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How It Came To Be - Chapter Sixteen

David smiled at Colleen. “I wanted to do this sooner, but there's only so many hours in a day and even a dom has to sleep.”

“Is that true?” she joked. David realized that Colleen had not taken the sudden change well. Even though she sounded like she was teasing, David could see her smile was forced.

“How are the boys, Mom?” Erin asked.

“It's just about time for them to get up,” Colleen replied.

“I'll go in and take care of them,” Erin said. “You want to come help, Master?”

“I would like to talk with your Mom for a little while, then I'll be in,” David told her.

“OK, Master!” Erin turned and went into the nursery.

David knew he had to be totally up front and explain himself. “Would you like to sit down, Colleen?” he asked.

“Sure. Over here OK?” she asked as she walked to the chair in the living room. As David sat on the sofa he felt a chill as Colleen's stare turned icy. “So, what's going on?” she growled.

“I'm sure you're concerned about the sudden turn-around,” David started.

“At the very least,” Colleen said dryly.

“I don't blame you, Colleen,” David said. “I didn't want this to happen this way. I wanted to just support Erin through the divorce, since Ronald seems to want to play nasty, and then take it slowly with her...”

“Ha! You call this slowly?” Colleen spat back.

“No. I don't,” David admitted. “Things have run faster than I thought they would, and I'm worried about Erin.”

“It sure didn't sound like it to me!” she snapped.

“Look, Colleen, I understand. I've gone from stranger to live in boyfriend in less than twenty four hours. That's a red flag in itself.” David sat back and shook his head. “I don't know what else to say.”

“Do you love her?” Colleen inquired. She stared at David intently.

David leaned forward and returned the stare. He said, “From the moment I first saw her, I haven't been able to get her out of my mind. I tried to, believing she and Ronald would get back together, until I got the call from Val telling me Erin wanted me to call her. I knew it was bad. I doubt she would have gone to all that trouble just to thank me.”

“So?” There was more than a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

“I only want what's best for Erin,” David insisted, “and I feel I can give her the best.”

Colleen was not buying David's explanation. “Oh, really? Why?” she demanded to know.

“Because I've been where she is now. I've been through a long, bitter divorce that ruined my career, destroyed my relationship with my parents and almost sent me to Federal military prison. I will do anything I can to keep her from having to go through what I went through. I will protect her and the twins. I will do this because I love her. I love her like I have never loved anyone before.”

Colleen sat back in the chair. “Talk is cheap,” she said, waving her hand like she was dismissing a servant.

“All I ask for is the chance to prove myself,” David said. It wasn't a plea, it wasn't bravado, it was a simple request. Colleen sat there quietly. David was still leaning forward but he, too, said nothing else. Colleen started nodding her head. “OK. I understand. It's not my decision anyway.”

“It is,” David told her.

“What is?” she asked.

“It's your decision to trust me,” David explained. “If you don't, it doesn't change how I feel, but it can affect Erin's trust in me. She looks up to you. She loves you. Even if it's subconsciously, she takes her cues from you.”

“Then why did she marry Ronald?” Colleen asked.

“When did they meet?”

“In college,” Colleen said.

“Was it local?”

“No, it was clear across the state,” Colleen recalled. “What does that have to do with it?”

“Erin was away from your influence. When did you first meet Ronald?”

Colleen thought. “It was after they got engaged.”

“After he had replaced your influence with his.”

“But isn't it a D/s thing to influence or control your partner?”

“That's what makes it a delicate dance,” David observed. “When is it D/s, when is it abuse? I will make a promise to you. Should we marry... I want to say when, but I'll not be that presumptuous...I will never restrict your access to Erin or your grandchildren. You will always be welcome in the house, in fact you will always have a key for the house.”

“You realize she's my only child. I will fight for her if needed.”

“Not only do I understand, I count on it,” David said.

Colleen relaxed a bit and smiled. “Thank you for facing this head on, David. I have my concerns, but you've made a reasonable request. I will see how you handle this.”

“Thank you.” Then David exclaimed, “Oh, sh... oot. I was going to call my locksmith friend.”

“What for?” Colleen asked.

“Did Ronald leave his keys at home?”

Colleen winced. “I never thought of that.”

David pulled out his cell phone and looked up a number in his contact list. He called the number and said, “Chuck? Yes, David. I need you to re-key some locks for me. No, not the condo. Let me know when you are ready for the address. Oh, and do you have any replacement or universal garage door remotes? Good. The address is 4518 Valley Forge Place. Two remotes, and we'll need,” David paused and did a quick count, then continued, “five keys. Yes, I want all the exterior doors keyed the same. Can you do it today? Trust me, it should have been done a week ago. An hour and a half? Great! See you then.” David ended the call.

“Do you think that's really necessary?” Colleen asked.

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best,” David recited. “My Dad drummed that in our heads. It's saved me a few times in the past.”

Erin walked in the room with one of the twins. “Is everything alright?” she asked, sensing the tension.

David looked at Colleen. She nodded her head. David turned back to Erin and said, “I know this was happening so fast that Colleen would have concerns. We've come to an understanding.”

“Mom!” Erin protested.

“I started the discussion,” David told her. “I want to be open with your Mom from the start.”

“Oh. I see. Then it's all good?”

Colleen said, “So far.”

“Oh, Erin,” David said, “I've arranged for a locksmith friend of mine to re-key all the exterior doors and get us two new remotes for the garage door. I asked for five keys right now, for you, You mother and me. I was also thinking of asking Grace to keep a key... just in case. Is that OK?”

“I don't know why you need to do that...” Erin wondered.

“Do you want Ronald just walking into the house uninvited?”

Erin nodded her head. “Good idea.”

“I thought so,” David chuckled. “The next thing we have to do is to get a new mattress set for the bed I'm having delivered.”

“A bed?” Colleen asked. “Isn't that one in there good enough?”

“Mom, I don't want to sleep on that bed any more, much less force David to sleep on it, too” Erin declared.

“Look, Erin, I can understand how you feel...” Colleen was surprised at her daughter's reaction.

“Then you'll understand why I'm happy to pay for the whole thing,” David explained, “both the mattress set and the frame.”

“Why don't you just bring your bed over from your place?” Colleen asked.

“It's too small. I don't have a problem with buying new. I just have to get it ordered.” David turned to Erin and asked, “Do you have a computer?”

“It's in the den,” she said, “but I didn’t use it much. Ronald would get upset if I didn't ask permission before using it, so I hardly had a chance to do so.”

“Is that so?” David said, intrigued. “Well, he's not here any more, so, I guess I can use it until I get my computer over here. Which way is the den?”

Erin led David to the den. David walked over to the desk, sat down and turned the computer on. “I wonder if Ronald bothered setting a password. We'll know in a minute. You do have internet access, little one?”

“Yes we do,” Erin replied.

The computer came up to the desktop. “I thought so!” David said as he opened a browser window and searched for a bedding store web site. “Come over here, little one,” David said, “and help me choose our next bed.”

Erin broke into a big grin and ran over to David. She leaned on his shoulder to see the screen. David turned to her and kissed her cheek. “I think you'd be more comfortable sitting here,” as he patted his thigh. Erin giggled and sat in David's lap. They started looking through pages of mattresses, discussing the good and bad points of each one. Erin fretted over the cost but David insisted on getting them the best one available.

When they finally agreed on the right set to buy, Erin turned to David and gave him a big kiss. It quickly turned passionate and before long, David's hand was working its way up Erin's right thigh. “Oh, Master!” she sighed. “Take what's yours!”

David's hand reached the top of Erin's thigh and brushed over her pussy lips. He felt warm, wet flesh and nothing else. “You anticipated My order, I see,” he chuckled as he parted her pussy lips with one finger and stroked the insides from back to front, finishing by flicking her clit. Erin groaned. “I will always be open to you, Master,” she whispered.

David ran his finger back down between her rapidly engorging lips, feeling her pussy honey nearly dripping off them. When he reached her vagina, he took his middle two fingers and suddenly shoved them in her cunt. Erin moaned and her mouth eagerly found David's again.

David crooked his fingers and found Erin's G-spot. He stroked it with his fingertips and Erin shook. “What did you just do to me?” she asked, excited.

“You've never had your G-spot stimulated?” David chuckled. “Oh, Erin, I am going to have so much fun teaching you about your body.” He began pumping his fingers in and out, fucking her with his hand as she sat on his lap. His thumb would hit her clit every time his hand bottomed out. When he did, Erin would jerk like she was hit with a bolt of electricity. David added a third finger and used all three to strum her G-spot. In just a few minutes, Erin came, shuddering, in David's arms.

Erin laid her head on David's chest. She felt his cock, hard and long, under her one thigh. She giggled and David asked, “What's so funny, little one?”

“This is the first time I've ever done this,” she replied as she slid off his lap and knelt before him. She unzipped his fly and released his cock, amazed at the heat she felt as she wrapped her hand around it. Erin licked her lips, then flicked her tongue out to tease his cock head. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the hole and she licked it up like it was honey. “I love to taste your pre-cum,” she cooed.

Erin was running her tongue down the underside of David's shaft when there came a knock on the door of the den. Colleen opened the door and stuck her head in. She stood behind David and could not see Erin about to slide his cock in her mouth. “Is Erin in here?” she asked.

“Is it important?” David replied.

“No, it can wait,”Colleen said. “I just have a message for her.”

“I'll send her to you in a bit,” David said. Colleen just shook her head and closed the door. Erin let David's cock fall out of her mouth as she started giggling. “I've really never done that before!”

“Makes you feel like you're back in high school, I bet,” David chuckled as he stroked her hair.

“Did she ruin the mood for you, Master?” Erin asked.

David replied by grabbing Erin's hair in both hands. She opened her mouth when she felt the tug on her hair and let David impale her mouth on his cock. It was still as hard as it was when she pulled it out. Erin put her hands behind her back as David stroked his cock with her mouth. She swirled her tongue along the underside as he drew her down and wrapped her lips around the shaft and sucked as he pulled her back up. She never let go of the tip

David forced Erin's head all the way down to the root of his cock. Erin swallowed to get the head past her sensitive spot and stuck out her tongue to lick his balls as she bottomed out. David continued to masturbate himself with Erin's mouth until he felt the release coming, then let go of her hair. Erin pulled back until her lips held only his tip as David's cum exploded into her mouth. She let the cum collect in her mouth and when David finally finished, she let his cock slip from her lips and opened her mouth to show her Master she still held his essence.

“Don't swallow yet, little one,” David commanded. Erin's eyes sparkled as she knelt there with her mouth open. As she did, she started to worry that she might gag, as some of the semen had started to slide down her throat. David saw her momentary distress and said to Erin, “Just a little longer, my little one. You must learn to relish my seed.”

Erin's eyes began tearing but she nodded her head slightly to signal her understanding. A bit more of the jism slipped down. David could see her distress but was proud of her determination to not disobey him. “Swallow, my cum slut. Swallow and thank you Master for letting you enjoy his semen for so long.” Erin swallowed, coughing once she did. The strain of obeying her Master was obvious on her face.

“You did wonderful, little one!” David proclaimed as he lifted her back up on his lap to kiss her. Erin tried to pull away but David was stronger and had his way. He kissed her deeply as his tongue explored her mouth. When he pulled away, he could see her flustered and blushing. “Master, I still had your taste in my mouth! I... I couldn't...”

“Do not worry, little one,” David said lovingly. “I've tasted myself in my slave's mouth many times before. You'll taste yourself after I eat you, too.” Erin turned deep red. “What's wrong, Erin?” he asked.

“That's one of my fantasies,” she whispered. “That I taste a woman, that is.”

“Tell me,” David coaxed.

“I can't,” Erin said. It's too embarrassing.”

“You're saying “can't” to your Master?”

“I... I'm sorry, Master,” she whispered, shamefaced, as she looked at the floor. “I didn't mean that. I... I just...”

David reached out and stroked her cheek. It was hot from the shame and embarrassment. She looked up, her eyes glistening with tears. “Don't cry, little one,” he whispered. “I know opening yourself to me is difficult. We've barely begun our journey together. I won't punish you for your mistake, but I want you to know you will tell me all your fantasies and desires.”

Sniffling, Erin smiled weakly. “I... I want to. I want you to know everything about me. It was just so sudden...”

“Shh,” David said, wiping her eyes. “I understand. Dry your eyes. You better see what your Mom wants before she thinks we're doing more than she suspected when she came in.”

Erin started laughing. “Oh my gawd! I thought we were so busted!” She worked her way out from under the computer desk and stood up. She headed for the door but turned around before opening it and said, “You know, I felt so cozy down there at your feet. I want to do that more.”

David smiled knowingly and said, “Do what?”

“Sit under your desk and suck you whenever you want it,” she said, blushing.

“Yes. Naked and tied up, your mouth always on my cock,” David mused.

“Oh!” Erin groaned. “My pussy juices are running down my leg!”

“Come over here,” David ordered. Erin walked to him as he swiveled the chair around. “which leg is it?”

“My left leg,” Erin said. “Why?”

“Put you left foot here,” David said, patting the seat to his right. Erin did, and David could see her sopping wet pussy. “Let me clean you up,” he said as he leaned over and started licking her inner thigh. Erin moaned again and just about cried out when he made it up to her soaked nether lips. He gave them one swipe with his tongue, then leaned back in his chair. “Go!” he ordered.

“But I'm so horny right now,” Erin protested.

“That's how I want you. Aroused. Turned on. Horny. All the time.”

“Oh!” Erin moaned before she walked out.

David picked up the phone and dialed the number for the mattress store they had found on the internet. “I better get that mattress delivered ASAP or we'll be fucking on the floor tonight!”


Erin walked into the living room with a grin on her face. Colleen looked up and said, “Took you long enough, Erin. Were you testing the bed?”

“Mom!” Erin blushed. Regaining her composure, she said, “You have a message for me?”

“Mike called from the garage,” Colleen said. “He wanted to ask you a question.”

“I'll call and see what he wants. Thanks, Mom.”

Erin walked into the bedroom, closed the door and leaned up against it. Her face was beet red. She felt her juices running down her leg. Her hands were pressed against the door so they wouldn't fly to her pussy. She knew that her Mom knew what she had been doing, but she was smiling. She had never felt so happy.

(Gardener's note:  I would like to thank a FetLife friend of mine, Maxmillion, for valuable input that helped me improve this chapter.)

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