Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ride Along - Chapter Five

“I can't believe it!” Val said, laughing as we drove to our next appointment. “You were this close to scoring and then you turn around and save their marriage. You're incredible!”

“How did you know I was close?” I asked Val. “Wait. Were you spying on us?”

Val's laugh turned to a cough. “When you put it that way it sounds so... so...”

“Aha!” I shot back. “You were spying!”

“I thought it was sweet, what you said, but how did you know she was kinky?” Val asked.

“I didn't, but I'd say most people are at least a little bit kinky, if you look below the surface.'” I replied.

We arrived at our second job of the afternoon to find no one home. We knocked on the door, called the phone numbers we had and even called dispatch to see if they could check anything else. Val called the next customer after that, so if this appointment canceled we could get a jump on the next job. There was no answer there, either.

After 30 minutes, Val radioed dispatch and put the work order on hold, just in case the customer finally called. She called the next customer again, getting through this time. He indicated we could come early so we headed there.

All I can say about that job was the less said the better. The guy was one of those you always have suspicions about when you see him. He wore a “wifebeater” undershirt and bib overalls, so he looked like an egg dipped partway in blue dye. Val was nervous about being in the house alone with him-hell, I was nervous about being left alone with him. I worked inside and Val worked outside. We were done in about 12 minutes. I still swear I heard banjo music playing as we drove away.

Val pulled out the work order for the last job of the day. She searched for the home phone number then started laughing all of a sudden.

“Is that customer's phone number that funny?” I asked.

“No, it's not that,” Val said, taking a deep breath. “This next customer is a regular. Her name is Sharon Clark. She's a single woman who's always calling for some simple trouble. I think every tech in the office that's wanted to has nailed her at least once. You might get lucky this time, Dr. Phil.”

“I wonder what her story is?” I mused.

“Oh, she's a fine looking woman,” Val said. “If I was a guy I'd probably go after her, too, but I'm sure she'd not be interested in me.”

“Don't sell yourself short, Val,” I told her. “You are a beautiful woman.”

“Why, thank you, Dave,” Val said. Her cheeks reddened a bit. I guessed she didn't get many personal compliments from co-workers. “It's just that... that...”

“What, Val?” I asked.

“I strive to be professional all the time,” Val replied, “but to tell the truth, I doubt that I've ever ran into a woman attracted to me.”

“Perhaps you just don't recognize the signs,” I suggested. “Have you dated much?”

“Men or women?”

“Either. Both. Take your pick,” I replied.

“Well...” Val slumped a bit as she admitted, “Since I've moved here, I really haven't had much...”

I interrupted her, “Had or taken?”

Val sighed. “Taken,” she said with a sad expression on her face.

“Why, if I may ask?”

Val's voice quivered a bit when she started. “It's the reason I moved here,” she admitted. “My last submissive got really crazy when I told her we had to end it.”

“And you've been afraid to get close to anyone since then,” I concluded.

“AARGH!” she screamed. “Are you a mind reader?”

“No,” I replied. “I've been there before, but I've overcome it.” I looked straight at Val. “You can beat it. I did.”

“I wish I could believe that,” Val said as we pulled into the driveway of the Clark house.

Val rang the doorbell and Ms. Clark opened it. She was still in a nightgown and robe. Her blond hair was tousled in that “just got up from bed” way. She had on way too much makeup for having just got up from a nap, but not enough to make her seem “slutty.”

Sharon's pupils opened wide when she saw the redhead standing at her door. One hand played with a lock of her blond hair. When she noticed I was standing beside Val, however, her pupils shut down to almost pinpoints. Her hand dropped and I saw her shoulders slump just a tiny bit. Val, explaining who we were, didn't notice the signs.

Sharon had a real problem this time, but it was one that Val had to fix on the outside. As I turned to follow her out, Sharon said, “I've got another problem with my bedroom TV. Could you look at it?” She was smiling, but it looked a bit forced.

I turned around, smiling kindly. “I'll be happy to assist you,” I told her as I followed her into her bedroom. Sharon exaggerated her hip swaying just enough to catch my eye. She walked over to the TV, which had a “No Signal” message on the screen. “This is all I get when I try to watch this TV,” she explained.

I pressed the “Input” button on the TV and found it was on “Video 1”, I switched it over to the right input and the picture came back. “Your TV was just on the wrong input...” I started as I turned around. I stopped in mid-sentence once I saw Sharon.

She had dropped her robe on the floor while I was “fixing” the TV. She stood there naked, with a beautiful tanned body, large, soft breasts capped with tasty brown areolas and big nipples. She was shaved to a “landing strip” that led to her womanhood. “Let me thank you for fixing my TV,” she said.

There was only one problem. It was all forced, like she had rehearsed it or had done it so many times it was second nature to her. However, her pupils wet almost at a pinpoint, her nipples were not erect and her labia were as dry as can be. In short, she was not turned on by me in the least.

“Sharon,” I said, “You're a beautiful woman and I'll be happy to make love to you, but I don't believe that's what you really want.”

“Are you saying I'm not attractive?” she asked, confused and seeming a bit hurt.

“No, I'm saying you're not attracted to me,” I replied, looking as compassionate as I could.

“How... How do you know?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Look, Sharon,” I started gently, “Would you be more comfortable talking with me with your robe on?”

Blushing slightly, Sharon knelt down to pick up her robe. She slipped it back on and secured it with her belt, then walked over to her bed and sat down. I grabbed the chair from her vanity and sat down opposite her.

“Here's how I know,” I explained. “I saw your expression when you first saw Val. You were excited that she was here and not just because you'd get your TV back. I'm guessing you hoped for more, even if it was just Val noticing you.”

“Am I that obvious?” Sharon asked, covering her face.

“No, you weren't that blatant,” I assured her, “or Val would have picked up on it. I just know what to look for. Your pupils opening wide, your playing with your hair, even your nipples hardening. They all told me Val turned you on.”

Sharon blushed at my description. “Do you always study your customers that closely?”

“I don't usually go out on service calls,” I explained. “I work on the phones. I am here to see what a tech's day is like, but I've learned how to read people's expressions.”

Sharon nodded and said, “Hmmm... Is she... is Val...?”

“Is she gay?” I prompted. “I really shouldn't get into that. I...”

“I knew it! I'm just wasting my time, aren't I?”

I sighed. “I shouldn't say this, but you're not wasting your time at all. You're just...” Sharon cut me off with a sigh.

“Then why hasn't she even noticed me?”

“I can't give you a definite answer, but I have an idea,” I told her. “I'm sorry, but there's no delicate way to put this. You have a reputation in the office.”

Sharon looked at the floor, her face a bright crimson. “I know,” she whispered. “So many of the men pressured me I just decided that it was easier to give in than to explain why I'm not attracted to them.”

I sighed as I shook my head. “It's... You're... Sharon, just from talking to you for these few minutes I can tell you're a sweet person. I suspect that Val wouldn't even guess you were interested in her.”

“Oh, no!” Sharon moaned. “Here I was trying to attract her attention and you're telling me that I'm actually pushing her away!” She started to cry softly.

“Sharon,” I said, “I don't think it's too late to change that.”

“But how?” she asked, sniffling.

“Well, for one, don't wear such provocative clothing when you greet the techs,” I started. “That will start to give them the idea that you're not “available.” Also, don't call so often. I realize you're trying to see Val, but it's a gamble and the odds are stacked against you.”

“So what do I do?”

“You need to find a non-threatening way to let Val know that you are interested in her,” I said. “But you also have to realize that she might not be interested in you. If she isn't, you need to move on and find another.”

“I know,” Sharon admitted. “What if I wrote a letter?”

“That could be good,” I admitted. “Just keep it short and simple. Don't sound like a stalker.”

Sharon grabbed a pen and a piece of stationary. “Could you give this to her for me?” she asked, writing a note.

I was unsure how Val would react. “Couldn't you just send it to her work?”

“But you're here now,” she said, folding the paper and inserting it in an envelope.

“I can't promise anything will come of this,” I warned her. “I can't even promise she'll take it.”

“I know,” she sighed as she handed the envelope to me, “but I need to take the chance.”

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