Monday, March 18, 2013

Ride Along - Chapter Seven

I see you're going by “Master David” now,” Val said, smiling. “Does that mean good news?”

“Oh, no,” I protested. “Ladies first. Besides, have you been here before?”

Val's cheeks reddened. “No, this is my first time.”

“Well, then, newbies first,” I corrected myself. “By the way, would you like to sit with me?”

“I am meeting someone here,” Val insisted. “In fact, she's late. If she doesn't have a very good reason, she won't be able to sit for a week when I get through with her.”

“That's alright,” I assured her. “I have a friend with me, too, so it'll be the four of us.” I led her over to the table where I had been sitting.

We both sat down where we could observe the door. Val was a bit anxious. “So, what's been happening with you?” I asked, trying to take her mind off her tardy friend.

“As you can tell, I've met someone,” Val started mysteriously.

“So you did call Sharon!” I exclaimed.

Val nodded, a Cheshire cat grin on her face. “It took me a few days after our ride along to work up the nerve to call her. When I did, she apologized for any trouble she had caused me. That was sweet. She then asked if we could meet for lunch on one of my days off.”

“I'm guessing you did,” I observed.

“I figured a lunch would take, what... an hour at most?” Val continued. “When she came in the restaurant, she looked almost like she did the day I did her install. I remembered why I was taken with her. We started chatting and when I checked my watch, three hours had passed.”

“Three hours?”

“I know,” Val admitted, “I was amazed myself. Sharon and I found out we shared a lot of interests and had somewhat the same backgrounds. I decided to take a chance and we went to her house. I ended up spending the night.”

“Good for you! I take it she's new to the lifestyle?”

“How did you know?” she wondered. Suddenly it hit her. “Oh, because this is our first munch. She had a little taste with a boyfriend in high school but he was clueless. After that, she realized she was a lesbian but she couldn't find any partners into the lifestyle. She's curious about it and we started living as Dom and sub about two months ago.”

“How's it working out?”

“So far, she likes it,” Val confirmed. “We haven't played too heavy, but I know she wants to start going further.”

“How do you know that?” I wondered.

Just then, Sharon hurried up to the table. “I'm sorry, Mistress,” she said, out of breath and worried. “I had a flat tire and had to wait for the auto club to put on the spare. I have the receipt from the driver as proof.” She looked like a little girl trying to avoid a spanking.

“Why didn't you call me?” Val demanded.

Sharon hung her head. “I'm sorry, Mistress. I thought I had charged my phone but it only had enough battery to make the call to the auto club. Please forgive me.”

Val looked at me. I gave her a smile but shrugged my shoulders. She gave me a dirty look that said, “a lot of help you are right now,” then turned to Sharon. She was almost in tears. I could see Val's heart melt right then. She took Sharon by her chin and lifted her head. “I forgive you, Sharon. You know I'm just worried about you.” At that, Sharon broke out into a big smile. Then she noticed me.

“Oh, my! David! What are you doing here?” she blurted out in confusion.

The same as you two,” I replied, smiling.

“I... I never guessed,” she stammered. She stopped and thought, then added, “but it makes more sense now. Thank you for being... being...”

“A gentleman, which is a rare occurrence in today's world,” Val observed. Sharon nodded, smiling.

From behind Val came a voice. “Here's your coffee, Master. The line was longer tonight.” Val turned around to see who was talking to me. Her mouth flew open in surprise.

“I believe you remember Erin,” I said, beaming as she set my coffee in front of me and sat at my right.

“Hello, Mistress Val,” Erin said, smiling.

“Oh, you don't need to call me Mistress,” Val replied. “I'm not your Master.”

Erin giggled. “I know, but I forgot your name, so I just read your name tag.” We all started laughing.

Val turned to me with an accusing look. “I thought you had saved her marriage?” she said sarcastically.

“It wasn't him,” Erin said, jumping in to defend me. “He helped me open my eyes to what was really going on.” Her face turned red as she realized what she had done. She bowed her head and said, “I'm sorry, Master and Mistress. I spoke without permission and I was harsh to you, Mistress Val.”

Val looked at me. I nodded. She then turned to the embarrassed woman and said, “You're forgiven, Erin. You were defending your Master. That is admirable. I shouldn't have been so harsh to him.” She reached out and took Erin's right hand in hers.

“You did well, little one,” I said soothingly. “Please explain to Val what happened.”

Erin brightened up at the praise. Wiping a tear from her eye, she said, “I think you know about our discussion that day.”

Val got a bit uncomfortable. “Do you want to talk about it now?” she asked, nodding her head towards Sharon.

Erin looked where Val had indicated. She blushed as she said, “I'm sorry! I didn't introduce myself. I'm Erin, and I'm Master David's slave, and your name is...” she glanced at the name tag, “Sharon, right?”

“That's right, Erin,” Sharon replied. “I'm Mistress Val's submissive.”

“I'm glad to meet you,” Erin said, smiling. “Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I called Ronnie and told him I had my butt plug in and I would leave it in until he came home.” She was smiling, but Sharon blushed and looked down at the mention of a butt plug. I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed about listening to such intimate talk or if she was wearing one herself.

So what did he say?” Val was getting interested in Erin's story.

“He said that I was a mother of twins now and I had to concentrate on taking care of them. The time for “playing silly games” was over,” Erin recalled. “Before I met David, I would have just listened to him and get mad at myself for being selfish.”

“Oh, no!” gasped Sharon. I saw that she was also becoming absorbed in the story.

“What did you do, Erin?” Val asked.

“I called the only person I could think of at that moment... my Mother,” she continued. “I cried on the phone for at least ten minutes before I could even tell her what was happening. When I finally got it out, she told me not to worry, that she would look into it.”

“Good old Mom,” Sharon said wistfully. Val nodded.

“A few weeks later, Mom said she was coming over with a friend to talk with me,” Erin said. “When she got to the house, I found out it was a private investigator she had hired. He had found out that not only was Ronnie seeing other women, but he had been seeing them since before I got out of the hospital with the twins!” Both Val and Sharon gasped.

“Mom took me to a lawyer and we filed the divorce papers,” Erin explained. “I knew Ronnie got them because he called me and threatened to expose my “sick, twisted sexual preferences” to my family if I didn't agree to his demands. I was afraid and didn't know who to talk to... Then I remembered David.”

What was it about David that made you think of him?” Val asked, curious.

“It was like he knew me already,” Erin admitted. “I could tell he was dominant and I thought if anyone could help me now, it would be David. That's when I happened to see you across the street, Val. I dashed off a note and ran across to catch you before you left.”

Val was shocked. “I didn't realize I was carrying such an important note,” she said.

I took Erin's hand in mine. “I will be eternally grateful to you for giving me Erin's phone number,” I told Val. “For some reason, I was uneasy about her. After I talked to her I knew why.”

“David said we needed to tell Mom first to take away Ronnie's hold over me,” Erin said. “I was petrified but David supported me every step of the way.”

“How did it turn out?” asked Sharon.

“Mom was upset at me at first,” Erin explained, “but after David had a long talk with her, she calmed down and accepted my lifestyle. She decided that we needed to find out if there was anything we could use against Ronnie, so we did some more investigating. What we found out was even more shocking than either of us could imagine!”

“Men,” Val muttered. She saw Erin frown and quickly added, “present company excepted.”

I patted Erin's hand. “To make a long story short, her mother and I were by Erin's side all the way through. What we had found out about Ronnie would have ruined him in his career, so he agreed to all Erin's demands. She got the house and full custody of the twins.”

“So where does this come in?” Val asked, waving her finger between Erin and me.

We both smiled. “I was, to use an old term, smitten with Erin the moment I saw her,” I explained. “She looked so lost and vulnerable that it brought out the Daddy Dom in me. If it wasn’t for my self-control, Erin would have been an “afternoon delight” and I'd never think of her again.

“When I got your call, Val, I was blown away by it. Call it fate, karma, kismet, whatever, I knew she was in trouble and all I wanted to do was rescue her. Before I knew it, I had moved in with her. We were very quiet about it until after the divorce and the annulment were finalized.”

“Annulment?” Val asked?

“Yes. Erin was married in the church so she was hesitant about a divorce until she found out about Ronnie. Once she, or I should say, we did, we had enough evidence to go to the church and prove he had married Erin under false pretenses. The rest was easy, and now Erin and I can get married in the church.”

“But you're living together!” Sharon exclaimed.

“If the church refused to marry every couple that lived together before the wedding, there'd be about ten weddings a year... worldwide!” I said.

The munch group president announced that dinner was being served buffet style. Val and Sharon went through the line together. As usual, Erin brought me my meal before getting herself a meal. The evening was pleasant, with the four of us indulging in small talk. After the meal, there was the monthly meeting for the group. As it was ending, there was a reminder of the play party just after.

“Are you going to the play party, David?” Val asked me.

“We hadn't planned on it,” I explained, “but Erin's mother volunteered to stay overnight with the twins, so we were just going to get a room and play there.”

“Of course, we can't go to the play party until we've been vetted,” Val said. “But if you want, you can save your money and come to our house. You might find it adequate for your needs.”

“You know, that actually sounds better than what we had planned,” I replied. “Lead the way.”

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