Friday, February 22, 2013

"They've Always Beein Good To Me"-Flash Fiction Friday, February 22, 2013

(Gardener's note: Another Friday, another Flash Fiction Friday challenge from AdvizerToAll.  The challenge this time: 250 words or less, using somewhere in the story a synonym for "fixed" but not the word itself and writing about the following picture.   There is a bonus for including a link to my favorite Tumblr other than his.  Go to his blog, Free Advice is worth what you pay for it to see who else contributed this week!)

The kitchen faucet needed servicing. I went to my neighbor across the hall for a recommendation. “Call Pat's Plumbing” she said. “They've always been good to me.” So I did. Pat said “I'll have a plumber there ASAP.”

Twenty minutes later, I heard a knock. “Pat's Plumbing” the person on the other side said. It was Pat. “Come in,” I replied, then I started to explain my problem. “I need my kitchen faucet repaired-the leak is getting worse.” The overalls-wearing plumber got right on the job, not even taking their ball cap off. Since I don't like to hover around and bother professionals while they work, I went back into my bedroom and got on the computer.

I searched for “Pat's Plumbing” and consulted a tradespeople rating service. Every review said “They've always been good to me.” I got suspicious at that point-why were all the comments the same? Then I checked out the After School Kinbaku Club.

I went out to check on the plumber. “Your leak is no more” I was told. I asked how much I owed. Pat looked at me and smiled. “It depends” was the reply. “Do you want the “They've always been good to me” package?

“What comes with that package?” I asked.

Pat's ball cap came off, revealing long blond hair, then the overalls hit the floor and finally the bra and panties were removed.

“I blow out your pipes” she said.

My review reads, “They've always been good to me.”

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