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How It Came To Be - Chapter Eighteen

David, George and Enrico set themselves to the task of dismantling the old bed. George stripped the linen off the mattress and put it in one corner of the room. The three men then lifted up the mattress and leaned it against the far wall. They extracted the box springs from the frame and set it with the mattress. Then they turned to the frame. It was put together with bolts.

“I'll go and get my toolbox from the van,” Enrico said. As he left, George thought of something and was about to follow him, but David stopped him. “What's up, David?” George asked.

“I'm a bit worried, to tell the truth,” David confessed.

“Worried? Why are you worried?” George asked.

“When Erin's mom saw Erin's collar and found out I was moving in tonight, she turned into the ice queen,” David explained. “I didn't plan to do anything of the sort until Erin got past the divorce and all, but Erin insisted.”

“And who's the master in this relationship?” George inquired, giving David a knowing look.

“I guess I'm rustier than I thought,” David said. “I just can't help but to give her just about anything she wants.”

“You know you better stop that right now, brother,” George warned. “You're slipping close to what you did with Vicki four years ago-though I'll admit, Vicki was manipulative.  I don't know if Erin is.”

“Erin doesn't manipulate at all!” David snapped back.

“My point exactly,” George pointed out.

“Oh,” David said. “Sorry.”

“Don't worry, George said. “I just don't want to see you turn Erin into “Daughter of Vicki,” if you know what I mean. Have you talked with Colleen yet? She seemed pretty mellow when we got here.”

“I did, and she thanked me for it, but it feels like this truce is so fragile it makes the truce between the two Koreas look like a love-in.”

David, you are rusty,” George admitted. “Just be yourself. Your natural boyish charm will win her over.”

Chuck poked his head in the door. “Oh, here you are. I left the keys and the remotes on the kitchen counter. The whole garage door system has been reprogrammed so only those two remotes can operate it. There’s also five keys in an envelope on the counter. Should I just run your card on file, David?”

“Would you, Chuck?” David asked.

“Sure. By the way, have you considered an alarm system for this house?”

David waved him off. “Things have been moving so fast, Chuck. When the circus leaves town, I'll talk with Erin about that, but I do want to thank you for getting on this ASAP. It should have been done last week but I didn't get in the picture until yesterday.”

“I understand,” Chuck said, nodding. “Have a good night. OhI didn't see you come in, George.”

“I'm helping David set up a new bed,” George explained. "I think you were working on the back door when we got here.”

“OK, then. Nice seeing you again, George. Always a pleasure doing business with you, David. I'll be off.” Chuck headed towards the front door.

Enrico returned with his tool box and went to work dismantling the bed frame. As he was unbolting the headboard from the frame, he asked David, “What are you going to do with this bed?”

“I don't know,” David admitted. “Erin refuses to sleep in it any more, so I don't think she'll care what happens to it. If she says it's OK, it's yours.”

“I thought you were a dom, David,” Enrico teased with a grin.

“I am, Enrico,” he replied, “but I'm not officially her dom yet. Also, this is her house and furniture. Well, hers and her soon to be divorced husband.”

“And you said you'd never get sucked into that sort of thing again,” Enrico chided.

“I just can't seem to give up my membership in the “ASPCS”-the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Submissives,” David explained with a smirk. George laughed, then he said, “Wait! That could make a great T-shirt!”

David thought for a moment, then smiled. “I can see it now: The Emporium, Founding Member, ASPCS.”

“I'll mention it to Barb later,” George said, “but you better check on me, David.”

“I'll remind you in a week, OK?” David asked. “Sounds good to me,” George replied.

They cleared the frame and turned back to the space that had been made available. “Plenty of room to set up the bed now,” George said as he looked at the space with a practiced eye.

“And when we get this old one out, I think I'll even have the room to set up my whipping post in here,” David observed.

“Time's a wasting, my friends,” Enrico observed. “Let's get it in here.”

The three men walked outside to where Enrico's delivery van was parked. As they passed through the living room, David looked over at the women sitting on the floor. Erin was displaying some discomfort, as was expected, but he noticed that Barb and Colleen were engaged in a discussion... actually, Barb seemed to do all the talking and Colleen was just drinking it in.

“George,” David called when they got to the van. “Did you see your wife and Erin's mother in the living room?”

“No, I didn't notice. Why?”

“Whatever Barb is talking about has Colleen's rapt attention,” David explained.

“Who knows what they're talking about?” George observed.

They started carting the new bed frame pieces into the house. There were only a few pieces, but they were made of walnut so they were both sturdy and heavy. George glanced over at the women as they carried in the first piece and after they had set it down he said to David, “I see what you mean. Whatever Barb is talking about, it's really holding Erin's mother's interest.”

With all the pieces in the master bedroom, the men set to the task of reassembling them into a functioning bed. Even though the individual pieces were big (or because they were) the bed was swiftly returned to a functioning state, save for the mattress set David was hoping would be delivered soon.

The bed appeared to be like a standard poster bed, with a large headboard enhanced by wrought iron accents and pilasters. There was no footboard, it was replaced with a storage unit that featured a padded leather top. It was the width of the space between the square half height pilasters that supported the foot of the bed. There were storage drawers on both sides of the bed.

The pilasters were topped with large caps, but the square ones at the foot of the bed concealed the bed's hidden function. The pilasters were not solid wood but hollow boxes.  The caps were secured to rectangular posts that telescoped into the pilasters. When the caps were lifted, the boards would rise. Once they reached their full height, turning the boards a quarter turn would fit them into pockets built in to the bases that would secure the post. Extended, the posts formed was approximately seven feet high, with the rectangular upper half set parallel to the sides of the bed.

There were holes evenly spaced every six inches for the entire length of the rectangular posts. Custom made tie down rings could be inserted into these holes and secured with large knurled nuts on the opposite side. Captive tie down rings were secured to the inner sides of the pilasters just above floor level that were normally concealed by the storage unit.

With both posts extended and the storage unit removed, a subject could be bound upright to all four rings in a spreadeagled fashion. If the storage unit was not moved, a subject could kneel on the unit and be tied to the upper tie down rings, or face the bed kneeling in a perfect position for spanking, caning or ass fucking. Raising only one post gave you a whipping post. Multiple hidden tie points were also spaced along the side rails and the headboard to allow a wide variety of bondage possibilities.

The storage unit could hold larger toys, comforters and other bedding or anything else that needed to be put away. Emptied, it could become a prison cell or a sensory deprivation box. The unit could accommodate a person up to six feet tall, if they were flexible enough. David was sure that Erin would fit “comfortably” (comfort, in this case, being a relative term) into the storage unit if he so desired.

The padded leather seat on the top had a section that would slide out then swing up to form a spanking bench. Again, hidden D rings allowed for restraining a subject to the bench. The storage unit could also be used as a place to sit. The entire bed had been designed by George and built by a friend of his who was a master craftsman.

The three men admired their handiwork. “That bed sure looks nice,” Enrico said.

“Are you talking about the appearance or the hidden functionality?” George asked.

“Both,” replied Enrico.

“I didn't know you were kinky, Enrico,” David said.

“I'm not like you guys, but I do enjoy a little “spank and tickle” some days,” he explained. “But if I had a bed like this, I just might have to try out all the options.”

“Like you always say, David,” George commented, “there's a little kink inside of all of us.”

David's phone rang and he saw it was the mattress store. “I'm so happy you called back, James,” he said. “Does this mean good news?” He listened for a few moments and replied, “We just completed assembly of the bed. When do you think you'll arrive here?”

David nodded as he listened to the reply then said, “Twenty minutes will be perfect. Will it be just your delivery team? Good, I'll give them the envelope for you when I give them their incentive. Thank you for being so helpful, James. Ill look forward to dealing with you in the future for all our bedding needs. You have a good night, too!” He ended the call. “Let's get this old bed in the van,” David said to the other two, “so you guys can head home.”

David went out to the living room to find Erin, but the only ones there were Colleen, Francis and Thomas. “Where did the girls go?” he asked Colleen.

“They're in the kitchen starting dinner,” Colleen told him. “Erin invited Barb, George and me to stay for dinner.” She seemed genuinely happy.

David broke into a smile at that. “Dinner with friends and family my first night here. What a great way to cap the day!” He turned and headed towards the kitchen.

David found Erin and Barb were busy gathering the ingredients needed for the meal. “Erin,” David said, “May I have a moment of your time?”

“Always, Master,” Erin replied. “You have all of my time, after all.”

“Aww, listen to the lovebirds,” Barb teased.

“Did you have any plans for the old bed, little one?”

“I did,” Erin said, “but then I found out open fires are not allowed in the city.” She smiled sweetly as David and Barb broke out in laughter.

“Seriously, though,” David chuckled, “do you?”

“I was thinking of having a charity come pick it up. Why?” she asked.

“Enrico said he'd take it off our hands,” David explained. “He's got a big family and they're always in need of new furniture. It would be a nice way to compensate him for helping us.”

“That's a wonderful idea!” Erin exclaimed. “By the way, will Enrico be staying for dinner?”

“Unfortunately, no” David said. “He has that big family I just mentioned to get back to.”

“Of course! Well, that makes a wonderful solution for getting rid of the bed, Master.” Erin smiled. “May this slave return to her cooking duties?”



“Not before you give me a kiss, little one.”

Erin ran over to David and threw her arms around him. They kissed, and as they did, David reached down with both hands and squeezed both of Erin's ass cheeks. Erin groaned into David's mouth but hugged him even tighter. When the ended the kiss, she whispered into his ear, “I think I am becoming Master's little pain slut,” as she took his right hand from her ass and placed it on her pussy. David could feel the wetness.

“I love you, Erin,” he said as he lightly pinched her clit. “Ohh! Master!” Erin moaned. David looked over to see Barb smiling. “Isn't young love grand?” she commented.

David went back to the bedroom and the three men loaded the old bed in the van, then David and George saw Enrico off. As they stood there watching the van pull away, George got a panicked look on his face and said to David, “Wait! Enrico was our ride home! What are we going to do now?”

“We are going to have a big dinner and then we'll drive you and Barb home,” David told him. “The girls are already in the kitchen cooking. You can meet Erin's boys while we wait.”

David and George joined Colleen on the living room floor, to the delight of the twins. They had never received this much attention before and were reveling in the attention of all the big people who came to play with them.

“George,” Colleen said as he was playing “peek-a-boo” with Thomas, “I talked with your mistress earlier...” David looked up at the word “mistress” and saw that Colleen was looking upset. He figured she was trying to be polite by using correct terms.

“I know,” George replied, “isn't she just the sweetest person you've ever met?”

“Why do you let her dominate you?”

“Well, for one thing,” George looked around to see if Barb was within earshot, then leaned over to Colleen and said in a low voice, “As a submissive, Barb sucks.”

David burst out laughing and nearly fell over on his side. “I can't believe you had the guts to say that when she was in the same house!” he chortled.

“What's so funny?” Colleen wanted to know.

“Well, Colleen, if it wasn't for the babies here, if she heard what I just said, she'd pull my pants down and whip my... butt until I couldn't sit down for a month.”

“And you'd let her?”

“Yes, Ma'am, I would,” George said solemnly.

“George, you don't have to call me Ma'am. Colleen is perfectly fine with me.”

“But I do have to.”

“Does Barb make you do it?”

“No, Ma'am, my Momma and Pappy made me do it. They taught me to always be respectful to women.”

“I'd never ask anyone to disobey their parents,” Colleen chuckled. “So, other than being the better submissive, why do you let Barb dominate you?

Begging your pardon, Ma'am,” George said with a nod of his head, “but you're asking the question wrong. The way you put it makes it sound as if it's all her own idea or desire.  It's mine, too.  In fact, I want it, I need it, I even love it! I know there are many women who don't understand this. They feel that it goes against some 'natural order' that the man should be in charge and not the woman. In my opinion that is, if I may say, a very old-fashioned and uninformed idea.”

“I can understand why a woman would want to submit to a man, to find security and care, but I have to admit I can't quite see what you get out of it... being submissive, that is,” Colleen admitted.

“I think I get many of the same things a woman gets out of it, Ma'am. It's not so much about security, really, it's about control and responsibility. As men, people expect us to be in control so much of the time. I'm sure Barb told you that I take care of much of the ordering and negotiating with suppliers, shippers, and such. So, you see, it can be enjoyable, even stress reducing to let Barb be in charge in other areas.”

“Yes, I can see that, but to let go so much, and in such a total way?”

“It's my choice as much as it's Barb's. Remember, it's about control and responsibility. By yielding control I also yield responsibility. It's not just about sex, as I think you know, but let's look at the sex for a moment: When two people make love 'normally', what we call 'vanilla sex', there is always a certain amount of give-and-take. Each partner is always thinking, always planning, always trying to keep the balance, if you will. “She did X for me, so I ought to do Y for her” kind of thing. It makes me feel like I'm more worried about how she will rate my performance than just connecting emotionally.

"When I yield control and responsibility to Barb that ceases to be true. I can just be totally in the moment. I'm free to feel, to just accept what she wants to give to me without having to think of what I have to give or do to her in return. I hope that makes sense to you.”

“I think so,” Colleen replied, “and here I thought it was just for the dominant's enjoyment, but you make it sound as if you, as a submissive, get the most benefit!”

“That's the beauty of it. We both get what we want out of the relationship.” George smiled as he continued, saying, “I'm looking at it from the submissive's side. Barb has her own way of looking at it, as I'm sure you found out. It's precisely because we have different and complementary needs that our relationship works so well.”

Colleen was quiet for a long time, thinking. “Thank you, George,” she finally said. “You've really have helped me to understand what this type of relationship is all about.”

Almost exactly twenty minutes after the phone call from James, the doorbell rang. When David opened it, there were two men standing on the front steps. “Hi, We're from the mattress store,” said the taller of the two. “You're expecting a rush mattress delivery?”

“Come right ahead, gentlemen,” David said.

“Well, we've got to go get it out of the truck,” the tall one said. “We'll be right back.”

David stood at the door, shaking his head, as he watched the deliverymen walk back to the truck. They brought out the new box springs and headed for the front door. When they arrived back there, David led them back to the master bedroom. They set the foundation in the bed frame and went back out, returning with the mattress, which they placed on top of the box springs.

The taller man pulled a rumpled paper out of his back pocket and presented it to David. “Sign here,” he instructed. David verified the mattress had been delivered to his satisfaction and handed the paper back to the taller man. “I'm sure you know I have something else for you,” he said, pulling a money clip out of his front pocket. He slipped two one hundred dollar bills out and handed one to each of the workers. He then walked over to the dresser and picked up an envelope. “James” was written on it. David handed it to the taller man, explaining, “Your manager will be expecting this. Thank you for agreeing to help us out with this problem.”

After the men left, David went back to the bedroom and inspected the bed. He was pleased that it was undamaged and he admired George's cleverness and his friend's craftsmanship. Erin poked her head in the doorway. “Master, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.” As David turned to acknowledge that he had heard, Erin got her first glimpse of their new bed.

“That... that's our new bed?” she stammered, awestruck. “It's... it's beautiful. She ran up to the storage hutch and felt the leather. “This is real?” she asked, then she knelt down on it and laid her head on the bed.

“I take it you like it,” David chuckled, noting that his slave unknowingly assumed the perfect position for a spanking or ass fucking.

Erin lifted her head off the mattress and looked back at David. “Oh, what you will do to me here!” she said with a big grin. David smiled broadly. “Wait until you see all the features this bed offers. You'll understand why I wanted it here.”

Erin spotted something on the headboard and crawled across the mattress to see what it was. “Master!” she exclaimed, “there are rings built in to the headboard. Does that mean you can tie me to the bed?”

“What good is a bed if you can't tie someone down on it?” David chuckled.

Erin turned around and sat down cross-legged on the mattress. “You could even lock a chain on the ring and on my collar. Then I'd be really restrained.”

David considered her suggestion. “I've always been a rope man,” he told her, “but that sounds like a lovely idea. Give you just enough chain to make it to the bathroom, but not enough to sit down on the toilet. Then I can watch you squirm while you try to keep the floor clean.”

“You would do that to me?” Erin asked, her eyes wide.

“I've done it to other slaves, ones I've trained for others,” David explained.

“And now, will you train me?” she asked.

“You, and only you from this day on,” David pledged. “I am giving up my mentoring and training days... except when it comes to you.”

“Oh, Master!” Erin exclaimed as she jumped off the bed, ran over to him and gave him another big hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she repeated over and over. David hugged her then reached down. He grabbed both ass cheeks again and squeezed them.

“Ow!  That hurts!” she exclaimed with a grin on her face.

“But look what it does to you,” David said, moving one hand from her ass to her pussy and drawing his middle finger between its lips. He held up his finger, now glistening with her juices.

Erin said, “Master, it's about time to eat. You need to have clean hands.” She grabbed his wrist, stuck his middle finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “So that's what I taste like?” she giggled.

They heard Barb call down the hall to Erin, “Erin, you need to come back to the kitchen and help me finish the meal!” Erin looked at her Master. “Do as she says,” he told her. Erin kissed David on the cheek and went to the door. “After dinner, I'll make the bed with new sheets, Master,” she told him before heading back to the kitchen.

David went to try out the bed. He extended the posts, attached rings to them and stepped back to visualize Erin tied and waiting for... well, almost anything. He smiled, then returned the posts to their stowed positions and put the rings back. The bed was ready for tonight.

“Dinner's ready!” came from down the hall.

“First dinner, then Erin for dessert,” David smiled as he walked out of the bedroom.

(Gardener's Note: I am indebted to another FetLife kinkster, SwitchDave, for his very helpful assistance in the writing of this chapter.  Thank you, SwitchDave!)

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