Friday, May 25, 2012

Car Show

(Gardener's note: This was an easy challenge this week!  Today's challenge-between 100 and 135 words (excluding the title), with the phrase "the scent of (noun)" somewhere in the body of the story and based on the photo below.  Panserbjørne hosts  Flash Fiction Friday..  Go check out his blog to see who else played.)

(Source image: "Hillary" by Bradley Thurber)

I'm polishing the last piece of chrome on the passenger's door of my just-restored '55 Chevy. The car show starts in two hours.

Crouched down beside the car, I hear the driver's door slam and feel the car rock a bit. I look up to see Janet, my girlfriend, stick her head out of the open window. “I love these old cars” she says, smiling seductively.

I continued my work. “I never knew that” I told her. “Why do you like them?”

“Because they have wide bench seats and no seat belt buckles to poke you” she replied.

As I stand up, I see she's naked from the waist down, except for nylons and heels. Leaning in the window, I detect the scent of her arousal.

I never did make that car show...


  1. Aww! Love your take on this story. Love your use of the the required phrase. I bet, it was worth not making it to the car show. :)

  2. Excellent story! Very arousing, and as TemptingSweets99 said, great use of the required phrase. Given how prominently the car featured in the prompt photo, I'm glad to read such extensive car-related detail in your story; virtually all of mine had to be trimmed so my story would fit.


  3. Another good one, Gardener. Bench seats were indeed the cat's meow compared to the buckets and harnesses we have to navigate today!

  4. Such a little vixen! Great story.

  5. Delightful. I love the way she sums up old cars. I like old trucks for the same reason.