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How It Came To Be - Chapter Seventeen

David was on the phone with the manager of the mattress store he and Erin had researched online. “I'm sorry, Mr. Saunders, but I cannot see any way to accommodate your request,” the manager told him.

“Do you have the mattress in stock, as it indicates on your website?” David inquired.

“Yes, Mr. Saunders, we do.”

“Is it on site or at a remote warehouse?

“I can assure you we have it right here in our store's stockroom. You are welcome to come down here and pick it up,” the manager offered.

“I can't. I have so many things to take care of here,” David insisted. “You've said you cannot deliver the mattress set today. May I ask the reason?”

“Our delivery crew is out making deliveries at this time and won’t be back until just before closing time.” The manager was getting irritated but was controlling himself well, David noted.

“Is it just a matter of paying overtime?” David asked.

“Well, that, and I hate to make the men work late and keep them away from their families any longer than necessary.”

“I see,” David said. “What if I offered to compensate you for the overtime? Would that make a difference?”

“That's a very generous offer, Mr. Saunders, but as I said before, there's also the issue of making our men work late and miss their families.”

“Oh, trust me, James... it is James, correct?” David asked.

“Correct, Mr. Saunders.”
“Good. Trust me, I am sensitive to those issues. I am willing to let your deliverymen make that choice. However, I'd like to sweeten the pot, if you will. How many men are working on the truck?”


“Great. Would you do this for me? Would you ask them if they could so kindly make this one delivery for me? If they are willing to do so, not only will I underwrite their overtime but I will give each of the delivery crew one hundred dollars, cash, as an expression of my deepest gratitude for their kindness.”

The manager was silent for almost a minute, then he said, “That is a very generous offer, Mr. Saunders, but it is against store policy...”

“Oh, forgive me, James, I meant to say one hundred dollars cash for each of them and...” David quickly ran some figures through his head, “one hundred fifty dollars for you for your inconvenience.”

“Mr. Saunders, let me remind you...”

“Perhaps two hundred dollars, in a sealed envelope so no one else knows how much you've received?”

There was silence on the line for about a minute again, then the manager said, “I can't promise anything, but I'll talk to my crew and call you back.”

“That is more than acceptable, James. I appreciate your considering my offer. Please call back when you have their answer.”

“I will, Mr. Saunders. Is there anything else I could do for you?”

David smiled. “No, there's noting I can think of right now. Again, I thank you for considering my offer. I'll be awaiting your call. Until then.”

Ending the call, David chuckled, “Every man has his price. Even with the incentive money and the delivery charge, it'll still be below the list price for the bedding.”

David looked at the computer screen. The Windows screen saver bouncing around the screen gave him an idea. He dismissed the screen saver and went into the browser history. It took some time, but he finally located what he had hoped he would find. Ronald had been surfing porn sites. David laughed. Erin was so innocent and submissive he felt he didn't need a password to hide them, just an order not to go online without his permission.

David discovered that not only was Ronald's security nonexistent, his web surfing followed no rational pattern. Most people leave a distinct trail when the go on the internet. They have their favorite web sites and seldom go too far afield of them. Ronald's history logs suggested that he'd go online, pull up a random site and start looking at it.

As David dug deeper into the history, he also noticed another curious pattern. Ronald never seemed to go past the index page on almost all of the web sited he pulled up. David wondered why anyone would go to the trouble of searching for a web site and then stay on the home page the entire time.

As David was trying to piece these odd discoveries together, he heard the doorbell ring. Looking at his watch, he realized that it probably was the locksmith. He switched off the monitor and went out to the living room. Colleen was standing at the door talking with someone but David couldn't see who it was. As he walked up to the door, Colleen noticed him and said, “David! I was just about to come get you. Your locksmith friend is here.”

“Thanks, Colleen. I heard the doorbell and thought it might be him,” David replied. Colleen swung the door fully open and walked away. David saw Chuck standing on the front step.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice, Chuck,” David said as he held out his hand. Chuck stepped in and shook David's hand. “I know you, David. If you ask me to come right away there has to be a good reason.”

“Yes, there is,” David said. “This is Erin Donnelly's house. Her husband has effectively moved out of the house and Erin has filed for divorce. I decided to err on the side of safety.”

“Is that Erin?” Chuck whispered.

“No, that's her mother, Colleen,” David said, chucking. “Erin will be out here shortly. She's making a phone call.”

“OK, David, I'll get started now,” Chuck said. “Want me to do the front door first?”

“You might as well, since it's already open.”


Once she calmed down a bit, Erin dialed the number for Mike's Garage. When he answered, she said “Hello, Mike, this is Erin. Mom said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Thanks for calling me back, Mrs. Donnelly...” he started.

“Please, call me Erin,” she requested.

“Oh, of course, Erin. I'm sorry,” Mike replied.

“That's OK. What did you want, Mike?”

“First off, I want to once again apologize to you for selling your car, Erin...”

“Mike, it's OK. I'm not mad at you,” Erin assured him.

“I know, but I still feel bad. If I knew a fraction of what was going on, I would have refused his request and demanded payment.”

“Mike, really, I understand,” Erin insisted. “I'm not going to give you up over that.”

Mike sighed. “Thank you, Erin. Now, the reason I called is that I was at an estate sale this weekend and I saw a car that would be perfect for you. It's a year older but it has low mileage, it's very clean and has no mechanical problems. I checked it out myself. It's a four door sedan that's close to the same color your old one was. It's worth seven thousand dollars. I'm having it detailed right now, and when it gets back I'd like to sell it to you.”

“Mike!” Erin cried. “I don't have that kind of money!

“I know, Erin,” Mike said. “I said the car was worth seven thousand dollars. That's what I sold yours for. Maybe I shouldn't have said sell. If you will just pay the repair bill on your old car, this one will be yours. I'll even throw an unlimited one year warranty-I'll fix anything that breaks and do all the normal servicing for free.”

“What was the repair bill?”

“One thousand, eight hundred and seventy dollars,” Mike read off the bill.

Erin's eyes filled with tears. “So I need less than two thousand dollars?”

“Yes, Erin, and if you need to I'll take payments,” Mike promised.

Erin started crying softly. “Is there something wrong, Erin?” Mike asked.

“Mike, you are such a sweet man!” Erin said, choking back tears. “My Mom can loan me that much money so you won't have to wait. When can I pick it up?”

“The car will be back tomorrow, Friday,” Mike told her. “You could pick it up that afternoon. I'll even put your baby seats back in... you left them here last time.”

“I'm sorry I forgot them, Mike” Erin said, sniffling.

“No problem. Remember to get insurance, too.”

“Thanks for reminding me, Mike. It's been so long since I've had my own car.”

“Then I'll see you tomorrow!” Mike said, then hung up.

Erin walked over to the bed and sat down. So much was happening so fast. Erin began crying softly again, then as all the tension and frustration welled up inside of her, she began to sob.

In the living room, David heard Erin's sobbing. “I have to go see what's wrong,” he said to Chuck before dashing off to find her. He followed the sobbing to the master bedroom and found Erin sitting on the bed. He sat down quickly on her left side and wrapped his arms around her. “Erin, little one, what's wrong?” he whispered in her ear as he held her. He started rocking from side to side as he continued to console his slave.

Colleen had heard the sobbing, too, and made it into the bedroom about 30 seconds after David. She saw him comforting her daughter and immediately thought that David was the cause of Erin's distress. She walked up to the couple and was just about to start in on David when she heard her daughter talking to David.

“I... I... I”m soooo happpy!” she cried as she tried to calm herself down.

“What's going on, little one?” David asked.

“Mike going to give me a new car...all I have to do is pay the repair billllll....” Then she started in again. David looked up and noticed Colleen. She now had a big grin on her face. “What's... do you know what's going on?” he asked, bewildered.

Colleen nodded as she said, “Ronald sold her car to the mechanic for the cost of the repairs he did, so Mike sold it. Ronnie lied to him and said Erin was OK with that. I guess he's offered her a substitute car for just the repair bill.”

“I think she's just overwhelmed by all that's been going on the last two days,” David said. “I'll stay here and get her calmed down.” Colleen nodded and walked out of the room.

David resumed rocking and quietly talking to Erin. “Let it out, little one, that's right. You've had a stressful couple of days and you have lots of emotions built up, so let them all out now.”

Erin's tears started to lessen, her breathing became more regular and she leaned up against David's chest. She started going, “Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.”

“What is it, little one?” David whispered in her ear.

Erin smiled, “It's everything. Your voice, so soft and comforting, yet I still feel the command in it. Your arms, so strong and warm, making me feel so secure. The warmth of your body. Even your scent. They all comfort me, center me and ground me. I feel loved, owned, cared for, protected.”

She rocked in David's arms for a minute or so. “I'm so happy that you found me, that you cared for me enough to stop me from making a mistake. I'm so happy that you called me, that you came back to me. I love you David, my Master. I want to wear your collar forever. That means more to me than a wedding ring.”

“Erin,” David said softly as she lay against him. “I never thought I'd find another woman to love. I thought I'd be alone the rest of my life. When I met you, I was jealous of Ronnie. Why did he get such a wonderful woman while I got nothing. Now I know why. You were just sent to the wrong address first.” Erin started giggling. What's so funny, little one?” he asked.

“When you said that, I got this image in my head of me wrapped up in brown paper,” Erin said. “I was just wondering where they'd put the stamps.”

“Want me to show you?” David said, with just a hint of menace in his voice.

“Yes, Master,” she replied innocently. “Where would you put the stamps on me?”

David grabbed one wrist with his left hand and pulled Erin over his knees. She was so shocked she didn't know what to do. David then flipped up her skirt to expose her naked ass. He was tempted to give her a good spanking right now, but with all she had gone through, he decided to save it for later. He gave her a light but stinging smack on her right ass cheek, saying, “This is where the stamps go,” as he did. Her ass cheek bore an impression of his hand.

Erin giggled. “Could you apply some more stamps, please, Master?”

“But your Mom might hear,” David warned.

“I don't care. The door is closed anyway,” she said as she looked on the other side of the room.

David grinned and said, “Remember when your ass is hot, red and stinging, you asked for it!” He lifted his right hand up and gave Erin a hard smack on her left ass cheek. Erin jerked with the impact as she cried out “Ow! Are they all going to be that hard?”

David chuckled malevolently. “No, I'm just warming up.” He lifted his hand again and gave Erin four quick, hard slaps on her ass, alternating between cheeks. Erin cried out after each one and kicked her feet, but only a little. “Please, Sir?”

“Please what, little one?” David asked, as he rubbed her ass gently. He was delighted she was responding to her first spanking so well.

In a quiet voice like a little girl's, Erin said, “Please, Master? Harder, Sir?”

“I don't usually do requests, but since you asked so nicely, little one,” David said soothingly. He gave her six swats this time, his hand beginning to sting by the third. He landed three on each cheek in succession, pushing Erin's pain limit. When he stopped spanking and switched to massaging her red cheeks, Erin looked up at David and he could see tears rolling down her cheeks, but a smile on her face.

Once again, she asked, “Please, Master? More like those, Sir?”

David was beginning to get concerned. “Why, little one? Why do you want me to spank you so hard?”

Erin smiled through her tears. “Because I can feel your cock pressing up against my belly. It is so hard that I know you are enjoying yourself. Beat me raw if it pleases you.”

“Erin, we need to talk,” David told her, “but not right now.” He gave her eight hard swats this time, alternating ass cheeks in pairs, then resumed his massage and skin check of her now very tender ass.

“That is an odd way to console your slave, David.”

The two of them looked up to see Barb and George standing in the doorway, grinning. “How long have you been standing there?” David asked, surprised.

“Let's see.” Barb made like she was counting on her hands. “That's eight plus four, so it must have been twelve swats ago.”

Erin got up slowly and walked over to Barb, giving her a hug. “It's so good to see you!” she exclaimed. Barb hugged her, then reached under her skirt and felt her ass. “Ow! Careful, please, it still hurts.” Barb then scraped her fingernails across the burning skin and Erin almost swooned. When she recovered, Erin went over to George for a hug. George was very gentle with her.

“That was her first spanking,” David announced proudly.

“You did so well! Bravo!” Barb cheered.

“So, is it you and Enrico or did you let him go home?” David asked the couple.

“No, he's here,”George told him. “It's his truck so he goes wherever it goes. Barb just wanted to come along for the ride.”

Actually, I wanted to see the twins,” Barb said, correcting her husband and slave.

“Did Mom let you in?” Erin asked.

“Yes, she did. She said David was consoling you in here.”

Erin giggled. “No consoling was necessary. I was crying because I was so happy.”

“Happy?” they all exclaimed.

“Yes. Remember how Ronald sold my car?” David nodded. Erin continued, “He just told me that he found another car for me!”

“Is it as good as your other one was?” David asked.

“He said it's a year older but in better shape. He'll give it to me if I just pay the repair bill Ronald didn't. It's less than two thousand dollars.”

“That's great!” Barb said.

“Nice break,” George said.

“I am so happy for you, little one,” David said as he walked over to the other three and hugged Erin. “Why don't you take Barb to the living room to get better acquainted with your Mom and meet the boys. Enrico, George and I will get the beds switched out.”

The two women walked out to the living room where Colleen was sitting on the floor keeping the twins entertained. “Mom, I believe you met Barb...” she turned to Barb and said, “I don't think I got your last name, Barb.”

Barb smiled and said, “It's Oliver, Barbara Oliver, but everyone just calls me Barb. My husband, George is in with David and the owner of the van we used to bring the bed frame here.” She sat down cross leg on the floor next to Colleen.

Erin was about to follow Barb's example when she remembered she had on a skirt but no panties. She knelt down and sat with her legs to the left, which put more weight on her well-spanked right ass cheek. She winced slightly as she positioned her so as to not flash her mother or the boys.

“Are you OK, Erin?” Colleen asked.

“Just a little stiff,” she replied. “I'll be alright.”

“Your boys are beautiful!” Barb exclaimed.

“Thank you, Barb,” Erin replied.

“So, what do you do, Barb?” Colleen asked as she was tickling Thomas.

“George and I are co-owners of a fetish shop...” Barbara said. As soon as Erin heard the word “fetish” she gasped. Barb whipped her head around to look at Erin. When she saw Erin's ashen face, she thought she had outed her and started to apologize to Erin. Erin waved her off, however, and when she could speak she said, “I hadn't told Mom about you, yet.” Barb laughed.

Colleen said to Barb, “Don't worry. They told me about the nature of their relationship yesterday. Since I hadn't seen you before, I assumed you were also into BDSM.” Colleen smiled. “I'm glad I was right. Is George your master?”

Barb laughed until tears were streaming down her face. When she could talk she said, “I'm sorry, I was not laughing at you. No, it's the other way around. I am George's mistress, or more accurately his owner.”

“You own him?” Colleen gasped.

“Not in the everyday sense of the word,” Barb replied. “It's a control thing. George trusts me enough that he has given control over his life and his body to me. He knows me well enough to know I always have the best of intentions for him. It's just that sometimes realizing those intentions involves a bit of pain.”

Colleen was amazed. “Really? How long have you two been together?”

“We just celebrated our sixteenth anniversary as a couple,” Barb said modestly. “We lived what we now call a 'vanilla' life together for the first year. Then I just happened upon a curious book called “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns.” We were starting to get into a rut sexually so when I saw this I thought, “This might spice things up in the bedroom.”

“Did it?” Colleen was intrigued.

“It didn't spice things up in the bedroom, it completely turned our world around,” Barb said. “We tried the male dominant, female submissive path for the first year, but once the initial blush was off the rose, or in this case the thorns, We were right back where we started. Then George suggested we try switching roles. We went back and forth like that for about six months. It was better, but we finally realized what scratched our itches the best was female dominant, male submissive.”

“But you like George, right?” Colleen asked.

“I love him with all my heart and he loves me the same way,” Barb said, smiling. “If you mean that old wives' tale about female dominants hating men, don't believe it. It has noting to do with our sex, but it has everything to do with our personalities.”

“Oh? How?” Colleen was paying rapt attention.

“Let's use the store, for instance,” Barb started. “While I'm good with keeping the books, I'm a total fuc...” She blushed and turned to Erin, saying, “Oh, sorry, Erin. I'm sure you don't want me cussing around the boys.”

“That's OK, Barb,” Erin assured her.

“Thank you!” Barb said. Turning back to Colleen, she said, “Now where was I? Oh, yes. I'm a total disaster when it comes to negotiating with vendors, suppliers, shippers and so on. George, however, is almost like a used car salesman when it comes to that area. It's all about our personalities.'

“I'm not understanding,” Colleen admitted.

“I'm not finished yet,” Barb said. “Now, when it comes to our relationship, George is the one who's not quite able to keep everything together. I, on the other hand, am a very take charge woman in the bedroom. Or the kitchen. Or the stockroom at the store. Or out in the woods by our favorite lake...”

“I get the picture!” Colleen said, laughing. “So you're comfortable with taking the lead and he's comfortable with following your orders.”

“That's a major part of it,” Barb said, nodding her head, “but there's so much more. I'm very imaginative when it comes to our sex life. George was kind of a “paint-by-numbers” guy, if you know what I mean. Yes, there's often some measure of pain involved, as well as possible humiliation, objectification and even orgasm denial.”

Colleen's eyes got huge when Barb said “orgasm denial.” “You mean, you don't have sex every day?” she whispered.

“There are many ways to experience pleasure, Colleen,” Barb said, smiling, “that do not involve standard … let's call it P-I-V activities.” Colleen blushed when she figured out what the acronym stood for. “George never fails to give me at least three to four orgasms every day. Depending on how good he has been, he either gets one, or none.”

“Do you determine this day by day?”

“Oh no, Colleen. George has been in enforced chastity as long as sixty days, without the ability to even have a successful erection.”

“How?” Colleen asked.

“Let's just say that if you were forced into a cage so small you couldn't even stand up, you couldn't perform... er, certain duties, if you know what I mean.” Barb smiled sweetly at Colleen.

Colleen sat there and contemplated what barb had just said. Erin could see a light turn on in her eyes as she straightened up and gasped, “Wow!”

“Barb, are you turning my Mom into a female dominant?” Erin whispered with a grimace as she had to shift her weight to get close enough to Barb to be heard.

“No, Erin,” Barb whispered back. “I think she was always in there. I was only the GPS to lead her to her inner domme.”

Colleen looked at Barb and smiled. “Would you happen to be able to get me a copy of that book you mentioned?”

Barb giggled. “I sold one to Erin this afternoon.”

Colleen turned to her daughter. “Erin, sweety, would you be so kind as to lend me your copy? I'd like to learn more about this thing you all are doing.”

Erin said in a low voice, “God help the men of this city.

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