Monday, April 1, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter Eight

Erin watched with concern as Val drove away. As she walked back to the house, she wondered how long would it take for David to get her note, and how much longer until he responded to it? Or would he? “No,” Erin thought, “I've got to stay positive. He will call. I know it.”

Back inside the house, Erin checked on the twins. Both needed changing. She took them, one at a time, into the nursery, got each of the boys in a dry diaper and a change of clothes and laid them down for an afternoon nap.

With her babies safely ensconced in their cribs, Erin headed for the kitchen to forage for lunch. A survey of the leftovers collected in the refrigerator left her with the lasagna as the only logical choice. It had been in the fridge the longest and she hated to throw anything out if she could avoid it.

Popping the lasagna in the microwave, Erin poured herself a glass of iced tea and set the breakfast nook table with utensils. She sat down to lunch and discovered that the lasagna tasted better than it had when she had first cooked it. “I guess it needed some time for the flavors to blend,” she told herself.

As she was contemplating how she could precook meals to allow them to come to full flavor, her cellphone rang. Picking it up, she saw it was a cell phone but she didn't know the number. She answered the phone hesitantly and said, “Hel... hello?”

“Erin, it's David,” he said. “What's wrong?”

Erin glanced at the clock in the kitchen. It had only been about forty minutes since she had given Val the note. For David to respond so fast... was he expecting her to contact him? Or was he so concerned about her he couldn't wait? Or was it something else.

Hearing David's voice again, however, caused Erin to begin crying. David wanted to come to her, but she was afraid that someone might be watching the house for Ronnie. She persuaded him that she just wanted to talk, then she poured out her heart to him.

David said something that Erin didn't take notice of immediately. “Little one,” he called her. When she realized what he had said, the impact was so great on her that she started crying again. Suddenly, she heard a much different David over the phone. One whose voice couldn't be ignored. One who Erin responded to almost automatically. “Erin, stop that crying and listen to me,” he ordered.

Erin stopped crying... not because David told her to, she realized, but because when he did, she felt such a peace fall over her. It was as if in that one sentence, David had commanded her attention while soothing her broken spirit. She had never experienced such power, such care, such... love from just hearing a person's voice ever before.

Erin couldn't help but call David “Sir.” It seemed the right thing to do, the natural thing to do. His voice commanded such attention, such confidence. Then she heard him say, “...I will never let you be harmed again.”

Her heart leaped for joy. David wanted to keep her safe. Could she dare think that it meant that he... he... loved her? That wasn't possible, she though. They had known each other less than an hour. She had thrown herself at him, then she had dissolved in tears. She wasn't a young, pretty single girl. She had babies, and baggage. How could...

“I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.” Hearing that stopped her dead in her tracks. David hasn't stopped thinking of her? She thought only she had been thinking of him. For him to admit that...

Erin heard herself say, “I... I... think I love you.” She froze, certain he was going to run away. Why would he want her? Why would...

Then she heard, “God help me for falling in love with a married woman, but I love you, too.”

Erin was stunned.

David loves her.

“I must be dreaming,” she thought. “It doesn't happen this way. Not to me. I can't be...”

“And I will protect you, too, Erin,” she heard him say. “But, you know that comes with a price.”

At that point Erin knew, just knew what her destiny was... to love and serve David however he wanted. “Yes, Sir,” she told him, but just that “Sir” didn't seem enough. “Please, Sir. I want to give my submission to you,” she offered. He didn't say “Yes,” but he didn't say “No.” He said he wanted to get through this ordeal first.

David ended the call and Erin sat there, lost in thought. What was it David had said? Erin remembered... she had to get Mom over here. Erin punched in her mother's number and listened to the phone ring. “How can I get her over here without telling her why?” she wondered.

The ringing stopped. “Erin, what's up?” her mother asked.

“Uh, Mom?” Erin asked, tentatively. “Could you come over this afternoon?”

“Is there something wrong, dear?” she asked.

Erin suddenly knew what to say. “Oh, no, nothing's wrong,” she replied. “It's just that I've not been out since Monday and you haven't been over here and I miss talking with an adult.”

“Why, of course, Erin!” her mother replied. “I know what that is like. I'm sorry I haven't been over since Monday, but I've had some things come up here and...”

“Mom, I understand,” Erin assured her. “I just need to talk to someone other than Francis and Thomas.”

“And I want to see my grandsons again!” her mother insisted. “Would around two be OK?”

“That would be perfect, Mom,” Erin confirmed, “I'll see you then!” She ended the call.

Erin sat at the table with her eyes closed, trying to process everything that had happened in the last fifteen minutes. David was going to hep her explain everything to Mom so Mom was coming over her, as was David...

Erin's eyes snapped open. “David is coming here!” she said to herself. “I... I... I've got to get ready!” She quickly rinsed the lunch dishes and put them in the dishwasher, ran out to the living room and straightened up, then dashed into the bedroom.

She looked at the bed, unmade since she had gotten up. “Oh, my!” she thought to herself as she made the bed, “I don't want David to see this!” As she rose from tucking the covers under the pillows, she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. “AUGH!” she cried out as she started ripping off her clothes. She ran into the master bathroom and turned on the shower.

As she waited for the water to warm up, she studied her face in the mirror. She had some darkening below her eyes-she couldn't call them circles but she knew she needed to correct for them. She then looked at her breasts, lifting them both up to see her nipples in the mirror. They were still bigger than normal, but not excessive and her nipples were none the worse for wear from nursing two babies.

Erin stepped into the shower and shampooed her hair. She then started washing her body. As she did, her mind drifted to David. He hadn't seen her naked that last time. Erin wondered what he'd say about the stretch marks. They were fading, thankfully, but they were still there. She shook her head. David was so kind, so understanding that he'd know they were a natural part of pregnancy, especially twins.

As she felt her stretch marks, Erin began to imagine it was David's hands exploring the scars. David was standing behind her, his hands tracing each mark as he whispered in her ear how they were her “battle scars” and he loved them as much as he loved her.

Erin got more into the fantasy as her hands... David's hands, in her mind... roamed farther and farther over her body. She caressed her breasts as she heard him tell her how lovely, how sensual they were. She could almost feel his body pressing against her back, with his cock nestled in the crack of her ass. Oh, how she wanted him to fill her ass with his cock.

Erin's left hand stayed on her breast, toying with her nipple, as her right hand slid down her belly and into her ginger bush. She always loved the feel of running her fingers through her curly nether locks and she wondered if David would, too. Then her hand slid down past the tuft of hair and over her slit, just teasing he clit.

Imagining her hands were David’s strong hands, she stroked her pussy lips with a feather touch as she circled her areola with her index finger. She felt his finger slide deeper, separating the outer lips and collecting her honey before using it to toy with her swollen button. Her body jerked with pleasure as she touched herself.

Suddenly she pinched her nipple hard, letting out a small spray of milk. She groaned as she crushed her nipple harder than either of her boys could do, but David... The pain shot down to her pussy, making her vagina contract and her clit throb. She caressed her breast again, then her fingers, almost acting on their own, as if directed by her lover. One hand sought her right nipple this time while the other returned her clit, then they both pinched their targets simultaneously.

Imagining David was torturing her, Erin crushed her tender parts harder than she had ever done before. She let out a sharp cry of pain that turned into a moan of pleasure. She then started rubbing her clit hard while pawing her own tits, imagining her lover, her... Master taking her from behind.

Erin put three fingers together on her right hand and plunged them into her aching cunt. She started pumping herself furiously as she mauled her breasts, the water of the shower streaming down her, the steam making it easier to feel David in the shower with her as she grew closer and closer.

Erin's legs began to tremble as the ache in her cunt spread to her thighs. She fell back against the shower wall as she continued to fill herself with her fingers. Her breathe grew more ragged and her legs shook as the wave of pleasure she was riding on finally crested and broke into a mind-shattering orgasm. Erin crammed her fingers in her hole as her vaginal walls squeezed them tighter and tighter. Her knees began to buckle and she slowly slid down the shower wall, her cunt squeezing her fingers all the way.

She ended up sitting on the shower floor, her right had pushed in further than it had ever been by her body's slide to the floor. Her head hung at a crazy angle as she had a big smile on her face. The water beat down on her head, washing the shampoo out of her hair.

“Oh... Oh... Oh my!” she moaned as she came back from her bliss. She realized she was sitting on the floor, her legs splayed out in front of her, her right hand stuffed into her pussy. She gingerly extracted her hand, feeling little jolts of pleasure as she did. Breathing heavily, she gasped, “I... I... never did that before. I never came like that before. Oh...”

Struggling to get back up on her feet, Erin stood unsteadily as she quickly finished washing her body. When she rubbed the washcloth over her breasts, they tingled still. When she ran it over her clit, it throbbed. When she washed her ass, her anus ached for the same attention she had given her other hole.

Erin turned off the shower just as the water began to turn cool. “How long was I in there?” she wondered. She walked out into the bedroom to discover that she had been in the shower almost a half hour. “I've never, never done that before,” she thought. “That was so... wanton, so slutty, so... dirty...” Erin giggled as the word “dirty.” “How can I be dirty in a shower?” she thought.

Erin looked at herself again, this time in a full length mirror. Her face and upper chest were flush, her nipples erect and her pussy... she had never seen its lips so swollen and pouty. She even saw her clit peeking out from its hood. All this from just thinking of David... Erin's mind swirled with the thought of what would happen when it was his hands on her body.

She had to put her nursing bra on gently. Erin's breasts were still tender and she noticed a few small bruises, the size of her fingertips, around her areolas. Slipping a pair of panties on was also a delicate operation. She felt as if any more rubbing would set her off again.

Erin finished dressing, choosing one of her favorite dresses that showed off her figure without looking trashy. She went over to her vanity and quickly put on just enough makeup to diminish the dark circles under her eyes and to accent the natural glow she had produced in the shower.

Checking herself in the mirror again, Erin realized that she felt prettier today then she had in.. in almost forever. She twirled around, her dress flying out and up as she did. She saw her panties flash in the mirror as she whirled around and wished she could just leave them behind. She wanted to meet David at the door with nothing on under her dress but her bra and a butt plug. “Nope, can't do that with Mom here,” she said out loud as she opened the door to the bedroom and stepped out.

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Erin picked up a magazine and found her place in the article she had been reading. She was just about finished when she heard the twins stirring in the nursery. She quickly finished the article and went in to see her boys.

Erin moved both boys out into the play yard in the living room after confirming they were both dry. She then sat down by the yard and watched her sons. The front door opened and Colleen came in. “Good afternoon everyone!” she said cheerily as she dropped her purse on the recliner and went over to pick up Francis. “How are my grandbabies today?” she asked as she lifted him up to blow raspberries on his tummy. He giggled as she did.

“So what has kept you busy the last few days?” Erin asked as her mother put Francis back in the yard and picked up Thomas for his greeting.

After blowing raspberries on Thomas' tummy, Colleen replied, “On Tuesday I was at the hospital all day for my annual checkup. On Wednesday, I recovered from Tuesday.”

“I completely understand, Mom,” Erin said, nodding. “I remember some of my prenatal visits.”

“Now that I've given it up, what have you been doing since Monday?” Colleen asked.

Erin knew that question was coming but still dreaded answering it before David could get there. “Not much,” she started, “just taking care of the boys and the house and waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

“And has it?”

Erin smiled sweetly. “I... Let's talk about that later, so I don't ruin my good mood now. What's up with Uncle Jack and Aunt Donna?” that launched the two women into a rambling discussion cum gossip session that lasted over ninety minutes.

As they were laughing over the latest antics of Colleen's neighbor across the street, Ted, Erin's cell phone rang. She looked at the display, which just said “Cell Phone” and the number, then realized who was calling. She answered it and said, “Hello!” She could barely restrain her joy at hearing David's voice again.

She nodded as she listened, then gave her house address to David. When she ended the call, her mother said, “Who was that and why did you have to give them your address?”

“Oh, it's a new friend of mine,” Erin said with a sly smile. “They'll be here in a few minutes. You can meet them then.”

“Them?” Colleen repeated, confused.

“You'll see,” Erin said mysteriously. The two sat there chatting until Erin saw a van pull up in front of her house. It was Val's television service van and Erin was puzzled as to why she'd come here. Her confusion disappeared as she saw David, dressed in his technician's uniform, set out the cone and pick up a tool box before heading for the door.

Colleen had come to the window by now and, seeing a technician walking up to Erin's door, said “I didn't know you had a service call set up for today.” As she said that, Erin walked over to the door, her eyes glistening. She opened it, let the tech in, closed it and then threw her arms around him as she started crying.

“Why the tears, little one?” David said as Erin cried in his arms. He was aware another person was in the room so he spoke softly.

Erin looked up at him and smiled. “These are tears of joy, Sir,” she explained to David. He smiled and whispered, “Silly goose.”

“Erin? What's going on?” Colleen demanded to know. “Who is that?”

“Mom,” Erin said, “This is...”

“I'm David Saunders. I'm the man your daughter told you about.” David smiled sincerely as he held out his right hand. He kept his left arm around Erin's waist.

Erin watched her mother introduce herself to David as she thought, “Mrs. David Saunders... Mrs. Erin Saunders.”

“Erin! Snap out of it!” Colleen snapped. Erin looked at her mother sheepishly. “Why is he here?” she inquired.

Erin leaned her head on David's chest. “We better sit down, Mom. It's time to discuss Ronald and the divorce.”

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