Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Just Never Know...

(Gardener's note:  A bit of a change of pace-I hope you enjoy it!)

Let me get this out there right off. I'm a Christian-I always have been, I always will be and I am not ashamed of it. Why am I so emphatic about it? It's because, if you are reading this, you are probably more in touch with my other side... my kinky, slave/wife owning, BDSM side. You'll probably wonder how I can reconcile both sides of my personality. Well, that's another story for another day. Today I want to relate a funny incident that happened a while back.

My slave/wife and I are involved in the local scene-not heavily, but we are involved and well known. Those who know us well enough to know we're both kinky and Christian have come to respect us. We don't drop a Bible on the table in front of us at a munch any more than walk into church with my slave/wife on a leash (though I suspect some would applaud me for doing so!) Don't get me wrong-if you ask either of us about our faith, we will discuss it with you-we just don't believe in cramming it down your throat... (insert appropriate dirty joke here.)

The leadership of the local BDSM group appreciates this discretion by us and has used it to great effect to help others who are like us-people of faith who are exploring their kinky side. If a new person or couple shows up at a munch and the greeter doesn't know them-and if they look like they may be in the wrong place-they always sit them with us. We feel them out by engaging them in a conversation that we've homed to a science, I guess you could say. The benefit of this is we've avoided some potentially embarrassing incidents by steering unsuspecting couples away from the discussion after dinner, as well as made some delightful new friends in the process.

This brings us to a recent Saturday night. We arrived at the munch early, as is our habit, so we could be there to assist in the way I just mentioned. “Our” table is somewhat close to the door but not too close to the head table where the leadership and invited guests sit. This allows us to quietly usher the unsuspecting out before they keel over from shock!

My slave/wife and I had been discussing whether we'd attend the play party later that night. Our hard limits include nudity for my slave/wife as well as public play beyond simple scenes such as a flogging where only her back is bared. We're both old enough and secure enough to be able to tolerate public nudity in others, as long as we do not have to reciprocate. This month, there was a scheduled demonstration of the new neon wand that we both were intrigued with. We wanted to see if it was as good as a violet wand. We had a chance to use a violet wand once, when we spent a long weekend at a bondage B&B. My slave/wife loved the sensation and I loved the forced orgasms I gave her with it.

We were debating whether we could afford to go to the munch and still make it to church on time the next day, as it would be the first Sunday with our new pastor. Since the demonstrations were usually one of the first scenes held at the party, we had just decided we could so both if we left right after the demo was finished when HelloKitty!, the greeter for this month's munch, walked up to our table with a couple in tow.

“Don and Barb, this is Ronald and Lori” HelloKitty! Announced. “This is their first time here and I thought you'd like to get to know them.” That meant we needed to make sure that this clean-cut middle American looking couple were in the right place. Ronald and Lori sat across from us at our table and we said our greetings.

“So, this is your first time here, Ronald?” I asked. “Are you here for the computer group?” Like with many BDSM groups nowadays, munches are referred to as “computer group” meetings to give a plausible cover. Since we do so much communicating on the Internet, it's a truthful explanation-besides, there's usually enough geek talk going on before the evening starts that it almost is a computer group-just one where the garb is leather and latex instead of jeans and t-shirts!

“Since I understand you are regulars, I guess we can admit we came for the munch” Ronald said, “and you can call me Ron. Lori is my slave/wife.”

“Then you're in the right place, Ron” I replied. “How did you find us? Was it the web site or was it one of the list sites?”

“We saw the group listed on Fet Life and looked up the web site” Ron explained. 'we just moved here and wanted to see what the local scene was like.”

I smiled. “It seems we won't have to do the usual vetting with the two of you, Ron.”

“Vetting?” he asked, intrigued.”

I laughed. “Yes, vetting. We occasionally get some unsuspecting people come in here. The greeter seats them with us and we quietly learn if they are here for the munch or are misdirected. We make sure to get the misdirected people to a safe place before the after-dinner meeting begins.”

“Even if we have to miss the meeting ourselves” Barb added.

“Well, you won't have to worry about that with us!” Ron said, grinning.

We continued on with small talk, filling in the new couple on what we knew of the local scene. It wasn't much, seeing as we only play privately, but we were able to tell them who they would want to talk to if they wanted more information. We also shared what personal information we felt comfortable sharing with a new couple-but that included our faith.

“So you believe you can be in a Master/slave relationship and still be Christian?” Ron asked, seeming very interested in the subject.

“Yes, we do” I replied.

Ron smiled. “Then this has to be the place for us!” he said. “We believe the same as you!” We all broke out laughing.

Our meals were served and eaten, the tables were cleared and the meeting part of the evening commenced. There were reports from committee heads and the various officers (yes, this is a duly organized association with a constitution, officers and all that stuff), a report on the charities the group supports and then a time to recognize guests and new people. I stood up and introduced Ron and Lori and then Ron stood up and thanked the group for being so open and friendly.

The rest of the meeting flew by and before we knew it the president announced “This meeting is adjourned” and banged his gavel on the table. “We'll see you at the play party!” he added.

Ron said “I know we can't go to the party. We weren't even planning on it. I start my new job tomorrow and I can't afford to be late.”

“It's too bad you have to work on Sundays” I replied. “We're going, but just to see a neon wand demonstration. We don't want to be late for church tomorrow.”

“Yes, I know what you mean” Ron agreed, nodding his head. “Come on, Lori, let's go.” Lori didn't appear to hear her Master and continued chatting with Barb. “Lori” he said again. She still didn't hear him. He walked over to her and touched her right elbow. She turned to face him and lowered her head.

“Yes, Master?” she asked, knowing it was safe to address him that way here.

“Did you not hear me, little one?” he inquired.

Her cheeks turned red. “I heard your voice but I was enjoying talking with Barb so much I didn't pay attention to you, Master” she confessed in a quiet voice.

“It's time to leave, little one” Ron said in a stern but caring tone, “and we will have to deal with your inattention when we get home.”

“But I was the one distracting her” said Barb, now also blushing in shame.

“Then I will have to deal with your complicity in this matter, my beloved” I told her.

“Does that mean we won't go to the demonstration?” Barb asked, concerned.

“No, we'll go” I told her. “I want to see that demo. But when we get home-six of the best.”

At that, Barb hung her head and replied “Yes, Master.” Lori caught her breath.

Ron looked at me and smiled. “Thank you” he said, “you've helped me make my mind up. That sounds like a fair punishment.” At that, Lori gasped but gave no protest. He took her hand and led her out of the room.

The demo was very instructional and we even had a chance for Barb and I to try the neon wand out, though only on her back. We both agreed it would have to go on the “must have” toy list. We returned home, where Barb accepted her punishment caning as she always does, followed by a tender (pardon the pun) lovemaking session (Barb may hate the cane, but it certainly does arouse her!)

As a result of the evening's activities, we both overslept about 20 minutes the next morning, which put us in a time crunch that made us just a bit late for church. We walked in, found two seats in the back of the church and sat down (gingerly for Barb.) Pastor Pat, the retiring preacher at our church, was in the middle of introducing the new preacher. He stood at the front of the church with his wife Connie by his side.

“...So we're really going to miss all of you” Pastor Pat said “but we know we're leaving this congregation in good hands. Therefore, I'd like to introduce the new pastor of Community Church and his wife- Ronald and Lori Macmillan!”

I looked at Barb. “No, it couldn't be” I said. “It has to be a coincidence.” Then the new pastor and his wife walked out to center stage to be greeted by Pastor Pat and Connie. It was the couple that had sat across from us at last night's munch. As the congregation stood up to welcome them with a round of applause, we also stood up-however, Barb was giggling and I had a big grin on my face. “Well, I'll be...” I said.

Ron led Lori over to where the pastor's wife always sat. Lori sat down slowly, hiding her discomfort as best she could. Barb and I both recognized the signs of a vigorously applied punishment caning, however. We sat back down, with Barb echoing Lori's discomfort. Ron introduced himself and started into his sermon.

As soon as he had given the final blessing, I took Barb's hand and said “I think it'd be better if we didn't meet him here this Sunday.”

Lori agreed, saying “Yes, we should make our first meeting in this context a more private one.” We hurried out before he came back to the entrance to greet his new congregation, vowing to set up our own meeting later.

(End note: This is a fictional story-but my slave/wife and I wish we could find a minister like that!)


  1. Really!? This really happened? Two thumbs up for not having a problem with your faith and sexual tastes.

    1. I'm sorry, this is a story I thought up. However, it does mirror my feelings. I also have a website called Christians and BDSM, which I've sadly neglected and need to work on.

    2. LOL! I wasn't sure that's why I asked. Either way, I still like the story and the sentiments.