Monday, April 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday-April 30, 2013 The Amateur Detective

(Gardener's note:  I thought I'd take some time out from "How It Came To Be" to answer this week's TMI Tuesday questions.  I'm working on Chapter 25 right now, so be patient.  Erin and David will return!)

The Amateur Detective

1) Did you ever find someone else’s stash of sex toys, lubes, etc.?
Once.  I found a vibrator in a bedside table drawer of my wife's friend's house while we were staying there for a visit.  It was quite by accident.  However, when I was a teenager, I found my parents' stash of porn books!  They were very enlightening reading.
2) Did you ever search someone else’s computer to determine their porn habits? Were you ever the object of such a search?
I have never searched anyone's computer for porn, nor have I been the subject of a search as far as I know... but my kids might have tried.
3) Did you ever investigate to see if two people were getting it on?
I didn't have to investigate.  Our youngest son  had been living at home when he met this girl who moved in with him.  At times, they were very noisy...

4) Did you ever look for naughty pictures on someone else’s phone?
For the vast majority of my life, having "naughty pictures" on a phone meant there were Polaroids taped to the handset or base!  
5) Were you ever involved with an investigation (formal or informal) into whether some one was cheating on his/her lover?
Again, no.

Bonus: Do you have a secret online identity so that you can find a secret lover?
No, I have a secret online identity so I can publish the erotica I write.

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  1. Great answers. I especially like the one about the naughty pictures on the phone.