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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty

David carried Erin out to the car and set her down in the passenger's seat. “Master, I could have walked here,” she said.

“And yet, you let me carry you all the way,” David replied with a smile.

“It felt so, so... romantic,” Erin cooed.

“Good!” David said. “I never want us to lose the romance. Life isn't just about fucking and beating and binding you up. It's about sharing tender, intimate moments with you as well.”

“But, Master, you don't have to do that for me,” Erin insisted. “You know you can use me any way you want. Fuck me, beat me, humiliate me... I'm your property.”

“But what if I want to have a romantic evening with you?”


David turned the car from the winding drive of Barb and George's house onto the highway. “Besides, what's to say I don't want romance some of the time? Or just a slow, lazy day with you? Our whole lives are not going to be one continuous kinky sex session.”

Erin was quiet for a while. David glanced over and saw her thinking. He glanced again and saw a tear rolling down her cheek. “Little one, talk to me,” he said.

“I... I'm not used to this,” she said, trying to stop her tears.

“We'll have plenty of time for you to get used to it, Erin,” David promised.

They drove for a few more minutes, then Erin said quietly, “Are you going to make us a dungeon?”

David looked at her and smiled. “I've thought about it, little one,” he said, “but that may have to wait for a while. I don't want there to be anything that is too easy for our boys to stumble upon once they get to the age where they're curious about everything.”

“I hadn't thought about that,” she said.

“It's my job to consider things like that,” David explained. “I take my role as their future father seriously. However, we have friends who will gladly let us use their dungeon.” Erin leaned on the center console and put her head on David's shoulder. “What are you thinking, little one?” he asked.

“I wish I could give you a blow job right now,” Erin said.

“So do I, little one, so do I,” David assured her. “Unfortunately, we're too close to home and you wouldn't get done in time. We'll find a place and time to do it... I haven't had road head in a long time.”

Erin started giggling. “Road head?” she inquired.

“Getting head while on the road,” David explained. “That would have been your third time today,” he remarked. “You must really like cocksucking.”

“I didn't really like it before,” Erin replied. “He wanted it all the time but he made me do all the work. At first, it made me feel submissive, but then it just seemed like he was lazy.”

“From everything I'm hearing, I'm not surprised at that,” David said. “But now I'm curious. What has made you change?”
“It's so many things,” Erin said. “First, he'd ask... no, demand I suck his cock, but then he'd just lay there. He wouldn't guide my head or grab my hair like you do, and he almost never tried to fuck my face. He'd lay there like a lump and the only way I knew I was doing it right was when he'd come in my mouth-and that was icky! He didn’t even care if I spit it out or let him come into a towel or napkin.”

“That doesn’t sound like a man who wants control,” David observed.

“But I didn't realize how much different... how much fun sucking a man’s cock could be until this afternoon. It wasn't even like I was sucking you, it was like you were taking and claiming your property. It's funny, but by not being able to do anything but take what you were doing to me, I felt so owned, so needed, so... valued. I know it's weird, but it's the only way I could describe it.”

“But the second time, you initiated it yourself, little one,” David noted.

“Please forgive me, Master,” Erin replied, “but I asked both times, if you'll recall.”

“You're right,” David chuckled. “I must be getting fatigued to have forgotten that.”

They turned onto their street and headed for the house. As they came up to the house, they saw Colleen standing out in the front yard holding Thomas. She was talking to Grace, who was holding Francis. When they parked, David and Erin went over to talk to the two women.

Colleen was all smiles as she bounced Thomas on her hip. “Grace just came over and wanted to see the twins since she hadn't had the chance before. We've been catching up on what's been going on.”

Grace turned to Erin and gushed, “Your babies are divine, Erin! I'm just sorry I hadn't come over earlier to see them when they were smaller.”

“That's OK, Grace,” Erin replied, “I understand your hesitance in coming over before. You won't have to worry about that from now on.”

David smiled at Grace. “I have an idea,” he said. “Why don't you and your husband come over some time this weekend?”

Grace chuckled. “That was the other reason I came over. We want to invite you over to a cook-out on Sunday. As busy as you all have been, I'm sure you'd appreciate a break. Colleen,” Grace added as she turned to her, “you're invited, too!”

“Oh, Ma... David, can we?” Erin asked. She was so happy she was just about leaping in place.

“We'd love to come over on Sunday,” David told Grace. “Thank you for your gracious offer. I'm looking forward to meeting your husband.”

Erin squealed with delight and clutched David's arm. “Isn't he the best Master?” she said without realizing what she had said. Colleen gave Erin a surprised look, while Grace smiled but looked a bit uncomfortable.

“Little one, I think you've forgotten where you are right now,” David said softly to Erin. Erin, realizing her mistake, blushed. “I'm sorry, Sir,” she said, embarrassed. Turning to Grace, she said, “I'm sorry, Grace, for my mistake.”

“It's alright, Erin,” Grace assured her. “I'm just so thrilled to see you so happy and back to your old self. If having a master is what it takes, I'll just get used to it.”

Thank you for understanding, Grace,” David said. “I hate to break this up, but I know Colleen would like to get home, and it looks like the four of us are all tired,” he observed as Thomas gave out a big yawn. “But I have one thing to ask you, Grace,” he continued. “Would you mind babysitting the twins some time? I know their grandmother wouldn't ever want to give up her time with her grandsons, but she does need some time to take care of herself.”

“Would I?” Grace said, suddenly excited. “I'd love that! Ask any time!” Francis yawned in her arms and she said, “Are you a sleepy boy? I'll let Mommy take you so she can get you ready for beddy-bye!” before she handed him over to Erin. Grace hugged Erin and Colleen, then turned to David.

David held out his arms and hugged Grace. As he did, he whispered, “Thank you for understanding Erin's enthusiasm right now.” Grace whispered back, “I'm just happy to know she's in good hands, David.”

David went over to Colleen and took Thomas from her. As he did, he said, “We've got a busy day again tomorrow. Are you up for another day with the boys?”

Colleen smiled and said ti David, “Try and stop me.”

“That,” David retorted, “will never happen. Nine-thirty OK?”

“See you all then!” Colleen went in to the house to retrieve her purse. David and Erin followed and Colleen held the door as they brought the boys inside. She said, “Bye!” as she exited and closed the door.

David looked at the baby in his arms. “I'm sorry we were away so long, big guy. I missed you... um...” he looked at Erin. “Which one is this, Erin?”

Erin looked at the two, then said, “Which one do you think it is?”

David held the boy out in front of him and studied him closely, then at the baby Erin held. He did that a few times, then he asked, “Is this Thomas?”

“Yes!” Erin cheered. “How did you know?”
“I didn't,” said David, “but I noticed the tiniest birthmark on the right side of his nose near his eye. I guessed at it being Thomas, but now that I know he is, and know what to look for, I won't mix them up again.”

“See that, boys?” Erin said to her sons. “Your new Daddy is a very smart man. He'll take good care of us!” Turning to David, she said, “I think it's time to put our sons to bed.” She headed for the nursery and David followed.

As the couple got the twins ready for bed, David kept glancing at Erin. He marveled at the change he saw in her. A month ago, when Erin pulled him into her bedroom and attempted to seduce him, she was haggard and drawn. David could see the beauty in her but it was overshadowed by the fatigue, the worry and the low self-esteem.

Now, she looked as bright and alive as David knew she could. Her natural beauty radiated like sunlight. The change had been the most dramatic in the last forty eight hours. It pleased and humbled David to realize that he was the catalyst for that change.

Erin caught him glancing at her and became self-conscious. “What is it, Master?” she protested. “Is there something wrong with my face? My make-up?”

“There is noting wrong with your face, little one,” he assured her. “In fact, you look more incredible today than you did yesterday... and since the first time I met you, wow!”

Erin blushed. “Well, then, it's your fault!” she teased.

“I'll take that rap,” David replied, chuckling; then he stopped. “You're wearing make-up?” he said, surprised.

Erin blushed again. “Well... just a little, Master. I know I should have asked, but it was early today and there was so much to do to get ready for everything and...” David laid a finger on her lips as he said, “Shhhh!” Erin was anxious as she stood there with her Master preventing her from explaining herself.

“I only mean that I couldn't tell, little one, that you had on any make-up,” he said softly. “Honestly, you do not look like you have any on at all until I look very closely. You just look beautiful. You make me proud.”

Erin stood there, holding Francis and battling yet another bout of tears that were looming. “Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before. Nobody.” she said in a whisper.

David's heart just about burst then. “Let's put our big guys down and then go sit out front for a bit,” he suggested sweetly as he laid Thomas in his crib. Erin laid Francis in his crib, then David put his arm around her and they walked out to the living room together.

David walked over to the chair and sat down. Erin started to sit at his feet until David said, “No, not tonight, little one. Sit here,” as he patted his lap. Erin eagerly wiggled her way onto his lap and leaned her head against his chest. Letting out a contented sigh, she said, “Oh, Master!”

David put his left arm around her body and pulled her legs in tighter with his right hand. He took a deep breath, then said, “Y'know, Erin, I don't know if I could ever get used to this...”

“You couldn't?” she replied with surprise as her body began to tense up.

“...but I'd like to take a lifetime to try,” David continued. He felt Erin's body completely relax as she reached up with her left hand to draw his head down. Their lips met, and the kiss was tender, sweet and long.

“I've been telling you all about myself, Erin,” David mused, “but I haven't given you much chance to tell me about yourself.”

“Do you want to just talk now?” Erin asked.

“No, not right now, little one,” David assured her. “I was just thinking out loud about it. I know we'll have lots of time to do that. I do want to go over what we have to do tomorrow.”

“OK, Master.”

“First off, we need to make sure to get over to your mechanic's and pick up your new car,” David said. Erin nodded. “We also need to go over to my condo.”

“Why?” Erin asked.

David chuckled. “If I am going to be moving out of there and in here, I'll need to clear out the place. I also need my clothes and toiletries. I'm developing a bit of a five o'clock shadow.”

“I don't mind that, Master,” Erin said, stroking his chin.

“I don't want you to get stubble burn on your inner thighs,” David warned her. “I will be dining on your snatch tonight.”

“I guess I'll just have to put up with it,” Erin said dramatically.

“Said the emerging pain slut,” David kidded.

Erin blushed. “What else are we doing?” she asked, changing the subject.

“I want to go by the Emporium again,” David said. “There were a few things I forgot to get, plus I want to get you a proper collar, now that we've gotten serious.”

“But I love this collar!” Erin protested. “I love the constraint it puts on my neck. I can’t forget ever who put it there.”

“I am touched, Erin,” David said, “but it is a play collar. It's not designed to be worn long term. I'm also thinking of when summer comes. Any perspiration between the collar and your neck would chafe your lovely skin. I don't want you marked that way.”

“You're not going to get rid of this collar, are you, Master?” she asked, fingering the front ring.

“No, little one, that collar will be honored as the first one I placed around your neck. We will use it for play, so you will feel the kiss of its leather on your throat again and again.” At that, Erin gave a contented sigh.

“Will you have to take that other collar off me to put this one on?” she asked.

“It depends,” David told her. “We'll look at what's available tomorrow. There's another place we need to go to,” he continued, “but I can't remember who or why right now.”

“I have a feeling I've run you ragged, Master,” Erin said with a look of concern. “I hope you're not too tired for sex.”

“That will never happen, little one,” David said. “That does remind me, however. Will I need condoms for now?”
“If you're worried about my getting pregnant, you don't have to, Master,” Erin assured him. “I'm still nursing, so I have a natural contraceptive effect working in my body. To make sure, however, I had my doctor put me back on birth control two months ago, when I was hoping that you know who would regain his interest in me.”

“That's good to hear, Erin,” David said. “I'd wear condoms if needed, but I'm not a fan of them.”

“Neither am I,” Erin explained. “I want to feel your cum shoot into me! I've had dreams about you filling my womb with your hot cream!”

“Well, then, there's no time like the present,” David said as his left hand moved up into Erin's hair and grabbed a fistful. He pulled her head back and hungrily attacked her mouth. Erin responded, moaning into his mouth as he probed hers with his tongue. David slid his right hand up her thigh, brushing her clit with his thumb as he did.

Breaking off the kiss, David growled, “Stand, slave!” Erin jumped up off his lap and stood at attention, waiting for his next order. David leaned forward and slapped her hard on the left ass cheek as he said, “Go to the bedroom but do not take anything off!”

Erin ran to the bedroom, her eyes watering from the sting of her master's marking of her ass, but with a smile on her lips and joy in her heart. David got up and followed her and as he stepped into the bedroom, Erin stood in the middle and awaited his next order.

“I want you to strip for me,” David explained. “You don't have to dance and you don't have to hurry. Just take off your clothes one piece at a time.” He waled over to the bed and sat down.

Erin's hands went to the zipper of her skirt, but she remembered that she wore no panties, so she instead pulled her blouse out from the skirt. She then sweetly yet sensually unbuttoned her blouse and took it over to the storage bench, laying it on the leather seat. Erin waked back to the center of the room and began to take off her bra. When she realized she had on her nursing bra and not a sexy one, her cheeks turned crimson.

“What's wrong, little one?” David asked. “Are you embarrassed to show me your breasts?”

“No, Master,” Erin replied, “I'm embarrassed to be wearing this bra.”

“Don't be,” David told her. “Your clothes are merely the wrapping on your body. When you unwrap a gift, what do you remember? The gift or the wrapping? I remember the gift.” At that, Erin broke into a great smile as she unfastened the front closure on her bra and revealed her breasts. David caught his breath as he saw them for the first time. They were perfect, just the right size for him (even accounting for some swelling due to her nursing) and her nipples were works of art.

Erin next unzipped the closure on her skirt and let it slip down her legs, landing in a circle around her feet. She had on nylons, heels and a garter belt but her panties had been “re-tasked” earlier in the day, David remembered with a smile. Erin paused and looked at her Master with a questioning look. “Yes, take it all off,” he said, nodding his head.

Erin turned away from David and bent over to pick up her bra, skirt and shoes to put them on the storage bench. As she did, she showed off her pussy lips, already glistening with her honey, and her ass, with its single red hand print on her left cheek. David followed the line of her nether lips up to her asshole, which was tight, brown and perfect. He licked his lips in anticipation of the day he would feel his cock buried deep in her ass.

“May I, Master?” Erin asked, bringing David out of his fantasy. She had her right foot on the storage bench and her hands on a garter strap. “You may, slave,” he said, and watched her remove her nylon, rolling it down her shapely leg. Her pussy was on clear view and David could see a hint of her red pubic hair. “I might have to rethink my shaved cunt rule” he thought to himself while admiring the flash of coppery red between her legs.

Erin changed legs and, while he could no longer see her pussy, David had a beautiful view of her fiery red pubic curls. David knew at that moment that, while he had always insisted on his submissives (whether wearing his collar, in training or under his protection) be clean shaven, he could not destroy the perfection that was Erin's pubes. He would have her trim them... no, he would do it himself, with his straight razor, but he could no more cut off those coppery locks as he could erase the smile on the Mona Lisa.

Erin returned to her spot in the middle of their bedroom, her head lowered so her eyes looked at David's shoes. She opened her legs and placed her feet about the distance of her shoulders with her arms at her sides and her hands open, palms out. Without instruction or order, she has assumed David's favorite submissive position. He studied her body from head to toe, committing every inch of her body to his memory. “Turn around, slowly,” he ordered his slave.

As Erin slowly turned 360 degrees, David admired her near-flawless skin. There were minor stretch marks around her belly from carrying the twins, but David knew how to minimize or even eliminate them. Even at that, they were “battle scars” that attested to the fact that this was a real woman's body, not a creation of plastic surgeons and make up artists. Her skin was the pale pink characteristic of the ginger but she bore surprisingly few freckles, which pleased David greatly.

Erin's ass came into view, and David's hand print was still visible... in fact, he could swear it had deepened in color over the last few minutes. The Sadist in him began to whisper to the Master in him, “she won't be truly yours until you mark her properly.” Any disagreement was short-lived, however, as the Master quickly threw his lot in with the Sadist. David began planning his attack.

Erin completed her circle and stood there with her head down in the submissive position she had naturally assumed. She glanced up a moment and saw the malevolent glint in her Master's eyes. She was filled with a mix of dread and arousal. She felt that the evening was going to be different than what she had anticipated. She found herself eager for the scene to begin.

Erin waited in anticipation for her Master's next command. What she didn't anticipate was him suddenly crying out, “Oh, shit!” and running out of the room. Shocked and worried, Erin took off after her Master, still wearing nothing but his collar and hand print.

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