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How It Came To Be - Chapter Nineteen

David walked into the dining room and stopped dead in his tracks. The table was almost groaning under the weight of the food piled on it. Erin and Barb had about an hour to prepare the meal and David was amazed with what they had come up with on such short notice.

It wasn't gourmet fare, but it all looked fantastic. For an entree, David saw a pile of hamburgers with all the fixings: leaf lettuce, tomato slices and onions, pickles and even cheese and bacon. Buns were overflowing a basket nearby. Ketchup, mayonnaise, pickle relish and mustard were available. There were three different kinds of chicken wings, from mild to wild. A pot of chili sat on the counter in the kitchen.

The girls had prepared home-made coleslaw and macaroni salad and Erin had borrowed a tub of potato salad from Grace, her neighbor across the street. Baked beans, potato chips and fresh veggies for dipping into ranch dip completed the menu. It was like a backyard barbeque, but indoors.

George and Colleen came into the dining room carrying the twins. Their high chairs were set up near one corner of the table so Erin could tend to them while she ate. Barb and George sat on the other side of the table. Colleen asked, “David, where would you like me to sit?”

David scanned the table, then answered, “Why don't you sit at the head of the table tonight, Colleen?”

Colleen was pleasantly surprised. “Are you sure you don't want to sit there yourself?”

“Not tonight,” David explained. “Tonight, I consider myself a guest.”

Colleen went over to the end of the table. David pulled out her chair for her. Colleen sat down and David helped her position her chair before sitting down himself. Erin came out of the kitchen carrying five bowls with salads in them. “First course!” she announced, then started passing out the bowls. Once done, she asked, “What would everyone like to drink?”

Colleen and David asked for iced tea while Barb opted for a diet cola. George said, “I'd like a beer, please, if you have it.” Barb punched him in his right arm.

Erin frowned and said, “I'm sorry, George, but I don't have any beer right now.”

“That's OK, Erin,” George said, rubbing his arm, “I guess I'll have tea, too.”

As simple as the meal was, everyone ate their fill and enjoyed themselves. Barb and George, Colleen and David discussed almost everything under the sun as they ate. The food was fresh and hot and Erin made sure that all the drinks were refreshed when needed. She also dished out chili for anyone that wanted it. As she was pouring another round of tea, Colleen said, “Erin, why don't you sit down and eat? You're missing all the good food and your friends.”

“Mom, thank you but no,” she replied. “This is what I want to do.”

“Is this part of your...” Colleen started.

“Yes, it is, Mom,” she replied.

Colleen smiled at her. “Then do your best, Erin.”

Erin did have time to sit and eat between the rounds of drink refreshing. She also made sure the boys, who were just getting into more solid food, had something they could enjoy so they felt like part of the family. The stacks and bowls of food slowly emptied until everyone was just sitting back and enjoying their full bellies.

Erin got up and cleared the plates off the table, then asked, “Is everyone ready for dessert?” The response was a chorus of groans around the table. “You mean you didn't leave room for dessert?” Erin asked, pouting.

“No, we're just prepairing ourselves mentally for the task,” George replied. Everyone laughed.

Dessert was a choice of either chocolate cake or apple pie. They were both store bought, but Erin had warmed up the pie in the oven and the aroma put everyone in the mood for dessert. Erin served each of them, then brought out cups for coffee. She poured everyone a cup, then sat down.

Little one,” David said, “that was an excellent meal. I'm very proud of you.”
Erin beamed upon hearing her Master's praise. “I... I... had help from Barb,” she said shyly.

“You did most of the work, Erin,” Barb said. “I felt like I was in your way at times.”

“No, no!” Erin protested, her cheeks turning red. “You were never in my way, Barb. You were a great help.” Barb reached across the table and patted Erin's left hand as David took her right hand in his, which calmed her down.

“I have something to say,” Colleen announced. Erin's face turned white and she gripped David's hand tighter. The other three looked at her with interest.

“This past month has been tough for almost all of us,” she started, “but Erin's had a tough year and a half. First, she made her way through carrying Francis and Thomas, with little support from one who will remain nameless tonight. Then, for the past six months, she took care of those darling babies, essentially alone. She then discovered his unfaithfulness and has had to begin the difficult path of divorce.”

“Mom...” Erin said, blushing once again.

Colleen looked at Erin and smiled, then continued,But then, something happened. A person came into Erin's life unexpectedly. When he first met her, he helped her make the right choice to try to rekindle the flames of passion in her husband. When that failed, and not only his unfaithfulness but his despicableness was uncovered, that person can flying back to Erin's side at a moment's notice to support her and help her through the difficult times.

“Erin had to do something that can't be comfortable to anyone at all... she had to come clean about her sexual preferences to her parents. With this person's help, she was able to do that in a way that helped me to see it for what it was. He also exposed his own interest in the same preference.

“Naturally, I was shocked when Erin confessed to me. When this person revealed his own kink, I was concerned for Erin, that she might make the same mistake twice. When she announced that he was moving in not even a day after I had met him and Erin had seen him for the second time, I was furious.”

“But Mom, you said?” Erin asked.

Colleen laughed. “I think it was the shock of hearing that announcement. I didn't mean for that to come out. It just did.”


Colleen looked at her daughter, then at David and smiled. “But he, sensing my concern, dealt with it head on, standing up for and explaining himself. He left me with a simple request. “All I ask for is the chance to prove myself,” he said. I accepted that challenge, if reluctantly.

“That was just a few hours ago. In that length of time, I have seen Erin happier that she's been since she got her college acceptance letter. Friends of hers that left her side rather than deal with her husband are coming back, and she's made new friends. While I don't quite understand everything about their relationship, I can see that they love each other deeply and have embraced Erin as a dear friend.

“David is proving himself to be intelligent, resourceful and loving. He has taken to the boys like he was their biological father. He has helped Erin in so many ways, and he is seeing to the safety of her and the twins.”

“Colleen,”David said.

“It's alright,” she told him. “I still don't quite get your way of expressing your love to each other, and I might not ever fully understand it... by the way, Erin, I still want to borrow that book...” At that, they all broke into a round of tension-breaking laughter.

“If I may continue,” Colleen said as the laughter died down, “while I don't quite understand it, I can't deny the positive effect it has had on Erin. I think even the boys are doing better these last few days. There fore, I want to publicly apologize to you, David, for my attitude towards you; and thank you for... for...” Colleen started to cry softly. “For loving my daughter and her children...” At that point, Colleen dissolved into a mass of tears while the two couples applauded her.

David got up from his chair, walked behind Colleen and hugged her from behind. “Thank you for being so open, Colleen,” he said, “and giving me a chance to prove myself.” David found himself tearing up a little, too.

Colleen gave a long sniffle and smiled at David. “However, you're still on double secret probation.”

“Aw, man!”


With the table cleared and the dishwasher purring away in the kitchen, the five of them went out to the living room. Erin and Barb carried the boys and put them in their play yard. David sat in the chair while Barb and Colleen sat on the couch. George sat down on the floor to Barb's right. “George, there's room on the couch for you,” Colleen said.

“No, this is where I sit, next to my owner,” George said with pride.

Colleen looked over at Erin, who was working her way down to a kneeling position to David's left. She was having a bit of a difficult time doing so. “What's wrong, Erin?” she asked.

Erin blushed. She didn’t know what to say. She finally made it down and sat with her legs angled off to her left. “Um, Mom...” she began.

“Are you wearing panties?” Colleen asked.

Erin looked down at the floor, her face beet red.

David said, “Erin, your mother asked you a question.”

Erin took a deep breath and, just above a whisper, said, “No, Mother.”

Colleen turned to David. “Did you make her do this?”

David chuckled. “Not exactly,” he admitted.

“Not exactly?”

“It is normally a standing order of mine that my submissive be available to me at any time when I am home. I usually modify that in a situation like this, but I didn't get a chance to inform her of the order and... well, Erin is eager to please. She did it in anticipation of my order; and with so many things going on, I forgot to instruct her to put them back on.”

Colleen smiled warmly. “You don't have to do it on my account,” she said. “I saw her female bits plenty of times when she was growing up.”

“Mom!” Erin protested.

“But I do it as a sign of respect for you, her mother,” David explained.

“I appreciate that, David.”

“There's another reason I had difficulty sitting,” Erin informed her mother. “I might as well get it out of the way, too. David spanked me after you found me crying in the bedroom.”

“Was it a punishment?” Colleen asked.

“You catch on quick,” David observed. “No, in this case it was... let's call it a tension breaker. However, Erin and I are still learning her tolerances. I might have been a bit too hard.

“That's OK,” she replied, then a wistful look spread over Colleen's face. “I still remember when your Father would spank me.”

“Mom? Dad? You?” Erin sputtered.

“But it was only when I screwed up, like the time I miscalculated and bounced the check for the electricity. We didn't know about it until they turned us off. He had to get the money out of his credit union account to cover the bill, the restoration fee and the overdraft fee, and we didn't get it restored until the next day. I couldn't sit down comfortably for a week.”

“Did he give you regular spankings?” Barb asked.

“Yes, he did, for the longest time,” Colleen recalled.

“It sounds like he and you were practicing Domestic Discipline,” Barb remarked.

“Domestic Discipline?”

“That's where one partner is the head of the household and has full authority to do things like punish the other partner for transgressions. Some heads of households would give what's called “maintenance spankings” on a regular basis to remind the other partner of their place in the household. The other partner usually looks on those spankings as a sign of the love the HOH has for them.”

“It's sort of like the inverse of a dom/sub relationship, if you will, “David commented. “The kink is in everything but their sex life.”

Colleen giggled. “So whatta you know! I have been kinky all these years and I didn't even know it!” All five of them broke out laughing.

Barb looked at her watch. “I hate to eat and run, but George and I need to get home. Six o'clock comes early, you know.”

“There's still some time left before you have to get to bed,” Erin said.

“But I have to take care of something,” she said.

“Oh? Like what?” Colleen asked.

Actually, I meant someone. Someone who thinks I sucked as a subbie!” she exclaimed looking at her husband, slave and property. George blushed but had a mischievous grin on his face.

“Busted!” David laughed. “Come on, I'll take the “Dead Man Walking” out to the car.” With that, David and George walked out the front door.

Colleen was shocked at the turn of events. “But... but... how did you know?”
“He always does that,” Barb said, smiling. “He can be such an attention whore. It was nice meeting you, Colleen. We must do this again.”

“Maybe I can visit your shop someday?” Colleen suggested.

“Why, Sure, Colleen,” Barb said as she reached in her purse and pulled out a business card. “There's the address and the hours of operation.”

Erin had a concerned look on her face. “Mom, could you watch the boys a bit more so I can go with David to take Barb and George home?

“Sure,” Colleen said, smiling. “Just ask David not to keep you out too long. I need to get home, too.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Erin called out as she ran out to the car.

Erin got in the passenger's seat and turned to David. “Mom said not to keep me out all night. She needs to get home, too.”

David, Barb and George all started laughing at the same time. When Erin thought of what she had said, she cracked up, too. “I sound like I'm back in tenth grade, don't I?”

“Hey, Davey, let's go up to Kissing Rock after the dance. I wanna make out with my main squeeze,” George exclaimed, earning him another punch, this one on his left arm.

The two couples chatted all the way to Barb and George’s house. When Erin saw the house as they came around a bend in the access road she was amazed. It was an old fashioned two story farmhouse, but it looked like it was built last week instead of a century and a half ago. “Why does your house look so new?” she asked.

Barb smiled. “That's because it is,” she said. “We bought the property about ten years ago because we loved the look of the house and the seclusion. However, when we had the house inspected, they didn't give it but two years before it would collapse completely. George completely reverse engineered the house and drew up blueprints. We then tore down the old house and worked as our own contractors. We built the house over the next two years.”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of work,” Erin said.

“It was worth it,” George said. “We have a traditional farmhouse that is energy efficient and will last for at least another hundred and fifty years. We also were the cover story in an issue of Architect’s Digest.”

“Erin,” David said, “before George became co-owner of a fetish shop, he was an award winning architect.”

“Why did you give that up?” Erin asked.

“I walked away from the business about a year before the housing slump hit,” George explained, “and when it did, I was the envy of all my former colleagues.”

“Yeah,” Barb chimed in, “They took to calling him the Amazing Kreskin.”

David pulled up to the front porch and stopped the car. Barb said, “Do you want to come in for a few minutes, Erin? We'll give you the grand tour. The great room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the dungeon.”

Erin's eyes grew wide. “Dungeon? For real?”

“Yes, for real,” Barb said. “With furniture designed by the same man who designed your new bed.”

“Wow! I'd love to see that. Master, may we?” she begged, giving David her best puppy eyes.

“We will take the nickel tour, but we are not going to play,” David warned her.

“Aw, Master!” Erin cried, switching to her best pouty lips.

“Not tonight, that is,” David continued.

You two are welcome any time,” Barb said. “The place is big enough to hold a nice sized play party.”

“Well, let's go, little one. Your mother wants to get home.”

As the two couples walked up the stairs to the front porch, Barb told Erin, “David is the only one other than George and me that has the keys to the house. David is almost like family to us.”

“But without the incest thing going on,” George chuckled. This time, he got hit in both arms – David and Barb just happened to be standing on either side of him. “Good thing I'm a pain slut,” George said... but he rubbed his arms all the same.

Barb and George gave Erin the grand tour of their house. She oohed and ahhed at the décor of the living room, drooled over the professional grade kitchen and was surprised to see the same bed in their master bedroom as had just been set up in hers.

But her biggest reaction came when she saw what George termed, “The Main Event.” Fully two thirds of the basement had been turned into dungeon space. As they came down the stairs, Erin felt like she was walking into a Victorian-era movie set. The first room she saw was a sitting room with two sofas and a chaise lounge. The walls were papered in an authentic reproduction of wallpaper from the era, and the lighting simulated gas lamps. Erin thought she was in heaven.

Stepping through the polished wood and frosted glass doors, she entered the Flagellation Parlor, where the walls were covered with heavy drapes. Two whipping posts and a ladder frame that looked like an evil garden trellis were on one side of the room and a matched pair of spanking benches were on the other side.

The same person who designed our bed and yours designed all this?” Erin asked in amazement

“The very same one,” George said, sticking out his chest.

“I'd really like to meet him so I can than him,” Erin said.

“You're welcome, Erin,” George replied.

“Why are you thanking... OH!” she said, covering her mouth, “You did it?'

“Just another of my amazing talents,” George boasted. He heard a snicker come from the general direction of David and Barb.

As Erin walked among the pieces of furniture she saw stands holding numerous canes and signal whips. On one wall was hung a range of other instruments, from floggers to crops to cats-o'-nine-tails... There was even a bullwhip coiled up on one hook. Erin's breathing became labored as she could almost feel the restraints on her arms and legs while waiting for the first strike of the tails.

A malevolent door with only a small view hole covered by iron bars led to the Tower, where the most serious pieces of furniture were ready for use. Erin was almost reluctant to go in, but her curiosity overrode her fear and she stepped through the door. She recognized the St. Andrew's Cross at one end of the room, and a pillory near it. There was a cage opposite the door to the Tower but the most curious device sat against the middle of the wall opposite the cross.

Erin saw a curious throne like chair with a padded board below it. There was a large U shaped section of the seat missing. She also noticed that the board was shaped like a human figure and straps were attached at various points along the sides of the board.

“That's a queening chair,” George explained to her. “Mistress Barbara straps me on the board and then she sits on the chair with her womanhood exposed. I can then service her for as long a time as she wants. Sometimes she wears her spiked heels and gives me encouragement with them, and I remember a time when as I worshiped her magnificent womanhood that she dripped hot wax on me. I can't remember how many times I made her cum that night.”

“How many times did you cum?” Erin asked.

“You can't come with your cock in a cage,” George told her. “You can't even get a bit hard. That way, I concentrate all my energy on giving Mistress Barbara the maximum number of orgasms I can.”

“Erin, it's time to go,” David said from behind her. He had walked up behind Erin while George was describing the queening chair but she was too engrossed to notice him. Erin let out an ear-piercing scream. When she realized who had spoken to her and what she did, she fell down on her knees with her head pressed to the floor. Between sobs, she begged forgiveness of Mistress Barbara, slave George and her Master.

David knelt down in front of her and lifted her head. “I'm sorry, little one,” he said, stifling a laugh, “I thought you knew I was behind you.”

Erin looked up with a tear stained face and cried, “Oh, no, Master, I should be sorry for not sensing your presence, for not recognizing your voice and for embarrassing you in front of...”

“In front of friends who love you, Erin,” Barb said from behind David. Erin looked up and smiled at her while David wiped her tears away.

“Thank you, Mis...”

“No, no, no,” Barb said, waving her finger at Erin.

Erin started over. “Thank you, Barb, for understanding.”

“Little girl, you've had a busy day,” David said as he stood up, then helped Erin up. Finally, He picked her up in his arms to carry her. Erin had never known such bliss as at that moment.

“Let's go home and make some noise of our own,” David said as he carried her back to the car.

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