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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Two

Erin awoke early as always. When she opened her eyes, she saw David sleeping peacefully next to her, so she lay there for a few minutes and just watched him as he slept. She remembered the events of the previous day. Her ass was a bit sore and her pussy was somewhat tender, but not as tender as where David's beard had rubbed her thighs. Erin didn't care, however. She had never been so happy to see a person laying beside her as she was when she saw him.

Erin finally slipped out from under the covers so she could check on the twins. She remembered that she was naked except for her collar, which made her smile. When was the last time she slept naked with her lover? Her honeymoon? It didn't matter, she thought as she walked over to the bedroom door. Whenever it was, it was never like this.

She walked over to the bedroom door and took down her robe, then slipped it on as she went to check on the boys. Erin found them quietly waiting in their cribs. “Oh, my,” she said as she lifted up Thomas and sat down in the rocker to nurse him, “you two are very polite today. Mommy is very happy.” Thomas nursed for just a few minutes, then acted like he was full. Erin realized he was beginning to wean himself from her breast. She wondered if Francis would do the same.

While she would be sad to put that part of her life behind her, she knew it would mean that her Master would be able to turn his attention more completely to her breasts. She had read about the various implements that could be used to torture her tits and nipples and was anxious to experience them all. It would open a new world of bondage, too.

With Thomas fed, Erin turned to Francis, who was just waking up. She nursed him and changed him, then took the boys out to their play yard. After she placed them both in there, she asked them to, “please be quiet for a few minutes while I go wake Daddy.”

As Erin came back into the bedroom, she closed the door and let her robe slide off her shoulders. She walked over to the bed, where David now lay on his back. With a delighted grin, she crawled under the sheets, where she found her Master with a raging case of “morning wood”. “This is the first day I get to wake Master,” she thought to herself as she lovingly stroked his stiff cock. She gently laid her head on his abdomen and kissed the tip of his cock. It greeted her with a drop of pre-cum, which she carefully licked up and savored.

Erin stuck her tongue out and ran it around the rim of his cock head, then ran it down the sensitive underside of his shaft. When she reached his scrotum, she gently kissed each of the balls that had filled her so completely the night before. She kissed her way back up the shaft, then lifted it with one hand just enough to slide her mouth over the head. She swirled her tongue around the head as she repositioned her body, then swallowed her Master's cock as she slid her mouth down his length.

She already found it easier to get past the gag point and kept lowering her head on his manhood until her lips bottomed out against his scrotum and pubic hair. The hair tickled her nose a bit, but she concentrated on her task. She opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and licked his balls, then she pulled back and began to bob her head up and down, impaling her throat on his cock. She could feel her throat bulge each time the head popped into it and the feeling made her wetter and wetter.

Every few strokes, she would go all the way down again and then stop. She tried swallowing with his cock down her throat and noticed that when she did, he began to stir. She stayed in that position until she began to get a bit lightheaded, then she pulled back so she could get a breath of air, then she stuffed her throat with his cock once more.

David was dreaming of Erin and he. It was extremely erotic. Erin was tied in tight kinbaku, her hands behind her back in a reverse prayer as she hung inverted. David held the rope that Erin dangled from and used it to move her up and down his rigid erection. He heard and felt her moan as he did, then he realized there was pressure on his abdomen and thighs. He opened his eyes to see the sheet rising and falling in a rhythmic fashion.

He threw the covers back to reveal Erin worshiping his cock. He smiled as he said, “That's my good little slave,” then reached over and grabbed her around the waist. He picked her up and moved her over so she laid on his body with her legs straddling his head and her sopping wet cunt just inches from his face. David dove into his “breakfast appetizer” with gusto.

Erin was aware that David had uncovered her. She knew he had said something, but couldn't for the life of her remember what he just said. She felt her master's strong hands grip her waist and her body rise, landing on his. Suddenly, she felt David attack her cunt, fucking it with his tongue before it slid down to her swollen clit. When he strummed her nub with his tongue, she gave a loud moan that was muffled by the cock down her throat.

They continued to drive each other to the brink, then they leaped over it together. As David felt his slave spasm in her first throes of climax, Erin felt the first white hot blast of cum down her throat. They orgasmed together for what seemed like hours as each one drank the others nectar. Erin collected the majority of David's semen in her mouth, which she lovingly rolled around with her tongue before she swallowed, while David sucked almost every drop of Erin's pussy honey out of her cunt.

Totally spent, Erin lifted her head one last time to let her Master's cock slip from her lips, then she lay her head on his thigh and stared at his balls. David said in a husky voice, “Come here, Erin,” as he spun her around so he could give her a deep, passionate kiss. They each tasted themselves in their partner's mouth and neither shied away from the kiss.

When David finally broke the kiss off, Erin raised herself up with her arms, looked down at him and said, “Good morning, Master!” David's eyes teared up as he hugged her, crushing her against his body. “Good morning, my wonderful slave,” he whispered in her ear. David let her roll off him and she then turned to look at her. “How did you sleep, my love?” he asked.

“I have never slept better, Master,” she said. “And you?”

“I slept the sleep of the just,” he said. “How's the boys?'

“I nursed them and put them in their play yard,” Erin replied.

“Well, we better check on them, then you can make me breakfast.”

Erin giggled as she jumped up and went over to her robe. She bent down to pick it up, flashing David with her engorged cunt and inviting asshole. She then slipped it back on as she went out to check the twins. David got up and scratched his belly while he tried to figure out what to wear. “Oh well, if I must, I must,” he said to himself as he put back on what he had she the night before. “I'll just shower and change at the condo,” he promised himself.

David and Erin walked into the kitchen at the same time, though from different directions. Erin carried Francis to his high chair and placed him in it. “Could you please watch him while I get Thomas, Master?” she asked. David sat down and turned to the grinning baby. “And how's my big man today?” he asked as he let the baby grab his finger and stick it in his mouth.

Erin brought Thomas in and sat him in his high chair. “He's hungry, I see,” she commented as Francis' gummed David's finger.

“I'm not sure, but it feels like something is beginning to grow in there,” David told Erin. “I feel a little bump.”

“It's about time for the twins to start teething,” Erin replied. “Oh, and Master, it seems like they are both starting to wean themselves from the breast.”

“It might just be the teething,” David observed, “or is someone looking to have a bit more attention paid to her breasts?”

Erin just smiled, then asked, “What do you want for breakfast, Master?”

“Well, what do you usually have, little one?” he asked.

“I usually have some cereal, fruit and a bagel or muffin with a cup of coffee or tea,” Erin replied. “How about you, Master?”

“Eggs, bacon, toast and coffee for me, normally,” David replied. “Although I like waffles or pancakes for a change of pace. I try to eat a varied diet so I'm not eating too much of any one thing in a week.”

“How would you like your eggs, Master? And, is turkey bacon OK?”

“Scrambled will be fine for today,” David said. “And I prefer turkey bacon.”

Erin went to work making David's breakfast while he entertained the boys and fed them pieces of cereal they could gum. The boys relished the attention. Erin looked over to the table and smiled as she watched David with the twins. She still couldn't believe how totally he had accepted them in such a short time. Her smile turned sad as she wished that he could have been their real father.

David looked up and noticed Erin's expression. He got up and walked over to her, putting his arms around her in a tender hug. “I believe I know what you're thinking,” he said, “and I wish I was, too.”

“How could you know, Master?” Erin cried out, surprised at his intuition.

“I could say it's written all over your face,” he explained. “Every time I see you look at your sons, I see a momentary twinge of sadness. I'm guessing it's regret over him being their father.”

Erin buried her head in David's chest. “Why couldn't I have met you first?” she cried.

“Erin,” David said, “that's one of the great mysteries of life-why things happen as they do. Try not to dwell on that, but focus on the present... and my eggs.”

“Oh no!” Erin exclaimed as she whipped around to the stove. “Are they? Did I?”

“The eggs are fine, little one,” David whispered in her hear as he hugged her from behind. “I just want you to live in the now and for the future, not with regrets.”

Erin wiped her eyes as David whispered to her. She turned off the burner, set the pan on a hot pad and laid her head on his shoulder. “You know just what to say to me, Master,” she sighed.

David looked at the pan. “That's a bit more than two eggs' worth in there,” he observed.

“I know,” Erin said, smiling. “I decided I'll have what you're having this morning.”

“Then, serve it up, wench!” David teased as he stepped back from her. He gave her a smack on her right ass cheek then went back to the table. Erin grinned as she laid out two plates and dished out the food. She carried them over to the table, setting David's plate before him first. She poured their coffees and then sat down to eat.

As she ate, Erin watched her Master as he ate while playing with the boys. Her heart was light with joy as she realized this would be her life from now on. She shifted in her chair and the burning tingle in her ass cheek reminded her that this, too, would be her life from now on. Erin lowered her head a bit as she smiled.

As she cleared the table after breakfast, Erin said, “I'm going to get ready for our day out as soon as I finish here. Could you please put the boys in their play yard, Master?” David was already picking up Francis as he said, “I'd be happy to do so, little one.” He took him out to the living room and came back for Thomas. “And, could I, um... ask you something in private, Master” she said shyly.

“Give me a minute to get Thomas in with his brother,” David told her as he carried the boy out to be with his brother. He returned and walked up to Erin, who was standing at the sink. Putting his arms around her waist, he pulled her against him and said, “What do you want, little one?”

Erin felt her face suddenly get hot, then she noticed David's erection pressing between her ass cheeks. She found herself at a loss for words. “I, um, well... Master, I … Oh! I...” David brought his head down to the nape of her neck and started kissing... no, nibbling it. Erin nearly swooned.

“What is it my little slave desires?” he whispered in her ear.

“OH! Oh my!” Erin moaned. “Your cock... um, I... Sir, your cock down my throat... your hands on my tits, pinching my nipples... Your marks on my back... your cock splitting my ass...”

“That's a tall order, considering your mother's going to be here in less than an hour,” David chuckled, amused at Erin's mixture of arousal and embarrassment.

“Um... Um... Um...” Erin was breathing harder as the heat of his erection seemed to burn right through their clothes and her skin. “Um... Master, the thing I want most right now is... is to...” She screwed up her courage and exclaimed, “I want... no I need you to spank me until my ass is red!”

“Are you sure, little one?” David asked. “You know your mother will be able to tell that I...”

Erin turned to face David. He could see the hunger in her eyes. “I... I don't care! I want her to know you spank me! I want her to see how much you love me! I want to suffer humiliation for you! I want everyone to know I am your property!”

David smiled and said nothing. He wrapped his big hand around her slender wrist. His grip was a secure as a cuff. David led Erin to the bedroom. Pulling the door almost shut, he walked over to sit on the storage bench. He pointed to a spot in front of the bench as he said, “Stand there.” Erin stood there as she had stood in the middle of the room the night before: legs open, arms at her side with her palms out, her head down and her eyes looking at the floor in front of her Master.


Erin untied the robe and let it fall at her feet. She stood there, naked and open to her Master. She blushed, the heat radiating from her face down her chest and over her breasts in a lovely crimson hue.

David looked at his slave, totally open, totally at his control, totally his. He inspected every inch of her body, then asked her, “do you know why I am going to beat your ass, slave?

“Be.. Be cause I asked you to?” Erin replied hesitantly.

“No, that's not why,” David told her. “I am going to beat you red because I can.” Erin shivered with anticipation at his words. She felt her cunt lips swell and the honey flow down to collect on their edges.

“Come here. Lay on my lap.” The commands were soft but David's voice demanded Erin's attention. She walked over and laid on his lap, her pubic mound pressing on his right thigh. She felt his erection poking her just above it.

“Put your hands behind your back and cross them.” Erin obeyed, and immediately felt unsteady. David took both of her wrists in his left hand and again she felt like they were cuffed together. As he held her arms down on her back, Erin gave her whole body up to his control.

David rubbed her ass cheeks, taking his measure of them. “I just love marking my property,” he said calmly. Erin relaxed at that, knowing that she was his. He lifted his hand and began a rain of smacks on her ass cheeks, alternating the areas of his attention and not bothering to count the blows.

Erin did not cry out as David pummeled her butt. Tears started falling from her eyes, however. As she took the blows and let the tears fall from her eyes, she felt a release. She was able to let go of the regret for how her life had turned out up to now. She was able to accept that she had made mistakes that would influence her for the rest of her life. She was able to accept herself for what she was now... loved, owned, cherished.

Erin began to weep quietly. David noted her tears but continued spanking hard and fast. Finally, Erin broke out into sobs. Once she did, he ceased his assault and began to comfort and console her. He gently massaged the deep red skin as he gently began praising his slave. After a few minutes, he lifted her up so he could cuddle her, being careful to put as little pressure on her ass as possible.

“My brave girl,” he whispered in her ear as she rested her head on his shoulder, “my devoted slave. You took your beating so well. Were you able to release what was troubling you? Know that I love you and will always do what's best for you.”

Erin's sobbing slowed as she listened to the soothing words from her Master. She could feel his love enfolding her as his arms held her tight. She let his love replace her regret and shame. Erin began to feel a peace she hadn't known for a long time. Finally, she found her voice again. “Thank you, Master,” she whispered.

“I know I was rough on you,” David said.

“But you did what I needed you to do, Sir,” she replied. “I needed that pain hard and fast.”

“I could tell,” he said. “I felt you relax as I started spanking you. I've never had anyone do that before. I could feel you accept what I gave you.”

Erin shifted a bit on David's lap and gasped with the pain. “How bad do I look?” she asked.

David inspected her ass cheeks. They were a dark red with a few spots of purple bruising. “You'll have marks from this for a few days, and I know sitting will not be comfortable today.”

“This is what I wanted,” Erin confirmed. “I want to wear your marks, your bruises on me. I want to be reminded with pain every time I sit.”

“Reminded of what?” David inquired.

“Of your love for me,” Erin responded. David felt his heart swell up with love for his slave. He glanced at his watch, then warned Erin, “Your mother will be here in about thirty minutes. You're going to have difficulty showering. I suggest you don't run the water at full blast and make it a bit cooler than normal. It won't reduce the long term pain but it will allow you to bathe without excessive discomfort.”

“Yes, Master,” Erin replied. “Could you please help me up now?” David held on to her arm as she stood on shaky legs, then put one arm around her as she walked to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and adjusted the water slightly for force and temperature then helped Erin in.

The water falling on her body, though somewhat cooler than what she was used to, was refreshing and Erin began to feel renewed energy course through her body. The water did sting on her ass as she turned away from the spray, but it was bearable.

When she came out of the shower, David held a towel that he gently wrapped around her body. He then helped her over to the bed, where he had laid more towels across the bed. Erin laid down on her stomach and David began to spread cream on her reddened and bruised skin. “That won't lessen the pain, will it?” she asked.

“No, little one,” he assured her. “It will keep your skin soft but it won't affect the feeling or bruising.” Erin smiled at that.

“Will you be able to dress yourself without my help?” David asked.

“I'll be fine after I lay here a bit,” she assured him. “You better go check on the boys.” Erin laid there as David left the room. After a few minutes, Erin reached back to feel her ass cheeks. They felt burning hot to her. She tentatively pressed in one spot and the pain radiated out like waves from a stone dropped in water. She smiled.

After resting a few minutes more, Erin started to get up from the bed. She found turning onto her side too painful just yet, so she had to slide herself back until her feet could reach the floor and then push herself upright. She walked slowly over to her dresser and donned a nursing bra, then picked out and slipped on a demure sundress that went down to her knees.

Erin slipped on a pair of sandals and checked herself in the mirror. Aside from her eyes being a bit red from crying, she looked good. She went out to the living room, where David was sitting on the floor shepherding the boys crawling on the carpet. He looked up at her and smiled. “You look radiant,” he told her.

“It's not too long for your tastes?” she asked.

“It's perfect for the day we're going to have,” David assured her. “I do not require my slave to dress slutty all the time. In fact, dressing you like a slut will become, you'll learn, a treat.”

“Even with just this thin fabric, I feel a stinging whenever it brushes against my ass,” Erin noted.

“And how does it make you feel?”

“Loved. Owned. Happy.”

“Then I am pleased,” David said.

The front door opened. “Knock, knock,” Colleen called out as she came in. She saw the boys crawling on the floor and knelt down to greet them, “and how's Grandma's little men?”

David smiled as he said, “They're doing great, Colleen. How are you?”

“I'm fine.”  Looking up at Erin, she remarked, “And you look radiant today, Erin.”

“Hey, that's my line!” David protested with a smile.

“I guess great minds think alike, eh?” Colleen replied.

David checked Thomas, then said, “Erin, I think Thomas is in need of a change.”

“Give him here, Master,” she said as she bent over to pick him up. Colleen noticed her wince as she did, then watched her slowly walk out of the room. When she was down the hall, Colleen turned to David.

“What did you do to her?” she hissed.

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