Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How It Came To Be - Chapter 9.5

(Telephone rings.)

“Hello, welcome to the Master David Learn By Phone Academy for Future Slaves. This is your Teacher speaking. Are you calling for your initial lesson?”

“Um, well... yes I am.” (Giggles.)

“I see. And whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with tonight?”

“Um... Erin?”

“I see. You will be addressed as “Future Slave Erin.””

“Um... Master?”

“I am sorry, your Master is not available at this time. However, as your Teacher, I can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, Future Slave Erin.”

“Then what should I call you?”

“You may address me as “Teacher.””

(Giggles.) “I understand, Teacher.”

“As this is your first lesson, I will need to go over the preliminaries. This would have been done at the time of registration, but as you were a late addition, so we'll take the time to do this now.”

“Pre... Preliminaries?”

“Yes. I need to ensure that you are properly prepared for tonight's lesson.”

“I see, Si... er, Teacher.”

“First, has the house been properly prepared?”

“Yes, the twins are asleep and the house is locked up.”

Next, are you in your assigned classroom?”

(Laying down in bed.) “Yes, I am.”

“Good. Now, are you properly attired for tonight's lesson?”

(Smiles.) “Yes.”

(Ahem.) “Do you have your required supplies?”

“Um... Well, I have my butt plug, but I still don't have a vibrator.”

“Why are you not prepared?”

“I refuse to borrow my Mother's vibrator!”

“What? Oh, never mind, I see you have been waived from this requirement for the evening. It is indicated you will be properly equipped for tomorrow night's lesson.”

“I am? Ooh!”

Finally, are you ready to begin tonight's lesson?”

(Slides finger in between labia, feels wetness.) “Ahhhh!”

“I take it that is a “Yes”?”

(Breathing heavily.) “Yesssss.”

“Good. Now, the first thing we will cover is... Stop touching yourself, Future Slave Erin!”

(Dejected.) “I have.”

As I was saying, the first thing we will cover is nomenclature.”

“Nomen... what?”

“Nomenclature. Names. What do you call your breasts, Future Slave Erin?”

(Thinks for a minute.) “Ti... Titties?”

“Good. And on your titties you have?”


“Good. Now between your legs, you have your?”


“Well, that is correct, but what do you call the entire area?”

“My Pussy?”

“That is one word, but I would like to suggest you learn another word. Our first vocabluary word is “cunny.”


“Correct. Say it again, Future Slave Erin.”

“Cunny. It sounds like a bad name for my Pussy.”

“Actually, Future Slave Erin, it is a word that was used in Victorian England to describe the female genitalia. You will find it in many writings of the day. We here at the Master David Learn By Phone Academy for future Slaves prefer you use cunny when in class.”

“Cunny... I see, Teacher. It does rhyme with the other words.”

“Very observant, Future Slave Erin.”

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Now, one more term. What do you call your rear opening?”

(Mumbles to self, “Think, Erin, think!”) “Um, heinie... No, no... Fanny?”

“Correct, Future Slave Erin! And do you know what we are going to do with your Fanny at this time?”

“Um... Put my butt plug in it?”

“Also correct! Now, first, take your lube...”

“Lube? I haven't used lube before.”

“You just stick it in?”


Is it... Does it hurt when you do that?”

“No, not really. Just for a moment or two.”

“I see. What size is your butt plug?”

“It is a little bigger than my middle finger.”

“Oh. Now I understand. That will be acceptable for tonight. I will notify your Future Master that he may want to add some items to his school shopping list.”

“More school supplies?”

“for proper training, you will need more school supplies.”


“So, now, at this time, please insert your butt plug into your Fanny.”

(Ow! Ooh! Ah! Mmmm!) “OK, it's in now.”

“All the way to the base?”

“Yes, Teacher.”

“Now, take your left hand...”

“But I'm holding my phone in my left hand!”

“You don't have a headset?”

“No, Teacher.”

“Then put it on speakerphone and lay it beside your head.”

“How do I do that?”

“Look for a button on the screen that says “Speaker.””

(Sound becomes a bit hollow with room noises.) “Is this it?”

“Yes, it appears to be.”

“OK, I have laid it by my head.”

“Good. Now, take your left hand and begin to gently caress your left titty.”


“Now, listen closely. Take your right hand and caress your inner thighs. Do not touch any part of your cunny. Do you understand?”

Yes, Teacher.”

(Gasp. Moan. Ahhhh!)

“Tell me how you are feeling now”

(Ragged breathing.) “It feels so smooth, so soft. I feel a tingling in my belly that is spreading to my clitty.”

“But you are not touching your clitty yet, right?”

“That... (Gasp.) Is... (Ooh!) Correct, Teacher.”

“Good. Now we move on to the next step. Take your index and middle fingers of your right hand and trace around the outside of your cunny. Do not touch your Clitty or inside your cunny lips.”

“What about my left hand?”

“You may move it slowly towards your nippie, and also you may alternate between your left and right tittie as you do.”

(Ah, ah, ah, ah...) may I squeeze my nippies?”

“Not yet, Future Slave Erin.”

“Awww...” (OOOH!)

“Tell me what you are thinking, Future Slave Erin; what you are imagining in your mind.”

(Oh! Oh! Oh!) “My Future Master is caressing my titties and cunny lovingly.”

“Very good. You have the proper mindset.”

“But I know my Future Master will be cruel with me and torture my nippies and cunny and clitty.”

“That is correct, Future Slave Erin, but remember this is only your first lesson. You need to learn that your Future Master will give you pleasure first.”

“I... (Moan!) See, Teacher."

“Then we will move on to inflicting pain.”

(Sharp intake of breath.) “When will that be?”

“When I deem you ready, Future Slave Erin.”

(Mewing.) “I'll be as diligent as I can with my lessons, Teacher.”

“Good. Once you have learned pleasure and pain, the final thing to learn is how to combine the two so that you can experience pleasure from pain, and also know how painful pleasure can be some times.”

“I don't quite under... (Ah! Ah! Ah! Ooh!) understand, Teacher.”

“That is why you are in My class. Let's move on. Now, you may lightly squeeze your nippies and your clitty. Try alternating them so the sensations come one on top of another.”

(Uh! Uh! OHH! Uh! Uh! OHH!)

“What is causing that “OOH!,” Future Slave Erin?”

“When I squeeze my clitty, Teacher.”

“Then try alternating the squeezes so the pattern is not the same.”

“I'll... I'll (Groan!) try...”

(Uh! OOH! Uh! Uh! OOH! OOH! Unnnnn!)

“Good. Now let your middle finger on your right hand dip in between your cunny lips. Tell me what you feel.”

(Ahhhhh!) “I feel so wet, Teacher!”

“Good. Now, I want you to insert the middle finger of your right hand into your cunny.”

“Teacher? Into my... my... depths?”

“That is correct, Future Slave Erin.”

(Low, animalisting growl.) “That feels sooo good!”

“Now work your right hand in and out.”

(UH! UH! UH! UH!) “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes you are, Future Slave Erin. Just imagine that is your Future Master's fingers, or tongue or his cock that is giving you that pleasure.”

“I... I can't imagine my Future Master's co...co... cock.”

“Why not?”

“My... My (Groan!) finger isn't big enough!”

“Good. You are learning fast. Now, keep adding fingers until you feel you are being filled by His cock.”

(Uh! Oh! Nnnngh! AHHHHHHH!)

“What are you doing with your left hand?”

“I'm... I'm sorry... Teacher... I'm pinching my nippies HARD!”

“Is that what you think your Future Master will do to you when He has His cock in your cunny?”

“Oh, God, Yes! I want it so bad!”

“Then you are doing it correctly. How many fingers do you have in your cunny now?”

“F... F... Fourrrrrrrrr!”

“And what are you doing with your right hand?”

“My Future Master is fucking my cunny... no, He's fucking His cunny harder and harder! I want to cum so bad... May I cum, Teacher?”

“Do you think your Future Master would let you cum this soon?”


“Then you may not.”

(Breathing becomes very ragged.) “But if I don't, I'll die!”

“Will you?”


“Then we have arrived at the end of the lesson. You may cum for your Future Master.”

(Sound of fingers furiously plunging in and out of cunt. Deep, guttural moans and groans. Suddenly...)

“I... I... I”m cummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg!”

(Loud commotion, ragged heavy breathing, sounds of bed shaking, then dies down to just labored breathing.)

“You may remove your fingers from your cunny. How do you feel now?”

(AH! AH! Oooooohh!) “I feel wonderful, Teacher.”

“How So?”

“My nippies and cunny are sore, my clitty is throbbing, I'm covered in sweat, all my muscles are aching...”


“I feel loved and cherished.”

“Congratulations, Future Slave Erin! You have passed the first lesson with an A+!”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, Teacher!'

“Your Future Master will be informed of your stellar performance. I'm sure he will be pleased. The next lesson will be tomorrow night, same time, same place... and you will have a vibrator?”

“I'm sure I will, Teacher.”

“Good. I will see you then.”

“And Master?”

“I told you, your Future Master is not...”


“Yes, Erin?”

“Thank you. I love you. Good night."
“You are welcome, little one. I love you, too. Get your rest. Good night!”

(Sound of phone disconnecting.)

(Gardener's note:  With the setup I gave last chapter, I couldn't help but let you listen in on a lesson from the Master David Learn By Phone Academy for Future Slaves.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as Erin did!)   

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