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How It Came To Be - Chapter One

Take that thing out and act like an adult. You're the mother of twins now. You don't have time for playing silly games.”

Erin Donnelly stood there, stunned. She had never heard her husband Ronnie so... so... cold before. It was as if with the birth of their twins he no longer considered her sexy but now considered her a nanny good only for raising his children.

The insistent loud beeping of the “off the hook” signal snapped her out of her daze. Erin realized that tears were rolling down her cheeks. Was she now so unattractive that her own husband rejected her? Erin started thinking of ways she could prove herself worthy of his love again.

Suddenly an unfamiliar voice echoed in her head, “Remind him that you are a sexual being, and never forget it yourself.” It was that technician she was going to seduce. What was his name? Yes, David! He encouraged her to try to get Ronnie interested in her again. “Well, it didn't work, now did it?” she thought to herself.

David's voice came echoing again, “Do your best. If he fails you, that's a different story.” Erin was positive that Ronnie would have jumped at the chance to fuck her ass again. He loved it so much, and she had come to love it, too... even if Ronnie was usually rougher on her when doing it than when they made love normally.

Erin was in a quandary. One voice in her head urged her to try to win Ronnie's attention back, but another voice was rising within her. That one said, “he doesn't love you any more... maybe he never really did.” As that voice grew louder, Erin began sobbing. She doubled over with a stabbing pain in her gut. “What will I do now?” she cried, feeling so lost and alone.

If he doesn't jump on the invitation, especially if he makes a lame excuse, I'd start looking for a good divorce lawyer.” David's words stopped the tears and lessened the ache in her gut. “If it's over, it's over... I guess,” she said to herself but without much conviction. “But how do I get a lawyer?” she wondered.

Erin thought of calling one of her friends for advice. There was Sally... but she hadn't talked to Sally since before the twins were born. She gave up on Erin after being unable to convince her that Ronnie was no good. Well, she could call Rhonda... but she hadn't seen Rhonda in over two years. Erin remembered the last time they had talked. “Your husband is just creeping me out, Erin. I don't know if I can stand to be near him any more.”

Erin went down the list of friends she had made over the years. She remembered how many of them attended her bridal shower. It was a big affair and they all had fun, at least until Ronnie showed up to take her home. Then one or two had declined to come to the wedding. Her first anniversary celebration saw more of her friends gone, and the baby shower could only muster a handful of the many women with which she used to be friends.

Erin's hand flew to her mouth as she realized that Ronnie had systematically run every one of her friends off over the course of their marriage. She had no one she could turn to in her time of need. The tears welled up in her eyes again and she almost resumed sobbing when another voice came to her. “I'll always be there for you, my daughter.”

Mother! Who else could a daughter turn to when there was no one else? Sure, Erin and her mother had had some arguments over her marrying Ronnie, but her mother whispered that in her ear just before she walked down the aisle for her wedding at Our Lady of Sorrows church. “Our Lady of Sorrows,” she thought bitterly. “Even that was a sign.”

Erin looked around for the phone. Where had she thrown it? She spied it on the couch, went over to pick it up and sat down to make the call. A sharp pain from her rectum was a rude reminder that she was wearing one of her larger butt plugs. She realized that that that itself was a silent testimony to Ronnie's neglect of her. It had been a bit of an effort to insert it, partially due to her eagerness to set David's plan into motion, but she wanted to show him she was following his orders... no, suggestion.

Pressing the speed dial buttons, Erin listened to the phone ringing, willing her mother to pick it up. She counted the rings... One... “Pick up, pick up!” Two... “I don't know how I could leave a message.” Three... “Oh, Mother, if I ever needed you to...”

Hi, Erin, how are you doing?” The familiar voice of her mother triggered another round of crying. “Baby, what's wrong?” she asked.

Erin gathered her strength and stopped her sobbing. With tears streaming down her face, she said, “Mother, I... I... Ronnie doesn't love me any more!” She was barely able to hold it together after blurting out her deepest feelings.

Erin half expected her mother to launch into one of her “See, I told you so” lectures. She was surprised to hear her say, “Oh, Erin, I'm sure it's not that bad. What makes you think he doesn't love you?”

The question stopped Erin short. “I didn't plan far enough ahead” she thought to herself. She searched for a way to explain what she did without grossing out her mother. The line was silent for a minute, then she her her mother say, “I don't need the blow-by-blow details of your sex life, dear, just a short summary of what's led you to your conclusion.”

Oh. OK,” Erin replied, relieved. “Well, I made him an offer he couldn't... or I should say hasn't refused in the past,” she explained, “and he turned me down flat.”

I see,” her mother said. “What did he say to you when he turned you down?”

Erin sighed. Her stomach started churning just to recall Ronnie's voice. It was so cold and flat, like he was talking to a servant, not his wife. “He said I should act like an adult and take care of the twins,” she recounted.

Well, I can't fault him on that, Erin.” she replied. “Perhaps you just...”

Erin grew frustrated. “He also said that I didn't have time for “silly games”!” she blurted out. “I'm his wife! Since when is making love to your wife a “silly game”?”

Now the silence came form the other side of the conversation. “I see your point,” her mother admitted after a short pause. “Anything else?”

We haven't made love since the twins were born,” Erin replied.

Maybe he's just being cautious.”

Mom! It's been six months!” Erin exclaimed. “The doctor said I'd be fine after six weeks... and don't say anything about my not looking sexy. I still have fifteen pounds to lose, but I'm not too far off from where I was before the pregnancy. Besides, my boobs are bigger now than ever!”

OK, OK, I understand,” she admitted. “Does he come home every night or has he suddenly found excuses to stay in the city?”

He's stayed in the city only once or twice since the twins came,” Erin recalled. “That isn't much different from before I got pregnant. However, he comes in very late most nights.”

How late?”

I don't know,” Erin admitted. “I'm usually exhausted from taking care of the twins and the house all day. I just know that when I get up for the two A.M. Feeding, he's in bed, but he wasn't there when I went to bed at ten P.M.”

Is he helping you at all with the twins?” her mother asked.

Erin broke out laughing. “I take it that's a “No”,” her mother said.

He barely picks them up at all, and he's never even been in the same room when I've had to change diapers,” Erin explained, “and forget about him doing any housekeeping!”

Oh, my,” her mother said. “We really have a mess on our hands this time.” Normally Erin would be shamed by this when her mother would say that, but this time she heard something different in her voice. It wasn't like she was being sarcastic, it was like they were now in this together.

I'm sorry, Mom, I really am.” Erin began, getting emotional.

This is not the time for finger pointing and blame assigning,” she said. “You’re a McDermott woman, first, last and always, no matter whose name you take in marriage. However, I reserve the right to say “I told you so” when we get this all sorted out.”

Yes, Mom,” Erin replied in a singsong voice. Her mother started laughing, and soon even Erin caught a case of the giggles. They laughed for a few minutes, then Erin said, “Thank you, Mom.”

What for?” she asked.

For being my Mom.”

I wouldn't have had it any other way.”

Oh, one more thing,” Erin said suddenly remembering. “I just realized today he's run off all of my girlfriends. No offense, but I would have called one of them first if I could have.”

No offense taken,” she replied. “So he's isolated you and now he's making you feel like a servant instead of his wife,” she continued. “I was afraid of this.”

Afraid of what, Mom?” Erin asked.

Everything you've told me is a red flag for spousal abuse,” she observed. “It doesn't have to be physical, it can also be emotional abuse. He wielding his power over you.”

That startled Erin. She had married Ronnie because of his dominance over her. It had seemed so natural at the time, and they were so loving in the beginning. Was this Master/slave relationship just an excuse for spousal abuse? She couldn't believe it was so. She had read too many stories online at the KinkSpace website about couples that had been in healthy Dominance/submission and even Master/slave relationships for years, even decades.

I... I... um... guess you're right,” Erin replied. Suddenly she was desperately hoping that it was just Ronnie and not the entire relationship that had gone wrong.

Look, don't worry about the 'why' right now,” her mother said. “We just need to make a plan of action. I'm going to need you to put on a brave face and act like nothing's changed. The last thing we want Ronnie to do is discover we've caught on to his game.”

Um, well, OK, Mom,” Erin said, her voice shaky.

From what you told me, it sounds like if you just pretend you're following his orders he won't suspect a thing,” she assured her daughter.

Erin thought for a minute. “As little as he's home, I think I can pull it off,” she conceded.

Good,” her mother replied. “Now, I have a few things to do, but the less about them you know the better. Plausible deniability, you know. One last thing, though. If he's cut you off from all your friends, how did you become aware of all this?”

Erin took a deep breath. “I had a technician over here to fix a problem with our TV service,” she explained.”

How would that make you aware?”

Well... The technician was a woman...”

And the two of you started talking?” she asked.

Um, well, no, Mom,” Erin replied, a bit concerned about going down this path. “She had a partner with her, a young man...”

Erin!” her mother exclaimed. “Don't tell me...”

Yes, I did, Mom,” Erin admitted as a blush turned her pale skin bright red from her forehead past the collar of her dress. “Or at least, I tried.”

You tried?”

The only thing we did was kiss,” Erin confessed, “but then he stopped me and asked what was wrong. He was the one who told me to try and get Ronnie interested in me again, and he even said if Ronnie made a lame excuse I should get a lawyer!”

Are you sure this was a man and not your guardian angel?” Mom asked.

Oh, I hope not,” Erin groaned.


I would be so ashamed for what I said and did if he was an angel,” Erin admitted.

Well, if he was a man, he sounds like no man I've ever know before,” she replied.

I know,” Erin said quietly.

Don't do anything stupid, Erin,” her mom warned her. "You don't want to give Ronnie any ammunition to use against you.”

Erin stopped in her tracks. “What are you saying, Mom?”

I just mean, don't go seeking this guy out for solace,” came the reply.

I won't,” Erin promised. "Besides, all I know is his first name, David.”

Let's just put that aside for now,” her mother said, “and concentrate on the task at hand. Give me a week or two, dear, and we'll see what we can find out.

It's going to be hard,” Erin admitted.

'I know, Erin. You'll just have to turn to Mr. V.”

Who?” Erin asked.

You mean you don't have a vibrator? I can loan you one of mine.”


Chapter Two

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