Sunday, May 26, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Thirty

Erin saw David off, then started breakfast for the boys. She nursed each one, though for a shorter time than they had before. As Thomas was nursing, Francis was eating finger food with the same gusto that he had shown for his Mother's milk. Erin realized that her babies were growing and soon would be weaned from her breast. While she felt a tinge of sadness for the upcoming loss of intimacy with her children, Erin looked forward to the increased opportunities she would have for play with David.

Once both boys had eaten, Erin moved the play yard into the master bedroom and put the twins in it. “Mommy has some work to do here but we'll play when I'm finished,” she told the boys. She then retrieved a shopping bag from the kitchen and unloaded it onto the bed. Out came a box of large trash bags, a package of card tags and a pair of markers that Erin had picked up the day before.

She pulled out a bag and headed over to the dresser, opening one of the dresser drawers Ronald used. She placed the contents of the drawer neatly into the bag, then did the same with the next drawer. Once a bag was filled, she wrote on the tag his name and what clothing or other possessions were inside and tied the bag shut with the string on the tag.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Nine

David found himself restrained in a vacuum bed, but one like he had never seen before. It seemed to cover him from his shoulders to his thighs, but left his head, arms and lower legs free. The most unusual feature of this vacuum bed, and the most enjoyable, was the sheath his cock was buried in. It was warm... no, hot... and wet-so wet that his cock was sliding in and out of the sheath with a delightful regularity.

No, his cock wasn't sliding... the sheath was sliding up and down his cock... and it was massaging it, squeezing it and generally making it feel soooo good. David struggled to reconcile all these contradictions in his mind but was still stymied as to their explanation. Then he heard a groan... no, a series of moans and panting noises he just couldn't place.

As his mind began to ascend from the fog of drowsiness, he realized he was not in a vacuum bed, he just had a naked Erin lying on him. Well, lying was not quite the operative term here. She was sliding up and down his naked body, having impaled her cunt on his morning wood. Now conscious, David wrapped his arms around his slave.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Eight

Erin sat quietly for a time, deep in thought. David hadn't seen her this quiet all day. Finally she looked up at him. “Master, I think we should let Karen know what we've found out about Ronald.”

That's a good idea, little one. We can call her now. It's not too late.” David pressed the speaker button on his phone. “Karen Akiyama, Erin's lawyer,” he said. The phone read out the number for confirmation, then David said “Call.” The phone dialed, then rang three times before it was answered.

“Law office.” David looked at Erin and nodded.

“Hi, Crystal!  This is Erin Donnelly. I need to talk to Karen for a few minutes. Is she available?”

“Hi, Erin! Let me check. I'll just put you on hold.” The line went silent for a minute or two, then Karen came on the phone.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TMI Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - Masturbation Month 2013

(Gardener's note: Time for another short break from "How It All Began."  Once again, it's TMI Tuesday and I'm posting my responses to this week's questions. If you want to play along with our studio audience, just go here: TMI Tuesday Blog.  If you've come here for "How It Came To Be," please enjoy today's small peek into your Gardener of kinky erotica.  If you've come here for TMI Tuesday, please stay and sample some of my writings.  I'd suggest you start with the revised "Ride Along," as it introduces you to the main characters in "How It Came To Be.")

1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ?

Hmm... either in the bathroom or at the keyboard (no, I'm not aiming at it!  What kind of pervs are you?  Certainly not geeky, or you'd know how hard it is to clean cum out of a keyboard.  Besides, I'm old enough that when I hear "At the keyboard" my mind automatically adds in, "of the mighty Wurlitzer Organ."

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?

No, never, nyet, nada, non. 

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?

For awhile, it was the only way my wife/slave and I could pleasure each other, so while I've done it, I don't really prefer it.

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

Being 60, I suffer from CRS... so I don't remember.
5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?

See my reply to question 1.  

...Oh, you mean, have I ever created photographic evidence of my self-abuse onanism masturbation?  NO.

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?

Yes.  I also like to watch paint dry, cement harden, mold grow on cheese and/or bread and the America's Cup yacht racing series.</sarcasm>

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?

See my reply to question 5.  No, the second reply.  Therefore, there is no link.

Oh, yes.  One more important thing.  I want to remind you all that:

Monday, May 6, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Seven

Erin knelt beside the sobbing Melissa. She tried to console her friend, but the distraught woman was so upset she didn't appear to know Erin was there. Erin wanted to get Melissa up from the floor but knew she couldn't do it herself. She looked over to David and Sam. They were still squared off against each other and it looked like fists would start swinging any moment. Erin had to act, and act fast.

“DAVID! SAM! Drop the macho act and help me move Melissa!” The two men looked at Erin kneeling next to Melissa. If the situation wasn't so tense the look of shock on both of their faces would have been hilarious.

Sam moved first, dropping his arms and rushing over to kneel by his friend and Dominant. David took a few seconds longer to react, perhaps because he had never experienced Erin shouting at him before. He rushed over to where Erin was kneeling and got down on one knee opposite Sam.

“On three,” he said as they put their arms under Melissa's shaking body. At the signal, they lifted her and moved her over to the chaise lounge. They set her down gently, then went right back to their stand-off.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Six

Erin had never seen her husband so worn and haggard. He had dark circles under his eyes, a five o'clock shadow, unkempt hair and a wrinkled suit. “I wonder where he's been sleeping,” Erin thought to herself, before it hit her. “It was his choice to leave. I didn't throw him out. Fuck him.”

“I asked, who are you waiting for?” Ronald was starting to get angry.

Erin furtively looked around for David. She wanted... no, she needed him by her side right now, but at the same time she was afraid of the scene it would cause. “What would Master want me to do?” she asked herself. Knowing that David would support her emboldened Erin.

“I'm here with a friend, Ronald. We came out to lunch so I could get away from those four dreary walls I've been stuck in ever since you sold my car.” She was matter of fact, with just a touch of defiance in her voice.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Five

David carried Erin into the bedroom to find the closet doors and the dresser drawers were all closed. He carried his slave to the bed and set her down, then turned to inspect the suitcases. Both were still sitting there open and both were filled with David's clothes. Laying beside the two suitcases were two suit bags. David recognized one as his travel suit bag. It contained three different suits from his closet.

He smiled as he saw the other suit bag. It was closed but he knew what it contained. It was a pair of leather outfits-one was a black leather vest and black leather jeans, the other was a black leather blazer with matching black leather pants. He used to wear the former to play parties and the latter to more formal events, sometimes with the vest underneath.

“I am amazed, little one,” David said admiringly. “I didn't believe you when you said you were already done, but you did much better than I would have thought.”