Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ride Along - Chapter Eight

As we followed Val's car, Erin was excited. “Do you think I'll be able to fulfill my fantasy tonight, Master?” she asked expectantly.

“Well, I don't know, little one,” I replied, trying to contain my own anticipation. “I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.”

She sat back in the passenger's seat with a little pout. “I was afraid you'd say that, Master,” she said in mock disappointment. The pout lasted only a few seconds before she started giggling, however.

“You've got to learn to hold your enthusiasm in a bit better if you want to fake disappointment,” I said smiling. Erin leaned against my shoulder as her left hand wandered to my crotch. She stroked the bulge there. “I think you're looking forward to it, too,” she said mischievously.

Val signaled a right turn into Sharon's driveway. Sharon had gone ahead to get the house prepared for guests, so her car was already in the garage. Val pulled her car into the other bay. We parked on the driveway itself.

“Go on in and see if Sharon needs any help, little one,” I ordered. Erin smiled at me and went inside. Once she was in, I went over to Val and asked, “Could I ask you a favor?”

“Of course, Dave, anything.”

I whispered in her ear, just in case, explaining what I wanted. Val's eyes grew wide, then she started giggling softly. “I think I can do that,” she said when I finished. “It should be a snap.”

I went back to the car and got our bags. We had a suitcase with a change of clothes and my toy bag. I walked through the kitchen to the living room, where the three women were sitting. “Where can I put these?” I asked, holding up the bags.

“Stick the suitcase by the hall over there but hold on to your toy bag,” Val said. “Unless you want a drink, I'd like to show you two something.” She had a big smile as she walked over to a door.

“Oh, yes!” Sharon exclaimed. “Do we have a surprise for you!”

I took Erin's hand and led her to the door, which opened on the stairs to the basement. As we descended the stairs, we saw Val and Sharon's big surprise. They had converted their basement into a dungeon!

“Impressive,” I said as I looked around. They had a nice selection of furniture. In one corner was a St. Andrew's cross. Next to it was a spanking bench. A gyno table was in a far corner and in the center of the far wall was a queening chair. In the corner to our right was a whipping post but one area was conspicuously empty. Val noticed me looking puzzled.

“That's going to be for a wooden horse,” she whispered in my ear. “Sharon isn't quite ready for it yet, but she's gotten incredibly aroused when she's watched videos.”

“Le me know when you get it,” I whispered back. “I'm sure Erin will want a 'ride', too.”

Erin gazed longingly at the whipping post. “Master, doesn't this look just like the one we have at home?”

“It does. Where did you get it, Val?”

“You know that fetish shop over in the office park? The Emporium? I bought it there.”

I nodded, smiling evilly. “Oh, yes, I know that place.”

Erin lowered her gaze. “Master, may I have my flogging now?”

Val was intrigued at the request while Sharon looked a bit shocked. “You want a whipping?” she asked my slave.

“Yes, I do,” Erin replied. “Master is so accomplished with the flogger and cat o' nine tails.”

“Please, little one,” I protested. “I'm still trying to improve my technique.”

“Wouldn't this be a good time?” she said coyly as she unfastened the closure on her skirt and let it drop on the floor. She then unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slide off her arms, then did the same thing with her bra. She stood there, wearing only a stainless steel permanent collar with a heart-shaped lock and a pleading look.

I looked at Val. She looked back and nodded, smiling, then she turned to Sharon and said, “Sharon, you've wanted to see a flogging up close. Here's your chance.”

“Wrists together in front, slave,” I ordered. As she did, I opened the toy bag and took out a set of cuffs. I placed one on each wrist, then retrieved a pouch from the bag. I pulled two small locks from the pouch and locked the cuffs on her wrists, then took a third lock and locked her wrists together by the rings on the cuffs.

“Over to the post” I commanded. Erin waled to the post and stood before it with her nose touching the wood. Her pert breasts straddled the post. The post had rings at different levels so I chose a ring that would keep her from stretching the muscles in her back and attached her cuffs to a panic snap mounted there.

Stepping back, I admired the view. Erin was up against the post, her hands at eye level, her pale skin glowing in the light. A red crystal could just be seen in the crack of her ass-the base of a butt plug she always wore when we went out. I pulled a suede flogger out of the bag and shook it out to untangle the tails. “Explain the reason for this whipping to Mistress Val and her submissive,” I said to Erin.

She thought for a minute, a bit puzzled at my request, then realized what I meant. “This is not a punishment for me,” she said in a clear voice. “This is actually a reward for another week of pleasing Master.”

“May I ask a question of your slave before you begin?” Sharon asked, her voice shaky.

“You may,” I replied. “Little one, you may answer her freely.” Erin nodded.

“Why is a reward for you to be whipped by your master?” she asked. There was a look of concern on her face.

Erin kept looking forward as she said, “The pain that He gives me releases endorphins that turn it into wonderful feelings. This type of whipping is more like a deep tissue massage. It is in no way a punishment.”

“I'm not sure I understand,” Sharon admitted.

“Then watch us and observe how she responds to the blows,” I told her. Turning to Erin, I said, “I am ready. What is your safeword?”

“Antares, Master.”

“You let your slave have a safeword?” Val said, surprised.

“The only limits she has are the ones I impose on myself,” I replied. “The safeword is a communications tool.” I stepped up to Erin and draped the flogger over one shoulder. She shivered in anticipation as I drew it down her back before repeating the motion on her other shoulder. I did that a few more times, then stepped back to the proper distance and swung the flogger in the air, just barely missing her back. She moaned with desire as she arched her back to try and make contact, but I kept teasing her.

Finally I landed my first blow on her back. Erin took it like a trooper, sighing with relief now that the flogging had begun. Sharon's eyes were wide but her right hand went up to play with a lock of her hair. Val noticed it and quietly said to her, “Strip! She shouldn't be the only submissive that is naked at this time!”

Sharon blushed as she said, “Yes, Mistress.” She pulled off her dress then took off her bra. All that was left were her nylons and a black garter belt. She started to release one stocking when I said to Val, “I like the way she is now. If you don't mind, could you have her keep the nylons on?”

“Good idea,” Val said, smiling wickedly. “You do not need to remove your nylons or garter belt.” Val reattached the one strap and then stood there, hands at her side.

I continued the whipping, working her from shoulders to the base of her ribcage, along with her ass and the backs of her thighs. Erin was beginning to moan with each stroke she received. I began to focus on her alone. In the background, I could hear Val talking softly to Sharon, though I couldn't make out what was being said. I glanced over at one point and noticed that Sharon was aroused, with one hand almost to her clit, as Val whispered in her ear.

With Erin's back, ass and thighs sufficiently pinked up, I paused for a minute or two to check her target areas for any problems. Not finding any, I reached around to pinch her nipples as I whispered in her ear, “Oh, how I wish I could fuck you as I whip you, but you'll get yours soon enough.” Erin just groaned, approaching the point where she would slip into subspace and give up the ability to vocalize her ecstasy for a while.

I stepped back again, retrieved a heavier flogger and began to work her back over with it. After a few minutes of this, I looked over at Val and nodded. As I did, I noticed that Sharon's gaze was heavy with desire... so much so Val had to cuff her hands behind her back. I smiled, realizing that her fears of flogging were probably all allayed.

Val nodded back, then reached into my bag and pulled out an item. I gave Erin a few more strikes with the flogger, then Val silently stepped behind her, unfolded a thick black velvet hood and quickly slipped it over her head. There was a drawstring which Val pulled snug, giving Erin the feeling of being garroted by her captor.

She quickly released the panic snap, letting Erin's arms fall free. Before Erin could react, Val threw her over her shoulder and headed for the stairs. Erin began to cry, “Help me, Master, please!” as they raced up the stairs. I smiled as I watched them leave.

Sharon was shocked by what she had just witnessed. I dropped my flogger and walked over to her. As I released her arms from their captivity, I said, “Erin has had a fantasy of being kidnapped and forced to have sex with women. Val has agreed to this scene. We need to go up to your bedroom. You'll be eating out Erin and Val will sit on her face. I'm going to enjoy the show.”

When we reached the bedroom, Val had already deposited Erin on her back in the center of the mattress and secured her wrists to an eye bolt in the center of the headboard. I noticed there were attachment points all along the headboard, footboard and side rails. “It must be nice not to have to hide your kink,” I thought to myself.

Val caught Sharon's eye and nodded her head to tell her to take Erin's left leg. Val took her right leg and together they silently stretched her as far as they could lengthwise before separating her legs like pulling on a wishbone. Each of the women grabbed a cuff from beneath the bed and secured a leg. Erin was now stretched out as tightly as possible, with her sopping wet cunt on obscene display.

Val removed her skirt and threw it aside, then stepped out of her thong. She had on a black corset with red accents that I had taken for the top of her dress. She freed her breasts from their captivity as she climbed up on the bed and straddled Erin's waist, facing her head. I realized it was the first time I had seen her even partially naked. I shook my head as I realized that Erin and Val could, indeed, pass for sisters.

She grabbed both of Erin's nipples and pinched them hard. I heard a muffled moan emanate from the hood. Val then walked up her body until her knees were at Erin's armpits. I moved to a corner of the room where I could view almost everything but Erin couldn't see me. Val looked at me and I nodded.

Val loosened the drawstring on the hood and pulled it off her head. The expression on Erin's face as it was revealed was a perfect mixture of fear and arousal. Seeing her face like that, knowing how the fear and excitement got her off, was as much a turn on for me as it was for her.

“Wh... Why are you doing this?” Erin asked her captor.

“Didn't he tell you?” Val answered. “Your Master owes me big time, and I've claimed you as my payment.” Erin looked even more shocked when she realized what Val had said. I smiled... I hadn't thought of what to have Val say to my slave and I was amazed at her ad libbing.

“I'm going to get my fun out of you,” Val continued. “You better get me off, you little slut, or you won't be able to sit down for a week when I send you back to him... or should I say “If”...” I nearly lost it then. Val was hamming it up just a little but Erin was totally invested in the fantasy now.

“One more thing,” Val told her captive. “To make it more interesting, My slave will be eating you out at the same time. You best not let your own pleasure interfere with giving me as many orgasms as you can!” She then lifter her body up and planted her crotch on Erin's mouth. She covered the lower half of her face, with Erin's nose buried in Val's firey red pubes. As if on cue, Sharon crawled over Erin's leg and dove headfirst onto her cunt.

I stood there, in the corner of the room, reveling in the obscene tableaux. The three sexiest, kinkiest, most sensual women I know were entwined together on the bed before me. Sharon attacked Erin's cunt like it was her first meal in a month. Her eyes were wild with desire. She held open my slave's labia with one hand while furiously rubbing her own clit with the other.

Val was in her dominant glory. She sat there on Erin's face, riding it like a bull rider in a rodeo. Her red hair cascaded down her back as she rocked to and fro. Val's hands moved from torturing Erin's tits to pulling her flowing red hair, grinding my slave's mouth harder into her pussy and then up to her own breasts, kneading them hungrily.

And Erin... I couldn't see as much of Erin, what with Val sitting on her and Sharon engulfing her crotch, but what I could see told me she was more turned on than I had ever seen her. Her legs quivered as she experienced her first orgasm from Sharon's mouth. Her chest heaved, partly from Val restricting her breathing, but more so from passion. What I could see of her face indicated that she was balanced on an edge between fear and ecstasy.

Val threw her head back and moaned as Erin brought her to her first orgasm. The intensity made Val squeeze Erin's arms against her head. The constriction, combined with Sharon's continued ravenous attack of her cunt, pushed Erin over the brink. That caused Sharon to experience her first orgasm.

The scene was so erotic, so lustful I couldn't wait any longer. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out of my pants to start stroking it. Noticing my activity, Val looked over at me and saw my erection. “No!” she cried out. “Over here,” she pleaded. I had a huge grin as I removed my pants and shorts and climbed up on the bed. I straddled Erin's outstretched arms as I stood in front of Val. My cock was at her face level.

“I'm not going to waste this opportunity,” she said just before she leaned over and licked off the pre cum smeared on the head. She then just about inhaled my cock, sucking it almost all the way down. I looked at Erin's eyes. She was surprised to know I was in the room and excited from watching another woman giving me head. In any other situation, I wouldn't have subjected her to the sight, but at this moment, it was just more stimulation for the three of us. Val came again, which set Erin off this time.

Val was bobbing her head up and down my shaft, then she let it pop out of her mouth. “God, it's been so long since I sucked dick!” she exclaimed breathlessly before sucking my head back in her hot mouth. She let it pop out again to say, “I don't want to swallow, however.”

Looking down at my slave's face, I smiled. “I know just what to do with my cum,” I assured Val. She noticed where I was looking and got a wicked grin, then sucked my cock down again. She resumed bobbing her head up and down the shaft as she ground her pussy into Erin's mouth. Behind us, we could hear Sharon's muffled moan as she had her second orgasm.

With Sharon moaning into Erin's cunt, she came for the third time, and her moaning set Val off once again. Being in the midst of three orgasming women just threw me over the edge, so I pushed Val back, telling her, “I'm cumming!” as I grabbed my cock and pointed it right between Erin's eyes. She saw my aim and closed her eyes just in time to avoid getting any semen in them. I shot rope after rope of cum on her face, covering her from nose to forehead and even getting some in her hair and on her arms framing her face.

As my ejaculation ended, Val leaned back over and took my cock in her hands. “Let me clean you out,” she cooed, then she took the head in her mouth and sucked gently. My cock spasmed one last time as a final bit of semen was ejected into her mouth. Val sat up abruptly with a puzzled look on her face, rolling the cum around in her mouth. She swallowed and said, “Hm... I guess I will swallow next time.”

She moved off Erin's face. As she did, I could see Erin smiling like she always does after a really good scene. She held her eyes closed, however, not wanting the semen to get in her eyes and burn. Val reached down and scooped up a dollop of cum with two fingers and lifted it to her mouth. Sucking on her fingers, she said, “Yep, I'll have to swallow.”

Sliding off of Erin's body, Val knelt beside her face. “Sharon, get over here and help me clean up Erin.” Sharon scrambled to the other side of Erin and the two women proceeded to lick and suck the cum off Erin's face. It was an erotic yet oddly touching scene. When they had finished, Erin opened her eyes to look at me. “Thank you, Master,” was all she said.

“You did well, little one,” I assured her, as I took Val's place beside my slave. We cuddled as I kissed her face, tasting not only traces of my cum but traces of Val and even Erin's pussy juices. Val laid down beside Erin and pulled Sharon to her, cuddling her also. “You were wonderful, my pet,” she whispered to her submissive as she stroked her blond hair. Sharon just rested her head on Val's arm.

We lay like that for about twenty or thirty minutes, then Val turned to me and said, “We normally allow guests to shower first, but if you'd let us go first this time, we'll prepare a late night snack by the time the two of you get out of the shower.”

“Sounds good to me,” I assured her. “Besides, I think Erin will need a little more rest before she can stand again, much less walk.” Val and Sharon got up from bed. Sharon unlaced Val's corset and then the two of them removed their stockings and garter belts before they walked naked to the master bathroom.

“Now, little one,” I said, “how was it? Was it what you had fantasied?”

Erin took a few minutes to gather her thoughts. “You know how people say that “the reality seldom equals the fantasy?” Well, I realize that it doesn't always mean that the reality is worse than the fantasy. This was so much more than I could have ever imagined!” She snuggled in closer under my arm. “Oh,” she added, “did you tell Val what to say to me?”

I chuckled. “No, I didn't,” I admitted. “I hadn't even thought of the possibility of your asking what was going on. She ad libbed that herself.”

“Mmmm...” Erin purred. “That really had me going. I thought that you really did owe her something and that she was going to take it out on me.”

“I do, twice over,” I told her. Erin looked up at me in surprise. “If it wasn't for Val and that ride along, I would have never met you, and if she hadn't called me when you gave her the note I wouldn't have known you needed me.” Erin sighed and snuggled back in. “But let me ask,” I continued, “how did that make you feel?”

Erin thought for a minute. “Scared,” she admitted. “Scared, but turned on. I also felt like I was just a prize that Val had claimed from you. It was... It was...” Her voice trained off.

“I know we've never really addressed the idea of objectification,” I mused.

“Only in a scene, Master,” Erin added.

“So my slave is dictating limits now, eh?” I said as I reached over and pinched one of her nipples.

“OW! Meanie!” she cried.

“I thought you were a masochist?” I teased.

“Hmph! I'm a masochist, not a stoic!” she countered.

Val came walking out, drying her hair with one towel while another one was wrapped around her body. “Shower's free,” she announced.

We spent the rest of the night there, with all four of us eventually sleeping in Sharon's king size bed. Before we left, we agreed we'd have to get together again soon. We made sure we all had each others phone number, then we left for home.

Erin's mother was rocking one of the twins as we walked in. “He just fell back asleep,” she said softly. Erin walked over and took her son from his grandmother. “I'll put him down, Mom,” she whispered.

As I watched Erin carry her son to bed, her mother asked, “Have you two decided when you are going to get married?”

“Erin doesn't want a fancy wedding this time, Colleen,” I explained, “so we're thinking as early as next March or April.”

Colleen looked towards the twin's bedroom. “You know, I still don't quite understand what you two do in your love life. I guess I probably never will,”she said as she turned back to me. “But one thing I do know is that I've never seen her happier than she's been since you came into her life.”

“She makes me happy, so it's easy to make her happy,” I explained.

“And if things get rough?”

“Shouldn't all we've been through answer that question?”

“I want to trust you, David. It's just that I still worry so.”

I looked my future mother-in-law in the eye. “I understand, Colleen, but I made you a promise and I take my promises seriously. Besides, she's a rare jewel and I love her. I may hurt her from time to time...you know what I mean... but I'll say it again. I promise you I will never harm her.”

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