Sunday, May 6, 2012

Truth or Dare: Flash Fiction Friday, May 4, 2012

(Gardener's note: Another Friday, another FFF Challenge from Ram The Sunlover.  The challenge this time: 171-175 words or less, using somewhere in the story the word payment  and writing about the following picture.  Family issues prevented me from getting this done before now.)

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She had planned it all out, researching it to make sure it would work. She had rehearsed it five or six times, to make sure she could get it done in the time allotted while getting it right and being able to get out of it. The only remaining task was to position the camera, record and upload the session.

Nervously, she checked the digital SLR for the umpteenth time. This was the most involved challenge yet and she wanted it right. She didn't want to disappoint all her fans-all those who made the payment to see her place herself into predicaments on a weekly basis. That would be cheating the subscriber's of Cindy's Truth or Dare, the web site she started three months ago.

Cindy had become an internet sensation by accepting and recording weekly “Truth or Dare” challenges for a worldwide audience. She had chosen a dare this week-to tie herself up in a karada in under thirty seconds, including her arms behind her back in a box tie.

And now, showtime!


  1. Showtime indeed! Awesome story for this photo image! Glad you posted. Better late than never.

  2. ROFLOL! Oh what a delightful concept! Truth or Dare eh? You're going to give people ideas you know...

  3. :)

    nice take on the picture! She does indeed look intent on her task!