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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twenty Four

Erin hugged David a few minutes, then he gently raised her chin and said, “We've got much to do today, but there's a few more things we need to get here.”

“What more could I ask for?” Erin said in amazement.

“Oh, this is more for me,” David said. “Come over here,” he said to Erin as he guided her to a display of gags, “though you might enjoy them, too... I hope.”

“Is a gag really necessary?” Erin asked hesitantly.

“In some cases, yes,” David explained. “It's not necessarily that I want to silence you, it's that I may want to put you into a more submissive mindset.”

Erin came up to the display of gags. There were ball gags in red, black, blue, green and white. Some had holes all over them like a wiffel ball. Others looked like a horse's bit and were made of leather, rubber or even metal. There were gags that were just rings and ones that had metal rods welded to them that looked like spider legs. Others covered the whole mouth and had either a ball on the inside or a rubber penis. One gag even had what looked like a drain plug in its center.

Erin gazed at the variety of ways to gag a slave and she became curious. How would a ball gag feel? Would she have much ability to make noise with a bit gag? What were the holes in the one gag for, and why would anyone want a gag that looked like a sink drain?

“Oh, there's more, Erin,” David whispered from behind. “Just about every gag will make you drool all over yourself. The ball gag is probably the least messy, unless it's got all those holes in it. The bit gag can be messier and the ring gag... holding your mouth open... the drool will be dripping down your tits onto your belly, maybe.” Erin stared at each type of gag as David mentioned it. As she did, her breathing became ragged.

David could sense her arousal and decided to ramp it up a bit more. “There's also the fact that the ring gag and the spider gag... yes that one there, with the legs... are big enough for a cock to slide through, if you know what I mean.” Erin's heart started thumping and she felt wetness between her legs. She never knew how much gags could turn her on.

“You'll notice I didn't mention the penis gag,” David told her. “That wouldn't be exciting enough for you, since you've already had my cock in your mouth. I think this might be closer to the real thing.” With that, he removed from one of the hooks a gag she hadn't noticed before. It would cover her mouth completely while what would be inserted into her mouth was a thick leather pad. Erin was sure it would completely fill her mouth. As she thought that, she involuntarily licked her lips.

“You want to try it?” David asked. Erin's eyes opened wide, but she nodded her head, unable to talk. David laid the gag on the counter, took out an unlubricated condom from a bowl on the counter, opened it and rolled it on the pad. Erin watched in wonder as he lifted the gag up to her mouth. “Open wide,” David said, and as she did, he slipped the pad into her mouth.

Erin gasped as it entered, then as the rubber covered leather pad was seated, she felt her mouth filled as it had only been with her panties and her Master's cock. Then David buckled the gag around her head and she realized it was the last sound she would make until the gag was removed. She heard a “click” as David took the lock from her collar and locked the buckle of the gag. Erin felt a bit of panic rising at the realization that only her Master could release her from the gag, but the panic was soon replaced with a different feeling-a feeling of surrender and submission.

“Well, little one, what do you think?” David said, smiling. Erin nodded, her eyes wide and sparkling.. She wanted this gag, wanted to know that her Master controlled her very ability to speak. “Would you like to wear it all day?” he asked. Erin nodded again. David chuckled. “Then how can I take you to lunch?” he asked her. Erin suddenly realized her plight. She put on her best puppy dog eyes, which only made David chuckle again as he removed the lock and took the gag off Erin's head.

“I never thought...” Erin said, panting with excitement.

“So, let's get this one, and maybe a ring gag and a ball gag,” David said. “What color do you want? The red goes well with your hair and your lipstick.”

“Yes, yes, all of them,” she gasped, trying to calm herself down. David picked out a red ball gag, a leather covered ring gag and the mouth filling gag Erin had tried. “Put these on my account, George,” David said as he handed the gags to him. George entered the information in the computer and put the gags in a bag. Handing it to David, he grinned as he said, “You know, you're wiping out all your profits for the quarter.”

“True,” David admitted, “but how often do I do this?”

Erin was looking all through the display cases now, very interested in what was on display. As she came upon the nipple clamps, she unconsciously put her hands on her breasts protectively. As she did, she felt her nipples harden. Barb was watching and walked over to her. “You'll have to wait on them,” she said. “Nursing mothers shouldn't do any breast play.”

“I know,” Erin said, staring at the display, “but a girl can dream.”

David walked up to Erin and Barb and saw what Erin was admiring. “I have a nice selection of implements with which to torture your nipples, but that will have to wait.”

“I know, Master,” Erin said, “but I can dream.” She took his hand and placed it on her breast so he could feel the hard nubs. “I guess I really am turning into a pain slut.”

“Just as long as you're my pain slut, little one,” David said. “But we have to go now. Oh, by the way,” he continued, turning to Barb and George, “what are your plans for tomorrow?”

“We're planning to come in around noon to get the store ready to open,” Barb replied. “Why?”

“I'm going to start clearing out the condo tomorrow,” David explained, “and I was wondering if I could borrow George for a few hours?”

“I don't see why not?” Barb said. “Would you want to help me out for a bit here at the store, Erin?”

“Oh, could I?” Erin exclaimed, excited. “Would it be alright, Master?” she asked, turning to David.

“Do you think your mom's up for another day with the twins?” he asked.

“Are you kidding me, Master?”

“Yeah. Dumb question. Forget I asked it,” David muttered. “you'll have a car then so you'll be able to get yourself over here.”

“Great, it's all set!” Barb said as George stood there with his mouth open. “Don't I get a say?” he asked. Three voices yelled, “NO!” at the same time, then they all started laughing.

“So the Great Slave Swap is on for tomorrow.” Barb announced. “I’ll see you at noon, Erin... or should I say slave?” she added with a grin.

“I will be on time, Mistress,” Erin said, bowing her head to Barb.

“That doesn’t start until tomorrow,” David grumbled.

“Wait! Am I going to have to call him Master?” George asked in a whiny voice.

“Don't worry, George,” David shot back, “I'd much prefer “Captain,”” They all laughed.

As they got back in the car, Erin asked David, “Where are we going to next, Master?”

“We're heading over to my condo,” he replied. “I want to pack my clothes and things to take to the house today. We're also going to see what furniture of mine you might want to use in the house.”

“Why do you care about my opinion?” Erin asked. “I'm your slave. Whatever you do, I'll accept.”

“I know that's a real turn-on for you in a scene,” David replied, “as it is for me. However, you probably know better than I what would be good for a household with soon-to-be toddlers in it. Besides, you’re smart and talented. I can see it in how your house is decorated already. I value those traits in my slave and I will use them, not ignore them.”

“Wow,” Erin said quietly. “I never thought of that.”

“A master who seeks out a strong, smart, independent woman and then ignores the very traits he chose her for; or worse, is so insecure that he has to stifle those traits; is a fool... and I'm no fool.”

Erin sat there, gazing at David and smiling. “He really does value me,” she said to herself.

They pulled into the condo complex and Erin began searching for David's condo. “I want to see if I can figure out which one it is, Master,” she said, smiling.

“Well, what do you know about me so far, Erin?” he asked.

“You're not showy or flashy, you are considerate of others,” she replied. “You value your privacy and the privacy of others.”

“Good, little one.” David was proud of his slave. “So, knowing all that, which condo do you think is mine?”

“Hmm...” Erin thought for a minute. “I would think it be one on the end of a building, so as to not have to worry about neighbors on both sides.”

“Good. What else?”

“Um, I'm not sure,” she admitted. Then she pointed at an end unit. “Is that the one, Master?” she asked.

David looked at where Erin pointed. “Well, it is on the end of the building, but if you look closely, you'll see it's actually two single bedroom units, one above the other.”

“Oh, yes, I do see the two doors now.”

“What else is there?” David asked.

“Oh, I see now!” Erin exclaimed. “There's another building a short distance away.”

“Correct, little one. So that means...”

“There will be no building opposite it!” Just then, they pulled up to a building where one end faced a wooded area. Erin pointed and asked, “Is that it, Master?”

“That is,” David said as he pulled into his parking spot. They got out of the car and Erin ran up to the front door like an excited child. When David opened the door, Erin rushed inside and looked around the living room.

“Oh, this is lovely, Master!” she exclaimed as she walked over to the sofa. She felt the fabric of the arm and then pressed her hand on it. “It's so soft and cushy,” she marveled, “you could just lay on it!” as she lay over the arm in a perfect position for spanking or fucking.

David was tempted to walk up behind Erin, flip up her dress and take her right there, but he knew they had a lot to do in a short amount of time. “Erin, what do you think about changing out your living room set for this one?”

Erin stood up and looked at it with a practiced eye. “It is newer than our living room furniture, but I'm wondering what type of fabric this is,” she noted.

“It's a microfiber fabric. I was told it would stand up to rough use.”

“I like the color,” Erin said, “and if it's microfiber, we won't have to worry about the boys messing it up so much. I think it will work great in our living room, Master.”

“Good,” David said. “One item checked off on the list. I'll be moving the TV, also.”

Erin turned to see the television for the first time. It was a 50 inch HDTV. Her eyes opened wide. “HD!” she squealed. “Ronnie said he never saw a need for a HDTV, so...”

“Well, when I watch a television show or a movie, I want quality,” David told her, “so the TV, the HD set top box, the blu-ray player and the surround sound system will all go in the living room.”

Erin scanned the rest of the room. “I don't know if we'll need the lamps or tables.”

“That's fine,” David said. “We can either donate what we don't need or have a garage sale. You ready to look at the rest of the place?”

David escorted Erin throughout the rest of the condo. As they went room by room, they made mental notes on what they wanted to keep and what they might sell or give away. Finally, they came to the master bedroom. As Erin walked in, her eyes went immediately to the bed. It was a very plain mattress set on a metal frame. “I kinda thought you'd have a bed like we have at the house,” she said, a bit disappointed.

“Sorry, but this was my place to get away, sort of my own man cave,” David explained. If I remember right, you're only the third woman I've brought here and the other two were in the first year after I moved in.”

Erin had been looking around as David told her that and spied something in the corner. “Oh? Then what's that doing here, Master?” she inquired. She pointed to a portable whipping post.

David laughed. “I had built a home dungeon during my first marriage. After the divorce, when I moved into the barracks, I got rid of all the dungeon furniture. Apparently I overlooked that, but as it was in storage I didn’t realize it until the movers unloaded it here.”

“Oh, my,” Erin blurted out. “That must have been embarrassing.”

“A little,” David said, “but the movers said they understood and they had moved even odder items in the past. One of them even ask me for the plans.”

Erin was over at the post and raised her arms to attempt to reach the eye bolt near the top but she was too short. “Was your ex- that tall?” she asked

“No, but one of the women I brought here was,” David confided. “However, she decided she wasn't into pain and I never saw her again.” Erin grew quiet. “What are you thinking, little one?” he asked.

Erin had a serious look on her face. “I'm not jealous,” she started, “I guess... I guess I'm still just a little sad that I couldn't have met you earlier.”

David walked over to her and wrapped her body in a tight embrace. “Let the past go, my little one,” he whispered into her ear. “If you don't, you might miss today.”

Erin smiled as she looked up at David. “I don't want to do that, now, Master,” she said. Looking back at the post, she asked, “What will you do with this?”

“I was thinking it would go nice in our bedroom, my little pain slut,” he chuckled. “I can see you on it right now.”

“Oh, please, please, tie me to it and use me, Master! Whip me, flog me, anything!” Erin blurted out, her eyes glazing over with lust.

“Whoa!” David exclaimed. “We're here to work, not to play. I need to take a shower and change into clean clothes. You need to pack my clothes up so we can take them home.” He walked over to a closet and pulled two suitcases from an overhead shelf. “I'll just take what you can get in these bags. We'll box up the rest of the clothes and take them later.”

Erin was pouting but turned to the job at hand. She opened the closet doors and looked at David's wardrobe. “What do you want me to take for now, Master?” she asked.

“Use your good judgment, Erin,” David said. What he didn't tell her was he wanted to see what she would pick for him. He took off his shirt and was undoing his belt when Erin came over with an armful of clothes. “Oh, Master, I can help you undress,” she cooed seductively.

“I'd like that...”


“...but I already gave you a job,” David said, grinning. Erin pouted again but began expertly folding clothes to put into one of the suitcases. He stripped naked and walked into the bathroom. Setting the shower to his preferences, David stepped in when it had warmed up.

David started by lathering up his hair and then washing his face and upper torso. He luxuriated in the hot water, letting it ease the tension he realized he had been feeling for a while. Setting the shower head to a massage setting, he turned his back to the pulsing stream to let it work on his neck and shoulder.

He stood there with his eyes closed, a smile on his face, as the hot blasts of water did their work of relaxing him when he heard the shower door suddenly open. A naked Erin, her red hair tied up in a ponytail high on the back of her head, walked into the shower and closed the door, a happy grin on her face. “I need to help my Master clean himself properly,” she said.

“Erin, have you completed the task I assigned you?” David inquired sternly.

“Yes, Master, I have,” she said shyly, looking at the floor... or was it his slowly rising cock?

“We'll see,” he replied, “but if you haven't, I'll have to punish you.”

“I promise I have, Master,” she asserted. She then took the bottle of body wash, squirted some on her breasts and began to rub her body on David's, wrapping her arms around him. As the body wash foamed up, she slid down his torso, scrubbing her nipples against his wet skin. David had experienced a massage in a similar fashion once, but had never had this done to him while he was standing. His cock was fully erect now.

Erin worked diligently at her task, making sure she scrubbed as much of David's front as she could with her tits. She knelt down as she grew closer to his crotch, then began to massage his cock between her breasts. She didn't stop there, though, stooping to almost a prone position to bathe his right leg, then switching over to the left and repeating the effort in the opposite direction. When she got back up to his crotch, his cock had been rinsed clean by the shower so she took it in her mouth as she “cleaned” his balls between her breasts.

David had never felt sensations like this before. Erin's hot, wet mouth was eagerly gulping down his cock and his balls were being gently massaged by two mounds of warm, soft flesh. Just when he was going to grab her by her ponytail and force his cock down her throat to cum, she pulled away.

“Now for the back,” she giggled as she squirted more body wash on her tits. She turned him around and stood on tiptoes to start as high as possible on his back, then worked her way down, massaging his shoulders as she scrubbed his back with her hard nipples and luscious breasts.

This time, as she knelt behind him she carefully tended to his ass, lovingly wiping him with her breasts. She washed the back of his legs with the same care she had given to the front, but this time when she got back to his ass she started kissing and licking it all over while she scooped soap from her breasts into her hands and gently fondled his balls and cleaned his perineum. Her hands followed the crack of his ass, lightly passing over his anus, and David suddenly got harder that he ever had before.

Noticing his reaction, Erin made sure the soap was was clean from his ass and stuck her tongue at the top of his crack. She slowly worked her way down the crack until she got to his asshole, where she swirled her tongue around and teased the tight opening. This was something David had never experienced before. He had never required it of his slaves or submissives and they had never offered or attempted it. He let out a low moan, almost like a growl.

Erin looked up at her Master and smiled, then returned to her work. She slid lower, tickling his perineum with her tongue as she worked her way to his scrotum. When she arrived there, she slowly sucked his balls into her mouth. Her head was at an uncomfortable angle and her neck was stretched as far as she could but she lovingly swirled her tongue around the jewels she cradled in her mouth.

Letting his scrotum slowly exit from her mouth with a soft “plop”, Erin worked her way back up to David's anus, then with a final little stab at the tight rosebud that made David jerk, she stood up and wrapped her arms around David from behind. David grabbed one arm and hauled Erin around to face him, the he tilted her head back and kissed her, hard, fast and with his tongue just about raping her mouth.

As he fucked her mouth with his tongue, Erin wrapped her arms around David's neck. He reached down and grabbed her by the thighs and lifted her. Erin spread her legs as he did, opening herself to him. David lifted her clear of his cock, then lowered her onto it, impaling her cunt just as he was raping her mouth. He backed her up against the shower wall and fucked her hard, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt.

Erin replied by bouncing herself on his pole, driving his massive cock deeper and deeper into her tight cunt, all the while reveling as he savagely probed her mouth with a tongue that was almost as rigid as his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist to get a better purchase and David moved his hands to her ass. Pain shot through Erin's lower body but got no farther then her clit, where it exploded into the sensitive bud. Erin moaned into David's mouth, “More, more!”

David worked his hands around and pulled Erin's ass cheeks apart like he was tearing apart a huge bun. He worked his right hand in closer and began to finger her asshole, just inserting the tip. That was enough to set Erin's first orgasm into action, and she shuddered in his arms as her cunt clamped down hard on his cock. She moaned into his mouth as her whole body shook in spasms and David's finger slipped deeper into her asshole with each spasm.

David moved his left hand closer to her anus and slipped a second finger into her asshole from the opposite side. Erin felt the invasion, and then her second orgasm slammed through her body. Again, as she screamed her passion and shuddered in pleasure, David's finger sunk deeper into her, matching its partner. By now, David's only hold on Erin was his fingers in her ass.

Erin felt sensations she never imagined she could. With his cock deep in her cunt, his fingers skewering her ass and his tongue completing the spitting, Erin felt more possessed by David then she had ever been by Ronald or anyone before. She exploded into her third orgasm, clamping down tighter on David's cock that ever and squeezing his fingers tightly with her anal sphincters.

As Erin gripped his shaft with a greater force than he could remember, David erupted in the hardest orgasm he had ever experienced, shooting his cum into her womb and filling it to overflowing. His cock pulsed over and over, held tightly by Erin's vaginal muscles so not one drop of semen escaped.

As their shared orgasms subsided, the two lovers leaned against the wall of the shower. Their breathing ragged and their voices raspy, they whispered to each other. “Oh, Erin,” David moaned, “I think you'll have to wash me like this from now on!” “Oh, oh, Master,” Erin replied hoarsely, “I've... I've never felt like this before. I need your cock in my ass, I need to be possessed by you so completely, I want to feel completely filled by you in every one of my holes!”

Erin slowly lowered her legs and gingerly placed her weight back on her feet. David had to bend over slightly to let her do so, as he still had the middle fingers of both of his hands sunk completely in her anus. “Do you want me to remove them?” he asked his slave.

Erin mewed, “No, not just yet, Master. Stretch me, instead.” David did, inserting his index fingers alongside the others. As Erin felt the invaders multiply, she had a tiny but noticeable fourth orgasm. Moaning, “Oh, Master, pull me apart!” she shuddered as she buried her face in his chest.

David slowly removed all four fingers as Erin mewed and gasped at the emptiness she now felt. “I think you might be ready for me sooner than I thought, little one,” he chuckled. He quickly washed his hands then turned off the water, which was just beginning to cool. “I've fucked in here before,” he confided in Erin, “but I never was in here so long that I drained the water heater. You are incredible!”

They stepped out of the shower and David wrapped Erin in a big, fluffy towel and carried her into the bedroom. As he did, he whispered in her ear, “Now to see how well you did with the packing. Do I get to punish you?” He chuckled wickedly but Erin just smiled.

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