. As he did, he noticed the box laying on top of the equipment.

Removing the box from the bag, David said, “Erin, did you put this in here?” Erin couldn't tell if he was happy or upset, but she knew she had to answer him truthfully. “Yes, Master, I did,” she admitted. David broke into a wistful smile. “I had forgotten about this. Erin, would you like to have what's in this box?”

“I don't know,” she replied, “what is it?”

“You didn't let curiosity get the better of you?” David inquired, giving her a look that demanded complete honesty.

“No, Sir, I did not,” She said emphatically.

David smiled. “Good girl.” Erin breathed a sigh of relief. “Would you like to see what's in the box?” he asked. He didn't wait for her answer, he started sliding the top off.

Erin gulped as she watched her Master slowly open the box. She wondered what could be in such a stylish case. She did know from picking it up that it was heavy. David removed the lid and showed the contents to Erin. It was a butt plug, but it looked to be made of metal. She could see what looked like a red jewel on the base of it.

“It's a decorative butt plug with a ruby red crystal on the end,” David explained. “It was a sample sent to us when we were setting up the Emporium. You might have seen some like it in the display case. It's stainless steel, and from what I've been told, it's very comfortable for daily wear.”

“Have you given it to anyone before?” Erin asked, fascinated by the plug.

“No, it has never been used,” David assured her. “I was waiting for a special someone to give it to, but I had forgotten where I had put it. Thank you for finding it. Now I can give it to that special someone.” Erin looked a little disappointed at the news.

“No, silly, I'm giving it to you,” David said, chuckling. “Do you want me to insert it now?” David watched as Erin considered his offer. She looked concerned that it might be too large for her but she was relieved that David had given her the choice. However, she thought it looked pretty and she wanted to please him. It had been so long since she had felt her rectum filled by anything.

Erin licked her lips. “Please, Master,” she said, her voice husky with desire, “please fill me with Your present.” David smiled and walked over to the toy bag, where he extracted a package and a bottle. Opening a flap on the package he took out a wipe. “This is an anti-bacterial toy cleaner,” he explained, while carefully wiping the entire surface of the metal plug. “Even though it's never been used, I can't be too careful when it comes to you safety.”

Picking up the bottle, David flipped open the lid and squirted a dollop of liquid on the plug. Erin realized David was coating the metal with a lubricant. When he had finished, he got a puzzled look on his face. Erin wondered why David was so nervous.

“Damn,” he muttered, “I'm so rusty at this.” He walked to the head of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Handing it to Erin, he instructed her, “Place this under your ass.” Erin sat up, placed the pillow behind her and laid back down. “Now, pull your legs up and hug them. You can keep them slightly apart if you want to watch.” Erin did as she was instructed, but she was puzzled as to why. “Shouldn't I be on my hands and knees, Master?” she asked.

“I think you might find it easier if I insert the plug this way, Erin,” David said. “Now, please hold this by the base,” he told her as he handed the plug to her. He reached back into his toy bag and brought out a wrapped object. When he unwrapped it, she could see it looked like a big syringe. She caught her breath until she noticed it had a tube on the end, not a needle.

“This will let me get the lube where it's needed,” David explained as he wiped a bit of lube on the tube. He then took the syringe and placed it against her anus. He pressed the plunger slightly and Erin felt a cold, wet, thick liquid tickle her rosebud. She then felt pressure as David began to insert the syringe tip into her rectum. “Relax, little one,” he said soothingly, “This will make it all easier.”

Erin couldn't relax. Even though she had worn butt plugs before, even though she had had anal sex with her husband many times, this was all new and confusing to her. She felt the tube sliding through her tight sphincter until David stopped. She felt coldness in her rear passage that spread the entire length as he pulled out the syringe. With one last dollop of lube deposited on her anal opening, David withdrew the applicator completely and tossed it in the bedside trash basket.

“The lube will make insertion easier, Erin,” David repeated, “but you should be able to hold the plug in without worry. Now hand it to me,” he directed his slave. She handed the plug to her Master, who spread her ass cheeks with his left hand as placed the tip of the plug against her anal sphincter. It felt colder than the lube itself felt. Erin tensed up.

“Relax, little one,” David said again as he twisted the plug slightly. Erin then felt the nose invading her rosebud. She gasped as the nose pushed through and enter her rear opening. He continued the pressure until he felt resistance, then pulled it out a bit and repeated the action. Each time he did, she could feel the plug slide in a bit farther.

Erin's sphincter muscle began to burn as David slowly fucked her ass with the steel plug. As the burning increased, she could feel the plug go in more. Its tip hit her inner sphincter and she yelped quietly. Her butt plug at home never did that before. David slid the plug out once again, then pushed it all the way in. She felt her rosebud clamp down on the slim neck of the plug and the base snuggle up against her ass cheeks.

“How does it feel, Erin?” David had a look of concern on his face.

Erin was desperately trying to relax. “There's a burning at a couple of points in my ass and I feel so much more... filled up than I ever have before. Master, may I put my legs down now?”

“Go ahead, Erin. I can help you to sit up if you need it.” David held out his hands.

“Wait! I want to see it first!” David took the hand mirror and held it so Erin could see her ass. The ruby colored crystal gleamed between her cheeks. “Oh, it's so pretty!” she exclaimed. She then put her legs down and took David's hands, letting him pull her to a sitting position. He could see the concentration on her face. “What is it, little one?”

Erin started to relax as a smile began to grow on her face. “Now that I'm getting used to it, it feels better,” she admitted. “It's just such a new feeling for me. My old butt plug is nothing compared to this.”

“We'll toss that one out in the trash when we get home. Are you ready to stand up now?” Erin nodded. David stood in front of her as she stood up. She swayed once, then got her balance. Erin walked across the room and back. “It's heavy!”

“Do you like it?” David had a concerned look on his face now.

“I'm getting used to it, but I don't think I'll ever forget I'm wearing it, like I did with my old one.” She looked at her Master and couldn't help seeing a bulge in his slacks. “I can tell you like it, Master!” David had a goofy grin as he nodded. Erin licked her lips hungrily, which made him look at his watch.

“Get dressed so we can get to lunch now, little one.” Erin went over to where she had placed her bra and sundress and slipped them back on. Presenting herself to her Master, Erin stood in the middle of the room. “Beautiful,” was all David said. Erin blushed slightly.

“Master, may I say something?”

“Of course, little one. What is it?”

“I think that color looks good on you.”

“Thank you, Erin, and thank you for laying this out for me. I appreciate it.” Erin beamed at the praise.

“Grab the suit bags, slave,” David commanded as he picked up one suitcase and stacked it on the pull out handle of the larger one. “I'll get the rest.” They headed downstairs and started loading the trunk of David's car. The two of them got in and David headed off for their lunch date.

“Where are we going today, Master?”

“I know this nice restaurant... CJ Callahan's. It's over by Melissa's place.”

Erin smiled. “I've been there before with Mom. It's a great choice.”

When they pulled into the parking lot next to the restaurant, there were only a few spaces left. “We just made it in time,” he said as he pulled into one of them. They headed inside and were relieved to see only a few people waiting for tables. Erin looked at the servers walking around and giggled.

David glanced at her. “What's so funny, little one?”

“You almost look like one of the servers, Ma... Sir.” David noticed that all of the staff wore burgundy polo shirts and khaki slacks. He looked at Erin and her smile turned to a look of panic. “I... I didn't know what they wore, Sir.” Erin was worried until David chuckled. He wasn't upset, after all.

David gave his name to the hostess and they sat down to wait. They didn't wait long, as the hostess soon announced “David, party of two.” They followed the hostess to the table, where David seated Erin, then sat himself. A menu lay before them both. Erin picked up her menu and was about to open it when David cleared his throat. She looked up at him.

“You may put your menu down, Erin,” David instructed. Erin laid her menu on the table in front of her. She had a curious look on her face. A few minutes later, a server arrived at their table.

“I'm Mark, and I’ll be your server today. Would you like to hear today's lunch specials?”

“No,” David replied. “We're ready to order.” Erin had a surprised look on her face.

“Good.” Mark turned to Erin. “And what would you like to order today?”

“The lady will have a grilled chicken Asian salad with dressing on the side and a glass of raspberry iced tea.” Erin's look of surprise was quickly replaced with a smile.

Mark pivoted back to David. “And for you, sir?”

“I'll start with a house salad, fat free ranch on the side, then an eight ounce sirloin, rare, the broccoli/cauliflower mix and mashed potatoes. I'll also have a glass of iced tea, half sweet, half unsweet.” David closed his menu.

“I'll get this in right away and bring you your drinks.” Mark headed for the kitchen.

Erin was still smiling. “Why are you so happy, little one?” David inquired.

“Two reasons, Sir. First, I love their Asian chicken salad so you ordered what I would have. Second, you ordered it for me.”

“Isn't that my prerogative?”

“Yes, Sir, but it's the first time you did it.”

“I know. Do you know what the difference is?”

“No, Sir. What is the difference?” David touched his neck with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Erin reached up as David had, felt her collar and smiled.

“Little one, please excuse me. I need to go to the rest room. I'll be back as soon as possible. Do not start without me.” Erin nodded. David left the table and headed for the rest rooms. As he walked down the short hall to the men's room, a man exiting ran into him as he attempted to squeeze his way past. David didn't get a good look at the man, but did notice that he seemed haggard and muttered to himself as he brushed by.

After he exited the rest room, David remembered a phone call he had to make. He pulled out his phone, found the number he needed and called his insurance agent to arrange coverage for the car they were going to pick up later.

Erin sat patiently, waiting for David. The drinks were delivered but she kept her eyes on David's chair and her hands in her lap, waiting for David to return. Then she heard a voice that sent chills up her spine.

“Well, well, what do we have here?”

She didn't have to look up to know that Ronald had found her.

“It looks like my Erin is having an afternoon rendezvous. I wonder who she's waiting for?”

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