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How It Came To Be - Chapter Twelve

Back on the road, Erin was excited. “So you're going to start my training?”

“It looks like I'm going to have to,” David said. “You really don't seem to know too much about that thing we do.”

“What thing?” Erin asked.

“BDSM,” David replied. “Sometimes you'll see it referred to as “TTWD.” That's the acronym for “that thing we do.” You might also see it referred to as “WIITWD”-that means “what it is that we do.” Since the term BDSM sounds so specific but covers so many fetishes, kinks and whatever, people try to come up with different ways to express themselves.”

“I see, Sir,” Erin said.

“Now you may hear people talk about or refer to themselves as a top, bottom, dom, sub, master, slave, owner, property or pet,” David continued. “Are you familiar with any of those terms?”

“Well, master and slave I'm familiar with, Master,” Erin replied, giggling. “I can figure out that dom is short for dominant and sub is short for submissive. Top and bottom sounds like a pair of pajamas, and I'm not too sure with any of the other words.”

“Considering your understandable lack of familiarity with BDSM terms, you did well, little one,” David said with a smile. “Let me explain the rest. Owner is another term for master, as a master owns a slave. Property is the same for a slave.”

“That makes sense,” Erin acknowledged. “Why would you use one title over another?”

“Good question. It's all personal preference. A master is always an owner, a slave is always property, and vice versa for either. However, a couple who were into objectification or depersonalization would most likely use property.”

“Objectification?” Erin asked, puzzled.

“Yes. It is putting a slave into a mindset or headspace where they no longer consider themselves a person but just an object.”

“That doesn't sound right.”

“There's a huge potential for abuse,” David explained. “But when done right, it can be very erotic for the property as well as the owner.”

“But how?”

“By treating her or him...”

“Men do this, too?” Erin was surprised.

“Yes, men can be submissive as well as dominant, with either a woman or a man as a dominant. Also, to further confuse you, a dominant with a submissive of the same sex may or may not be gay.”

Erin scratched her head. “I see what you mean about it being confusing, and just what is a pet?”

David chuckled. “Some people like to role play as pets, usually cats or dogs. Others may role play as horses. That's called pony play.”

“I think I understand,” Erin admitted.

“If you don't fully understand, little one, that's alright. I don't quite comprehend some of the role playing myself.”

“That's good to know.”

“Oh, I just remembered! There's one more term I forgot-switch.”

“Switch? What's that?”

“A switch can be any or all of the previous terms, depending on any number of factors.”

“You're joking!” Erin protested.

“No, I'm not,” David insisted. “A switch can be top or bottom, dom or sub, etc. It depends on his or her mood, who they are playing with, what kind of play it is... many things.”

“I'm about to have a brain meltdown!”

“OK, then, we'll move on” David said reassuringly. “Now, I know you've used a butt plug and you've been tied up, but how were you tied up?”

“How?” Erin repeated. “The normal way, I guess, with rope.”

“Were you standing, sitting kneeling, laying down?”

“Oh, I see,” Erin said, brightening. “Ronni... I mean Ronald would tie me on the bed before he... I guess you'd say he fucked me.”

“Rope or straps?”

“Rope. He'd tie it on my wrists and ankles and tie the other ends to the corners of the bed to spread me out.”

“Did he use cuffs?”

“No, he tied the rope directly on my wrists and ankles. He tied them tight. My hands and feet would tingle when he untied me.”

“That idiot!” David exclaimed angrily. “He either didn't bother to learn or he didn't care that he could be causing nerve damage!” Then he took a deep breath to calm himself down. “Have you had any problems with your hands or feet lately?”

“My hands hurt some times if I'm on the computer too long,” Erin admitted.

“When I can get you on my health insurance, we'll have that checked out,” David promised. “Until then, no more rope bondage directly tied to your limbs. We'll use cuffs.”

“Cuffs? Like in handcuffs?” Erin asked with a worried look on her face.

“No, these are leather cuffs, for your wrists and ankles. They will protect you from more damage.”

“Thank you, Master,” Erin said.

“Now, back to the lesson. Have you ever had the following used on you?”

“The following what?”

“I'm getting there! A flogger...”

“No. What is it?”

“Let me list everything first, little one.” David was smiling.

“Oh, OK!” Erin said.

“Again, have you ever had the following used on you? Flogger, cat-o'-nine-tails, whip, crop, paddle, tawse, strap, belt or cane?”

“No to all of them.”

“Have you ever been spanked?”

“Not since I was 14 and late coming home from a friend's house.”

“I meant, by Ronald,” David said, shaking his head while smiling.

Erin laughed. “Definitely No!” Then she stopped. “Does that mean you would spank me?”

“No,” David corrected, “that means I will spank you.”

“I don't know about that,” Erin protested.

David looked at Erin. “You lips may say “No” but your nipples say “Yes,” little one.”

Erin reached up and felt her breasts. Her nipples were hard. Rock hard. She felt wetness leaking from between her nether lips and beginning to soak the crotch of her panties. Slowly a smile blossomed on her face.

“Let's see,”David said, chuckling. “Bondage, impact play, leather... Oh, have you ever had a collar? I mean, did he ever give you a collar?”

“A collar? No. Why?”

“It's usually a symbol of being owned. It can also be used to put a submissive in the proper headspace or just used as an attachment point for a leash, rope, chain or even to hook cuffs on.”

“Ooh!” Erin's eyes widened.

“You'll look beautiful in a collar... I mean, in my collar, Erin,” David remarked. She smiled like a child promised a pony.

“OK, we're getting near the end,” David announced. “I'll skip over some of the more esoteric things and ask you if you have ever been made to wear a gag?”

“A gag?”

“Yes. There are ball gags, ring gags, bit gags, penis gags, inflatable gags, dental gags, duct tape and even panties.”

“Panties?” Erin exclaimed, still wide eyed.

“Yes,” David said. “For example, I'd just take off your panties and stuff them in your mouth. I could just use them, or hold them in with rope, a scarf or duct tape.”

“Oh! Like this?” Erin raised up in her seat, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties off and stuffed them all the way in her mouth, with just a tiny bit of cloth left hanging out.”

David sat there with an astonished look on his face. Then he got an idea. “Tuck the rest of your panties in and close your mouth, little one,” he said in a commanding voice.

Erin did as she was told. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk's.

“How does it feel, Erin?” David asked. “But don't take them out to answer.”

Erin tried to say something but she was unable to speak a word.

“Good!” David said with a wicked smile. “Now, leave them in there until I say you can take them out.” Erin started to panic.

“Do you feel like you're about to gag or throw up?” She shook her head.

“Good. Can you do the Vulcan salute?” Erin's eyes grew wide. “You know, like on Star Trek.” She smiled and held up her hand in the salute.

“Good, little one, that's your safeword. If you need to take your panties out of your mouth because you feel sick or about to gag, then show me that and then take them out. Otherwise, they stay in until I say so, or you will be punished.” Erin nodded.

“OK, then I need to take a little detour,” David said, still with a wicked smile. He turned right at the next light, then for the next twenty minutes he drove around in what seemed like a directionless manner. They finally pulled up at an upscale complex of offices. Erin was wondering where they were.

“Let's get out,” David told her. “We're at our last stop.” They got out of the car and David led Erin to an office suite. As they approached the front door, she saw a discreet sign next to the door that simply read, “The Emporium.” They opened the door and entered a small waiting room.. There were a few chairs but no desk. By a door on the far side was a larger version of the sign outside. It read:

The Emporium
You Must Be 21 To Enter
Photo ID Required
Tues-Thu 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Fri-Sat 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
After Hours By Appointment

Erin saw a digital keypad below an intercom on the wall next to the door. David walked up to it and punched in a sequence of numbers. The door clicked, and he opened it. David motioned Erin to follow.

The first thing Erin noticed as the door opened was the aroma of polished leather. As she entered the next room, she saw racks of leather goods. There were jackets, chaps and what looked like jeans made of leather. She also saw leather bras and panties, what looked like leather bustiers, and something she couldn't identify that was made up of strips of leather. It looked like it hardly covered anything, if at all.

She noticed some brightly colored clothes in a room off to the right, and as she looked around, she saw what looked to be a straightjacket on the far wall. In a room on the left, there was a wooden device she could barely make out leaning against the wall, and more leather straps hanging on the wall next to it.

“Hello! You must be one of our regular customers if I didn't have to buzz you... DAVID!” exclaimed a woman as she walked towards them. “Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!”

“Barb! I know,” David said as the woman leaned in and kissed David on both cheeks. “But it's the start of a new sports season and that always means extra hours at work.”

“Oh, right! Which season is it?”

“Baseball... I think,” David said, smiling. “I don't really pay attention to sports.”

Barb looked at Erin. “David, do you have good news?”

David broke into an even wider smile. “Barb, please meet Erin. Erin, meet Barb. She's the co-owner of this shop. Why don't you say “Hello” to her?” as his smile turned wicked.

Erin glared at David and gave the Vulcan salute, then reached for her mouth.

“Do NOT take it out!” David ordered.

Erin continued to glare, but also looked like she was going to cry.

“Are you ill or about to gag?”

Erin shook her head.

“What's going on?” Barb asked.

“OK, Erin, now you may remove it.” He looked at his watch.

Erin opened her mouth and pulled out her panties to the great amusement of Barb and the admiring smile of David. She took a deep breath.

“Thirty minutes, approximately,” David noted. “That was excellent for your first time gagged.”

Erin brightened up. “It is, Sir?”

“For gagging yourself and not having anything to hold them in, a half hour is a great first effort.”

Erin blushed. “Thank you, Master,” she said as she looked at the floor.

“You collared her already?” Barb asked, surprised.

“Actually, no,” David said. “But that will come soon.”

“Master has helped me to realize that my husband is not a dom but an abuser,” Erin explained.

“Oh? Really?”

“Remember “Master Tony”?” David asked.

“Oh, god, do I!” Barb said.

“Erin's husband makes him look like John Warren!”


“Who's John Warren?” Erin asked.

“One of the best known dominants in the world and the author of “The Loving Dominant”, David explained.

“So what are you looking for?” Barb asked.

“I'm doing a “BDSM 101” for Erin,” David explained. “the only toy she has is a butt plug.”

“Oh, that reminds me!” Barb said. “You should see what we just got in!”

The door clicked, then from behind them a voice boomed, “I'm back, dear. Was that David's car I saw...” Then he spied David and hurried over to him. He handed a bag to Barb and then gave David a big bear hug.

“George, meet my soon-to-be slave, Erin,” David said. George turned around and looked at Erin. “How are you, Erin?” he said politely, holding out his hand.

Erin shook his hand. “I'm fine, George. It's nice to meet you.”

“As it is nice to meet you, Erin,” George replied. He looked at David and said, “Where did you find her?”

“It's a long story. We'll have to tell it to you some time,” David said.

George turned back to Erin. “How do you like our store?”

“I've never seen anything like it,” Erin admitted.

“I know. It's been our passion these last two years, Barb and me,” George boasted.

Erin looked at George. Although he towered over her, Barb and even David, she noticed he was wearing a steel hoop around his neck. “So you're Barb's submissive?” she asked.

“Actually, I’m her slave,” George beamed, “for ten years now. We've been married for eight.”

“Hmm...” Erin nodded.
“You see it can work, right, little one?” David asked.

“Yes, I do, Master,” she replied.

“You're new to this?” George asked.

“Apparently, I've just learned,” Erin admitted.

“Well, you have one of the best masters in the state,” George told her. “He'll treat you right.”

“George, I was just telling David about our newest acquisition,” Barb said. “Why don't you take him in the back and show it to him?”

George smiled and said to David, “Come on, I think you're going to love this!” The two men walked to the back of the store.

Barb watched Erin's eyes wander all over the store. “I take it you have never been in a place like this before, Erin,” Barb said.

“No, Ma'am, I haven't,” Erin replied.

“Then what would you like to see first?” Barb asked the curious girl. “Oh, and call me Barb. “Ma'am” makes me feel too old and you are not my property.”

“Yes, Ma... Barb,” Erin replied, smiling. “I don't know where to start!”

Barb thought for a minute. “Let's start over here,” she said, walking over to a rack of leather wear. “How would you like something like this?” she asked, pointing at a black leather outfit on a hanger. Erin took a close look at the outfit, then turned to Barb. “Yes, you may try it on,” she said.

Erin took the hanger off the rack and turned to look for the dressing room. She turned back to Barb and said, “I have two questions. First, I can't wear my panties. I soaked them when I gagged myself with them.”

“I'll get you a pair of panties, Erin,” Barb said, then turned to go into the back. “What is the other question?” she asked over her shoulder

“Where's the changing room?”

Barb started laughing as she stopped and turned around. “We don't usually allow people to try on leather wear so we don't have a changing room. Let me think of where you can go.” She turned back and went into the stockroom.

Erin looked at the outfit while she waited for Barb to return. It was made of a soft leather except under the bust where there was stiffer leather for support. There were thin, spaghetti straps that ran from the top of the bra to where the leather wrapped around the back. There were snaps in the crotch so she could either slide it over her head or step into it. She also realized that the snaps would let David have access to her cunt and asshole whenever he wanted. The thought made her shiver in anticipation.

Barb came back with a pair of panties and a sheepish grin on her face. “I completely forgot that there's a changing closet in the Latex room. It's right over there. By the way, you're not allergic to latex, are you?”

“Not that I know of,” Erin said, taking the package from Barb, “and thanks for letting me try this on.” Erin went over to the changing closet, which was aptly named. She was barely able to maneuver in it. However, she was able to get her skirt and top off and slip on the new panties. She snapped the crotch closed and stepped into the outfit. Pulling it up around her, she got it situated and walked out to look in a mirror on the wall.

Erin admired her reflection. The outfit hugged her body sensuously. It fit like a glove with the exception of the bra, which felt tight. “Barb,” she called to the store owner, “could you come over here?”

Barb walked over to look at Erin. “I see the problem immediately,” she said. “You need to take off your bra.”

“Um, about that, Barb,” Erin explained. “I'm nursing right now, so I don't want to leak milk into the cups.”

“Do you have removable pads in your nursing bra?” Barb asked.

“Oh, right!” Erin said. “Could you help me?”

“Sure, Erin.”

Erin slid the straps of the leather garment off her shoulders, then Barb unhooked the bra in the back. Erin worked her breasts out of the leather cups then pulled the nursing bra the rest of the way off. She pulled the pads out of the nursing bra cups and placed them in the leather cups and worked her breasts back in, then slipped the straps back on her shoulders. Now the entire garment fit like a glove!

Erin looked at herself in the mirror. The outfit accentuated her waist, acting like a corset, while the bra lifted her breasts and gave her more cleavage than she could ever remember having. She turned around and gasped. There was no back at all! She didn't realize that it was like a bikini bottom in the back and her skin was exposed from her shoulders all the way to just above the crack of her ass.

“You look good enough to eat!”

Erin turned around and saw David looking at her with a smile of approval. She dropped her eyes to the floor, catching a glimpse of a large bulge in her Master's pants. She tried not to smile but her hear leaped with joy. She had made her Master hard. Her mouth watered with her desire to service her Master's cock. She suddenly realized her Master was speaking so she turned her attention to him.

“...Barb, you sneaky little...” David was saying. “You knew what seeing her in that would do to me.”

“I just thought it would be appropriate to give you a little nudge,” Barb replied.

“There's only one thing missing now,” David said. He walked out of Erin's view and she heard him looking through a group of items hanging on a display. Then she heard him coming back. David walked up behind her, so close she could feel the heat of his body.

“Raise your head, Erin,” he commanded. Erin lifted her head and saw the two of them in the mirror. David held something behind her back.

“Now understand, this does not mean I've claimed you as my slave, Erin” he told her, “but consider it like an “engagement ring” for your servitude. He revealed a beautiful black leather collar. It had three “D” rinds on the front and either side and a buckle with a hole in it. He reached around from behind and slipped the collar in place. Erin immediately, felt the constraint of the leather as he proceeded to pull the strap tight then back off a slight bit as the buckle returned to its place.

He put his finger in between the collar and her neck at the carotid artery to confirm the proper fitting. Erin felt her pulse pounding in her neck as he checked. He then withdrew his finger and she felt a slight tug at the back of her neck, followed by a click and then the barest touch of cold metal right below the collar at the base of her neck. She looked in the mirror again. The black leather contrasted with her pale skin. She turned to the side and saw a small lock had been inserted into the hole in the buckle. The collar... her collar... no, His collar was locked on her throat and only he could take it off. Erin felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Turn around, little one,” David ordered. Erin turned, then as she faced David she placed her arms behind her back, wrists together. She did not look at him directly, she gazed at his chest.

“Little one, would you like to experience your first flogging?” David asked.

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

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