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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty One

David ran down the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen, slowing down only to grab one of the new garage door opener remotes off the kitchen counter. He punched the “OPEN” button as he flung open the kitchen door and ran into the garage. He ran to his car, parked outside on the driveway. Pulling his keys out of his pants pocket, he unlocked the driver's door and jumped in. He started the engine, put the car in “DRIVE” and pulled into the garage, pressing the “CLOSE” button on the remote as he cleared the garage door. He then clipped the remote on his visor.

Erin followed David as quickly as she could through the house. She was just about to run through the kitchen door to the garage when she realized that it was still early, the garage lights were on and she was completely naked. Erin jumped back and cautiously stuck her head around the door jamb in time to see David pull the car into the garage and close the door.

David pressed the trunk release as he got out of the car. He closed the door and saw Erin standing in the doorway with a worried look on her face. “I just remembered all the stuff from the Emporium was left in the car,” he explained as he walked to the trunk and pulled out six bags. He closed the trunk lid with an elbow and walked to the door.

Just then the garage lights went out and Erin's body was silhouetted in the doorway, with just enough light peeking around to make her skin glow and her copper cunt hair shine. David got an idea. “Turn around!” he commanded. Erin jerked a bit at the surprise order but obeyed immediately. “Brace yourself in the doorway with your feet and arms,” David barked out next. Erin spread her legs out until both feet were against the door frame, then put her arms out to hold her in position as ordered.

David put the bags down on the garage floor by the steps and climbed up them until he was behind Erin. He leaned over and whispered in her right ear, “There are only two rules to this game. One, you must remain standing at all times. Two, you must not make any noise. Do what you must, but obey these rules or I will punish you!” He couldn't see Erin's eyes widen but he could tell by her slightly trembling body she understood the rules.

David turned around and sat on the second step from the top. He leaned back on his elbows between Erin's legs and admired the beautiful view of her cunt. Her cunt lips were beginning to swell with desire, excitement and a touch of fear, as was her clit, which poked its head out from its hood. He saw a drop of her pussy honey hanging from one lip by a slender thread. When it could no longer resist the pull of gravity, it fell onto David's waiting tongue.

Savoring the taste of what was to come, he raised his head up to the junction of Erin's legs and swept his tongue from her perineum to her clit in an anticipatory taste. Erin responded with quivering legs and a moan. “Maybe I'm just deluding myself,” he thought, “but her cunt tastes sweeter than any I've ever tasted before.” Determined to validate his theory, David began eating Erin's cunt in earnest.

David once again swept his tongue along Erin's outer lips, this time exerting a bit more pressure on her flesh. When he arrived at her clit, he rolled his tongue a bit and teased her button for a few seconds, making her squirm and gasp. He used that motion to work his way in between her cunt lips and swept back from her clit to her cunt, taking a moment to tease her urethral opening. When he reached her vagina, he drove his tongue in as far as he could.

Erin had never felt anything like that before. Only one of her boyfriends had tried cunnilingus on her, and only once. He was clumsy and rough and Erin felt squicked by the whole idea. Ronnie had never even offered to go down on “his slave”- he claimed it was “un-domly” and would only touch her womanhood with his fingers or his dick.

David, on the other hand, attacked her pussy, her... “cunt,” she made herself say in her head, like a starving man just back from a deserted island. His mouth built a bigger fire in her core than her husband had ever done with his dick. Erin shook her head to banish all memory of anything but the moment she was in... then David sucked her clit in his mouth and she nearly passed out.

David was changing up his ministrations every chance he could, assaulting Erin's senses with an ever changing variety of licks, sucks and tongue probes. Erin was maintaining her silence, but barely. David started thinking of what he could do to keep her from waking the twins. He didn't want her to have to run to them on the edge of climax. David would choose when to deny his slave her orgasm, not the twins.

David worked his way back through her cunt lips and sucked her clit in between his lips again, then he gently nipped her bud with his teeth. Erin caught herself crying out and choked the cry back, her whole body trembling. The obvious solution finally presented itself to David and he wondered why he hadn't thought of it earlier. He decided to put it in action, however he would have to leave his place to do so.

Erin was barely hanging on, both to the door frame and her sanity. David was driving her into a screaming orgasm and she was powerless to stop it. The heat of his breath, his tongue, his lips all over her cunt was unrelenting... until it suddenly disappeared. Erin never thought anything would be more intense than David's mouth on her cunt, but the sudden absence of it felt like she was in an elevator that had just lost its brakes. She was plummeting to a disastrous crash at the bottom of the elevator shaft. She cried softly, confused as to why David would stop so suddenly. Had she failed? Was this her punishment?

David, meanwhile, was frantically searching the bags scattered around him. When he found what he was looking for, he stood up, spun around and ran up the steps behind Erin. He opened the bag and pulled out a piece of cloth. Tossing the bag aside, he stuck the ball of cloth in front of her face and growled, “Open up!”

Erin looked down to see her balled up panties. The panties she had put on oh so early this morning. The panties she had virtually soaked time and time again just thinking of David. The panties she had insisted he feel at lunch. The panties she had removed and stuffed in her own mouth when David was telling her about gags. The panties she had held there for thirty minutes before Barb had bagged them so as to not ruin any of the new items they had bought at the Emporium. The panties that had sat in that bag, in the trunk of David's car, in the sun, for six to eight hours. The panties she would have, at any other time, thrown away as unrecoverable.

She opened her mouth eagerly as her Master stuffed her mouth with the wad for the second time that day. She ignored the taste, she ignored the knowledge of where it had been, all she cared about was whether he would return to the sweet torture of her cunt and clit she was aching for.

David returned to his position between his slave's trembling legs. He looked up at her cunt, now redder, more glistening and more swollen with desire than he had ever seen it. He attacked his target with renewed vigor, heading for her clit immediately to nip it again. Erin let out a loud shriek, but with the gag in her mouth it was no louder than a muffled moan. Satisfied with the result, David continued his assault.

Erin, realizing now that the gag worked, felt free to scream and moan as much as she could. She could barely hear herself do so. Without the need to control her vocalizations, Erin gave in to the relentless waves of pleasure David's mouth forced upon her. She felt the fire in her groin grow hotter than it had ever before, and her stomach muscles were as tight as piano strings, until the dam burst and Erin felt wave after wave of pleasure roar throughout her whole being as her first orgasm nearly buckled her knees.

Erin fought to keep her footing as the first orgasm died, only to feel it return hard and fast for a second round. Her eyes nearly rolled back in her head as she fought to remain conscious. She had a hard time catching her breath, due to the constriction of her chest with pleasure and not the gag. As that second wave passed, Erin tried to regain control, only to be swept away in the biggest orgasm yet. She felt her knees start to give and could not continue to keep her body upright in the door frame.

David hadn't caught the cues for the first two orgasms, but when he felt Erin's body start to sag he knew she'd had enough and quickly moved out from between her legs. He spun around and wrapped his arms around her under her breasts, holding her up as her orgasm shuddered to a conclusion. He then picked her up again and carried her into the bedroom, laying her gently on their new bed, covering her and kneeling down next to her to make sure she didn't need any more help. He pulled the gag out of her mouth by a tail that was sticking out and checked to make sure she was breathing, then he just knelt there and waited.

Erin was back in that same place she had been earlier in the day. What had Master called it? Subspace? It felt like space, for she felt no weight or mass. Erin could only feel bliss. It went on for longer than the first time, until she heard a voice calling for her: “Erin, little one, find your way back. Little one, come back to me.” She felt something warm on her forehead, and then realized it was a hand, stroking her forehead and hair. She could hear her Master's voice calling to her and headed for the sound. She wanted, no needed to thank him for this.

David was beginning to be concerned but he made himself calm down. “Have patience, Dave,” he told himself, “you've had subbies fly much longer than this.” He resumed whispering in Erin's ear, “Little one, come back to me.” He eyelids fluttered, then opened. Her pupils were dilated and she didn't seem like she was able to focus at first, so David continued to stroke her forehead. Finally, she focused on his face and smiled. “You did it again,” she whispered.

David chuckled softly. “It seems that I did,” he admitted. “That was pretty intense for one orgasm.”

Erin smiled weakly. “I came three times, Master. I... I... I... never came like that before.”

“You are full of surprises, my wonderful slave,” David said proudly. Erin smiled. “Do you feel like I can run to the kitchen and get you a drink?”

“I'll be fine,” Erin replied, adding, “Master,” a few seconds later. “I'm not going anywhere for a bit,” she chuckled.

David hurried out to the kitchen and got a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. Returning to Erin's side, he helped her sit up slightly so she could take a few sips. She then laid back and smiled. David pulled off his shirt and pants and slipped into the bed next to her in just his shorts. Erin rolled over to face him and they cuddled for a while. David would give her sips of water from time to time until she was more rested.

Erin smiled at David. “Master, that was incredible. I never came before just from someone's mouth. How did you do that?”

“I learned from the best,” David said. “A bisexual submissive I trained years ago. She was new to D/s and I helped her get ready for her first mistress. She repaid me by helping me learn the best way to pleasure a woman with my mouth.”

“I must locate her so I can thank her,” Erin said, smiling. They laid there together for a few minutes just cuddling, then Erin frowned, saying, “Master, once again you gave me great pleasure without getting any yourself.”

“Sometimes watching you is enough for me,” David told her.

“But I want to make you cum, Master!”

“And you shall, little one,” David told her. “How are you feeling now?”

“Incredibly rested, incredibly refreshed, incredibly loved and incredibly horny.”

“You're still horny?” David asked, smiling.

“Yes, Master,” Erin replied shyly.

“I'm going to have fun seeing how many orgasms you can have in a row,” David told her, his smile turning wicked. Erin shivered, either in fear, delight or both.

“Master, may I ask you something?” Erin said, giggling.

“Of course, little one. What is it?”

“I know it's presumptuous of me,” she said, blushing slightly, “but I would love to be able to memorize you like you memorized me.”

David chuckled as he slid out of bed. “Of course you would,” he said. He stood where Erin could see him and stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and slid them down, letting them drop on the floor.

Erin gasped when she saw David completely nude. She ran her eyes over his body. He was muscular but not muscle-bound, with just a tiny bit of a belly. As he turned around, Erin was taken by his ass. It was firm and muscular, and she was fascinated with it. David had very little hair on his body and what was there was fine and soft. Erin couldn't help but think that David looked like a god from Greek or Roman times.

David completed his turn and faced front again. Erin gasped again, this time at the rigidity of his erection. It looked huge and menacing to her, but her mouth watered and her pussy ached to feel her Master's cock fill the emptiness between her legs. David smiled and struck a pose like an excited teenager. As he did, Erin noticed something on his right side, just below his rib cage. It was a scar that looked like it was from a stab wound. “Oh my!” she exclaimed involuntarily, a look of sadness on her face.

David realized what she was looking at. “Don't worry, little one, that's an old scar. I forgot you haven't seen it before,” he explained.

“What happened to you?” she asked.

“It was shortly after I joined the Navy,” David said, walking over to the bed and sitting down next to her. “A friend and I were jumped by a mugger. He pulled a knife and I took him down to protect my friend. He got in this one cut, but didn't hit anything vital.”

Erin looked closely at the scar, tracing it lightly with her finger. “Does it hurt?” she asked, concerned for her Master.

“No, It hasn't hurt for a long time,” David said, turning to embrace her. “It was over ten years ago. I was younger and a bit dumber than I am now.”

“Your friend... did he get hurt?” she asked as her head laid on his chest.

“Um, no, she didn't,” David replied.

“The white knight, saving his damsel in distress,” Erin purred, “but what do you mean, “dumber”?” she asked.

“I was concentrating on protecting her,” David explained, “and left myself open for that one cut. I've since learned how not to let that happen again.”

“Well, I hope you never need to do that again,” Erin said.

“But you can look on it as a promise that if you or our children are ever threatened, I will protect you.”

“Master, may I ask you to please stand?” Erin requested.

“Of course,” David said as he got up off the bed. Erin sat up and leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock. “You don't have to do that this time, you know,” he told her.

“I know, Master. I do this to honor you,” she said, just before she took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. Swirling her tongue around the head and down his shaft, she bobbed her head two or three times, then let him slip from her lips with a soft 'plop' and laid back, her legs wide open.

David didn't need any invitation to take what was his. He knelt between her splayed legs and teased her pussy lips with the head of his cock. Erin moaned with pleasure at the first intimate touch of his flesh on her sensitive lips. David teased her clit with his cock head, then slid it down between her lips and into her waiting vagina.

Erin felt something she had never felt before, except for a few fleeting moments during the birth of the twins. She felt an incredible fullness and a radiating heat in her vagina as David slid more of his shaft inside her. Erin gasped as she felt a twinge of pain she had only experienced before in childbirth.

David saw the twinge of pain displayed on her face. “Is something wrong, little one?” he asked, concerned.

“I...I've never been this filled, this stretched before, Master,” she admitted.

“Is it too much, or can you bear it?”

“NO! Don't pull out, please!” she pleaded.

“I wasn't, little one,” David chuckled. “I know your body will adjust to it very soon. I was only worried if I should take it slower.”

“Oh, god, no!” she moaned. “If you go any slower, I'll go out of my mind! Are you completely in me now?”

“No, little one, I'm only half way in,” he told her. “Relax and I'll fill you completely soon.”

Erin's breathing became ragged as David pulled his cock out to its head before sliding back in, going deeper than before. Slowly moving his hips, he repeated the strokes a few times, then paused and smiled at Erin. “I'm completely in you now, little one.”

Erin had her eyes closed as she worked at processing the unfamiliar feelings of fullness and possession. It was as if David hadn't just penetrated her womanhood but had possessed her very soul. She could feel the beating of his heart as his cock throbbed in her.

David began a slow, steady motion that gave Erin more sensations that she had never felt before, as her vagina repeatedly emptied and filled to overflowing with David's thrusts. She experienced a burning desire that threatened to overwhelm her.

David slowly picked up the tempo of his thrusts, and Erin reveled in the sensations... but she wanted more. She wanted to feel completely possessed, completely used and completely dominated by David. “Oh, oh, oh, Master,” she gasped as he slowly impaled her again, “please, please fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” David asked, concerned about pushing her too hard.

“I need you to use me, to possess me, to... to...” Erin stopped.

“What do you need, my sweet slave?”

“Pound me, ram me, impale me, FUCK ME!” she cried out.

David's smile turned wicked. He lifted her legs and held them under her knees as he started pounding her cunt with his cock. He raised her ass off the bed as he rammed his cock into her over and over. The only sounds in the room now were the slapping of flesh against flesh, David's ragged breathing and Erin's low moans, which increased in volume and frequency as the assault increased.

Erin felt her body shake repeatedly with David's pounding of her cunt. Her clit throbbed in time to his slamming and the boiling in her core built up to the inevitable conclusion. She heard David grunting every time he rammed his cock in her and looked up at his face. She could see the tiger emerging, taking her, possessing her, making her his forever. As the revelation swept through her mind, her body exploded in orgasm and her cunt clamped down harder on his cock.

David felt the increased pressure, which made him groan loudly, sounding more like a roar of a big cat as he crossed the threshold and began to pour his cum into her womb. He ground his hips against her as he spasmed repeatedly, filling Erin with what seemed a white hot liquid which only served to fuel her climax.

Finally spent, David released Erin's legs and slowly settled full on her body, covering her. Erin felt David's weight pin her to the bed, which completed her feeling of conquest by her Master. Completely filled by his cock and completely restrained by his body on hers, Erin lay there happily, wishing this feeling would never end.

But end it did, as David's cock returned to its normal size and slowly withdrew from her still throbbing vagina. David picked himself up off of her body and moved to the right, laying on his side. Erin turned on her right side to face her Master. As she did, she felt a slow trickle of his still-hot cum drip from her cunt lip onto her inner thigh.

David pulled her head closer and began raining butterfly kisses all over her face, her neck and her shoulders. At the same time, his right hand roamed all over his property, feeling the smooth skin radiating heat still. “I love you, Erin,” he said softly between kisses. “I love you, Master,” she echoed as her body twitched everywhere his hand grazed. They laid like that for what seemed to be forever.

David ran his hand up Erin's right thigh, encountering the dripping semen that was slowly glazing her leg. Lifting his finger to his mouth, he tasted it, then offered it to Erin, who sucked on his fingers greedily. “I think it might be a good idea for you to clean yourself up,” he suggested.

Erin shook her head. “I want to keep you inside me forever,” she whispered.

“But I'm leaking out already,” he replied, “and as erotic and submissive as it sounds, I don't think you'd get much rest sleeping on a wet spot.”

Erin giggled. “You're right, Master. I'll go take a shower. Come with me.”

The two of them walked into the master bathroom. It was spacious, but the shower stall was a cheap contractor's model, David observed. As Erin turned on the water, he asked her, “Are you the first owner of this home?”

“No, we're the second. Why?”

“I'm going to look into getting a bigger shower installed in here,” David said. “We'll need the room.” Erin giggled as they entered the shower. They quickly washed each others bodies, then wrapped each other in towels and went back out to the bed.

“Now, for one of the most important questions ever asked at the beginning of a relationship,” David began as he toweled Erin's body dry.

“What's that?” Erin asked, wondering.

“Which side of the bed do you prefer?” David said with a smile.

Erin thought for a minute. “I guess I like to be closer to the bathroom, Master.” she said shyly.

“That works out,” he said, “as I prefer to sleep closer to the door, in case I need to deal with any trouble.”

With that, they climbed into bed again, this time to cuddle and sleep. Erin curled up like a kitten and snuggled close to David feeling warm, safe and loved. David draped his right arm over Erin's body protectively as he enjoyed the warmth of a woman's body next to him once again. His left hand curled over her head and one finger reflexively slipped into a ring of her collar. They slept that way all night.

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