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How It Came To Be - Chapter Nine

Erin and David sat on the sofa while Colleen sat on the loveseat to their left. Erin sat closer to her mother and held David's hand for support.. There was silence for almost a minute.

Erin began, “Mom, I heard from Ronald this morning.” Both Colleen and David noticed that Erin was calling him by his given name now, not his nickname.

“I take it the conversation was not pleasant,” she observed.

“No, Mom, and that's why I asked David to be here with me when I told you,” Erin explained.

“Why him?” Colleen asked.

“He will be able to explain some... things better,” Erin said, blushing slightly.

“Does this mean you're sleeping with him?” she inquired, tilting her head towards David.

“Mom!” Erin protested. David squeezed her hand ever so slightly and she went silent.

“Mrs. McDermott, I can assure you we are not intimate,” David replied. “In fact, this is only the second time we have seen each other face to face. This is only my second time in this house. The first time I was accompanied by a technician named Val. Also, Erin has never been to my condo, nor have we met anywhere outside this home.”

“Very thorough, David,” Colleen observed dryly while glaring at him. “Did you have to practice that?”

“No,” David told her, “I had my own troubles with a former spouse that you will see are similar to what Erin is facing. I'm here to help her, Mrs. McDermott, not to make things harder for her. She has enough stress on her with her husband's threats.”

Colleen looked down, a bit nonplussed. “I'm sorry, David. Obviously, I'm on edge here because of the whole situation. I didn't mean to imply that you were trying to make things worse. Oh, and please call me Colleen,” she added, lifting her head and smiling at David.

“I understand, Colleen,” he assured her, “and I'm not offended. I only want to help Erin.”

“Do you love her?”

“MOM!” Erin shouted. She again stopped when David signaled her.

David smiled. “While I'd love to discuss all manner of subjects, Colleen, my time is short and there's a lot to discuss. I think we should stick to the issue at hand.”

“OK, we'll wait on that,” Colleen allowed. “So what's the issue at hand?”

“Mom, I have to tell you...” Erin started, then she switched course. “I want to let you...”

“Erin, may I?” David asked, looking at her.

Erin turned to look at David. She dropped her eyes slightly and said, “Yes, Sir.” Colleen's left eyebrow went up.

“Erin is a little flustered right now,” he explained to her mother, “because it's hard to know where to start. Let's see if we can meet a common ground. Have you read “Fifty Shades of Gray?”

Colleen looked puzzled. “No, but I've heard about it from my friends.”

“Have you seen the movie “The Secretary?”

“With James Spader? Yes! I thought it was an odd story. Sweet but odd.”

“I'm actually glad you've seen that,” David said, “for it gives a more sympathetic portrayal of a couple who come together because of BDSM.”

“BDSM?” Colleen repeated. “Are you trying to imply that Erin is into bondage? Whips and chains and all that?”

“No, Mom, I'm not into “whips and chains and all that,”” Erin said, sighing. David could feel her relax, now that the subject had been broached and Colleen had not immediately flip out.

“Then what do you mean?” Colleen was more curious than upset now.

BDSM is kind of a 'catch-all' acronym,” David explained. “Do you know what it stands for?”

“Well, I know there Bondage, Sadism and Masochism in it,” Colleen offered.

“It actually covers three broad areas of alternative sexual expression... kink, for short,” David told her. “Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission and Sadomasochism. They can overlap in that a couple in a Dominant/submissive relationship may also be into Bondage, or they may use S&M as part of their sex life. Conversely, a couple that's primarily into Bondage may occasionally play at a Master/slave relationship or add S&M elements into their play.”

Colleen looked intrigued. “Can there be just a focus on one area? Like... what did she call it? Where her husband is the head of the house and can even spank her for breaking rules?”

“That's known as Domestic Discipline or Traditional Lifestyle,” David said, nodding his head. “A couple agree that the husband is a traditional head with the ability to discipline his wife, usually by spanking but also by things like corner time or writing sentences. There are couples who live this life who would vehemently deny that they were doing anything kinky, but one man's normal, or “vanilla”, is another man's kink.”

“So Alice and George live a kinky lifestyle...” Colleen said, a smile spreading across her lips. “Who'd have thought it?”

“I don't know your Alice and George,” David said, “but if you think about it, Lucy and Desi played a Domestic Discipline couple on TV in the '50s and nobody even blinked at it.”

“But BDSM looks so sinister in so many movies,” Colleen remarked.

David smiled. “Yes, it does, but that's just Hollywood. It's scriptwriters using BDSM as a convenient crutch. The laughable part is that there’s probably a higher percentage of kinksters in Hollywood than almost anywhere else. I'm sure a few of those people who paint BDSM in a bad light use pro dommes!”

“Pro dommes?”Colleen wondered.

“Professional dominatrix,” David confirmed.

Colleen smiled, then looked puzzled. “So what does all that have to do with Erin and her husband?” she asked.

“Good question,” David admitted. “Now that you have an idea of what BDSM is, and I know I don't have enough time to explain it fully, I think you can see that if someone like your daughter chose to include that as part of her sexual expression you wouldn't be as shocked as you would have, say, yesterday.”

“I see,” Colleen acknowledged, “So are you saying that Erin and her husband had a BDSM type relationship?”

“Yes and no,” David replied. Colleen looked confused. “I know what you're thinking. I said that because I believe that Erin was led to believe by Ronald that she was in a Master/slave relationship, but the truth was Ronald was using that as a cover for emotional abuse and neglect. He wasn't a Master, he was an abuser. Erin wasn't a slave, she was a victim.”

“Oh... I'm stupid, stupid, stupid!” Erin blurted out. She hung her head as tears began to form again.

David lifter Erin's chin and directed her to look him straight in the eye. “Erin, you are not stupid. Never think that again,” he instructed in a voice that carried the weight of authority tempered with love. “You were deceived, pure and simple. If you would be guilty of anything, it would only be ignorance of what a real master/slave relationship entails. That's not your fault.” He reached out as he talked and wiped Erin's tears away.

“Thank you, Master,” Erin said without thinking. Colleen looked shocked.

David smiled at Erin. “You're in a hurry again, little one?”

Erin blushed. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Wha... What just happened?” Colleen asked.

“There are as many styles of domination as there are dominants and masters,” David explained. “I believe in being strict and consistent at all times, but I also believe in being loving. Erin is projecting her desire for a loving Master, but we're not to that point... yet. I have told her not to address me as Master, but I also recognized that she was overwhelmed with emotion right now, so I chose to correct her gently. I also do not feel I have the right to go further than that at this time.”

“You don't have the right?” Colleen asked. “I thought that a dominant can do that any time, to any submissive.”

“It doesn't work that way,” David assured her. “It is only after a submissive like Erin entrusts herself to a dominant like me and we enter into an agreement that I have control over her; and then I have it only as long as she lets me.”

“So she has the control?” Colleen was surprised. “then isn't the whole dominant and submissive thing a sham?”

“No, not really,” David said. “A submissive's control over the relationship is a kind of a “nuclear option.” Once she withdraws her trust from her dominant, it is almost impossible to regain that trust... and even if she did trust him again, it would not be the same degree of trust she had before. A wise and loving dominant takes, or should take that into consideration with every interaction with his submissive.”

Colleen sat there quietly as she worked it out. “So Erin gave her trust to a man who...” She stopped as if she was searching for the right word. “Who didn't deserve it,” she concluded.

“As I see it, you are correct,” David acknowledged.

“Wouldn't a judge be able to see that?” Colleen asked.

“You would think so,” David admitted, “but remember, even though they pledge to judge fairly and without bias, they have a personal set of convictions that unconsciously guides them in everything they do. Add to that Ronald's threat to lie on the witness stand...”

“WHAT?” Colleen exclaimed. “That bas...”

“Mom, please?” Erin interrupted. “Not in front of the boys.”

“I'm sorry, Erin,” she told her daughter.

“We all share your sentiment,” David assured Colleen, “there's no need to voice it.”

“Where were you six years ago?” Colleen asked, smiling while shaking her head.

“I was in Norfolk, Virginia, serving out my last year in the Navy,” David told her.

“So, do you know what he claims he's going to say?”

Erin cleared her throat. “He told me he would claim I got him involved with BDSM and he would make me out to be a sick, perverted sex fiend.”

“Who'd believe that?”

“It's not who would believe it,” David warned, “it would be what the accusations would do to Erin's chances to retain custody of the twins.” Colleen gasped.

“What can we do, Sir?” Erin asked, a worried look on her face.

“Well, we've done the first part-allowing your mother to see you in the truest and best light,” David told her. “Our next step is to explain things to your lawyer. I just hope he will be...”

“Respectfully, Sir,” Erin interrupted, “my lawyer is a woman.”

David smiled. “Then I'm not as worried. I'm sure the office is closed now. We'll have to talk to her as soon as we can tomorrow.”

“Would you want me to come along?” Colleen asked.

“I was hoping you could watch the boys, Mom,” Erin suggested.

Colleen gave a mock sigh. “If I must, I must,” she said in feigned disappointment.

“Oh, yeah,” David chuckled, “Throw me in that briar patch.” They all laughed.

Erin got up and stretched, then walked over to the play yard to check on her boys. David turned his head and saw the babies. He smiled as he stood up. “Say, I haven't had a chance to meet the guys yet!” He walked over to the yard as Erin picked up Thomas. “Let me hold him while you get his brother,” he said. “I think a change is in the cards,” he chuckled as he felt Thomas's diaper.

“The nursery's over here,” Erin said as she started walking towards the room. “You can give Thomas to Mom and she'll help me change him.”

“I don't mind changing a diaper,” David said. Erin broke into a big grin as Colleen looked up suddenly, an astonished look on her face. David noticed the reactions and said, “I was the oldest of six and there was a big gap between the other five and me,” I told her. “I often had to babysit my brothers and sisters, so I learned early on how to change diapers.”

Erin led David into the nursery. He took in the twin cribs, twin dressers and twin changing tables. “I'm impressed,” he said, “I have to assume that this is your idea?”

Erin beamed. “Thank you, Sir,” she said brightly. “I hoped that we'd be able to change both boys at the same time.”

“We will,” David said.

Tears of joy welled up in Erin's eyes again. “How can you be sure?” she asked softly.

“Because I'm not going to let him win,” David pledged. They changed both babies, side by side. Erin glanced over at David from time to time. He seemed genuinely interested in Thomas and treated him gently. She had to close her eyes and take a slow, deep breath to calm herself.

With the boys in new diapers and clothes, Erin said, “They look a little sleepy. It's about time for their afternoon nap.” With that she turned to Francis' crib and put him in. David did the same for Thomas, who cooed happily as he was being laid down.

David turned around to say something to Erin only to find her already facing him. Before he knew it, she threw herself at him. As Erin's arms wrapped around David's body, David's arms wrapped around Erin's trapping her arms in position. Their mouths fit together as if designed that way and they explored each others mouth with their tongues as they kissed deeply.

Before long, David started thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth, simulating his cock. Erin stopped probing his mouth and just let him fuck her mouth with his tongue. She could feel her panties growing wet and her clit throbbed just as it had in the shower. Erin was afraid she was close to orgasm when David broke off the kiss. Instead of feeling relieved, Erin craved David's tongue again, if not his cock.

“You're a greedy little pet, aren't you?” David chuckled softly as he held Erin close.

“Oh, Master,” Erin sighed, “It's been so long since I've felt strong arms around my body.”

“I know, little one, I know. We just have to get through the next few weeks and then I can make you mine.”

“But I am yours, Master,” she sighed.

“Erin, how can...”

“You said, “It is only after a submissive like me entrusts herself to a dominant like you,”” Erin repeated. “I have entrusted myself to you, totally.” She laid her head against David's chest.

David chuckled. “You think you have outsmarted me?” he said. “I also said, “and we enter into an agreement...”

“Meanie!” Erin said with her best pouty face on.

“I wish I could claim you and collar you and mark you as mine right now,” David assured her, “but I will not take someone else's property. Even if he was a sham and a liar.”

“Does that mean...”Erin trialed off.

“That means once the bonds of matrimony are broken, then I can claim you. I do not recognize a sham Master/slave contract.”

“That will mean I'll have to get an annulment,” Erin said softly. “Oh, no...”

“Did you marry in the church?”

“I wouldn't have done it any other way.”

“We will find a way to get the annulment and free you completely,” David promised. He felt Erin relax at that announcement.

“Then I can give myself to you and become your slave?”

David took Erin by the upper arms and pushed her back to look at her. “It will be my honor.” he pulled her back and embraced her tighter.

Erin got dreamy-eyed. “Then I can have more orgasms like the one I had today...”

“What?” David asked emphatically.

Erin blushed. “I... I...”


She buried her face in his chest. “I was taking a shower and, and, I started feeling myself and, and, I started imagining it was your hands on my body, and, and...”

“Quietly, little one,” David warned. “What did I do?”

“You, you... You pinched and twisted my nippies and squeezed my titties and pinched my clitty and fucked me with your fingers and, and, and... I came for the first time since before the babies were born. I'm sorry, Master, I used your property without...”

“Shhh...” David whispered in her ear. “Remember, you are not my property...yet. I can't punish you for what you do with your body, even if you're fantasizing that you're my property.”

“Thank you, Sir, for reminding me,” Erin said, dejectedly.

“But, if I may ask, how was I?”

“Oh, Sir,” Erin said breathlessly. “My clitty still throbs. You filled up my pussy with four fingers!”

“Four fingers?” David said, both amused and aroused at Erin's demeanor. “How far?”

Erin didn't realize what David had meant. Then it came to her and she whispered proudly, “All the way down to your palm.”

“You mean I almost fisted you?” David asked in amazement.

“What's “fisted”?” Erin asked innocently.

“You've never heard of fisting?”


“It sounds like a certain little one is ready to enter into training,” David continued.

“How will we do that, Ma.. Sir?” Erin inquired.

“The Master David Learn By Phone Academy for Future Slaves,” he said, chuckling.

“Oohhh! When can I enroll?”

“You just did.”

“When's the first class?”

“Tonight, after you put the twins to bed.”

“Where's the classroom?”

“Your bed.”

“Who's the teacher?”

“I am.”

“What will I need?”

“Your butt plug and a vibrator.”

“But I don't have a vibrator!”

“We'll work around that. One will be provided to you later.”

“What should I wear?”

“A smile.”

“When does the lesson start?”

“As soon as you call me.”

“How will I know if I've passed the lesson?”

“You'll cum.”

Erin looked up at David. “Thank you, Sir, for accepting me in your Academy.”

“I was wondering what was taking so long,” Colleen said from behind David. He angled his body and turned his head to see her standing in the doorway. “Don't worry, I just got here,” she said.

The three of them walked out to the living room, with David holding Erin in front of him to hide his hard-on. “Wow! Look at the time!” he exclaimed. “I have to go. Val will kill me!”

Erin and David kissed quickly, then he turned to pick up his tool box, surreptitiously adjusting his cock as he turned. He walked to the door with Erin and Colleen following him. David went out to the van, stowed the equipment and the cone, got in and drove off.

As Erin watched the van drive down the street, Colleen said from behind her, “The offer still stands. I can have a vibrator here for you tonight.”


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