Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tony and Sandy: Part 2

(Gardener's note: It's been a busy week for me, and I finally have the chance to continue on with the story of Tony and Sandy.  Enjoy!)

 Tony looked around to see where he could place Sandy. He decided to bend her over the spanking bench to start. He steered her over to the bench and shoved her over it, so she was just about doubled over. “Spread your legs, bitch” Tony ordered, then turned to her toy cabinet to retrieve some items. He came back with a set of cuffs and a collar. Tony knelt down and proceeded to secure the ankle cuffs on both feet, then took the attached double chain snaps and secured them to eyebolts on the legs of the bench. Sandy's legs were now obscenely stretched

Tony helped Sandy upright then pulled out his knife again. He used it to cut off her bra, slicing the straps before running the blade up between her tits and cutting the restrictive garment free. He then secured the collar around her neck with a lock, tied a second length of rope onto a 'D' ring on the front and ran the rope though a eyebolt, pulling her torso back down over the bench. He secured the rope with a decorative wrap. Sandy was now spread-eagled and draped over the bench with her hands still tied behind her back, her head down and her massive tits hanging down nearly in her face.

“Please, Tony, let me up!” Sandy pleaded. “I promise I'll be good. I'll wear a real sexy short dress and no underwear and flash any guy you want me to.”

“Whassamatta? The girls not good enough for you?” Tony shot back.

“I'll even flash the girls, Tony! Please!” Sandy wailed.

“You won't just flash 'em. You'll eat their cunts out and let them eat your skanky cunt, bitch” Tony snarled, but with a big grin on his face. He was enjoying this change of pace for him. “Maybe one of them will even eat your asshole out...”

Sandy shuddered at that. Tony was standing behind her and he could see her cunt lips swelling as she became more aroused. He also noticed that her anus puckered when he mentioned having it eaten out. He looked at the puckered brown “eye” and recalled the incredible tightness of her sphincters even after the numerous times he had reamed her out with his cock.

“I need to teach you respect, you slut” Tony growled as he took off his shirt and t-shirt, getting back into the scene. He unbuckled his belt and slid it free of the belt loops just as his dad had done a few hours ago, letting his pants drop on the floor. Now Tony had only his black satin briefs on. Doubling the belt over, he snapped it so the leather made a loud “CRACK”. Sandy shivered and Tony noticed her ass was beginning to pink up already.

Tony caressed Sandy's ass cheeks with the belt. “I'm sure gonna love painting stripes on this ass tonight” he chortled. He placed his left hand on one cheek and fondled it, then ran his hand down her thigh and jammed his fingers into her cunt. It was sopping wet. “Whoo-ee! I think you're looking forward to this whippin'” he proclaimed.

“Please don't! I'll be good! Don't mark my bottom!” Sandy cried.

“Bottom? BOTTOM?” Tony sneered. “This is a full-fledged, USDA Prime Big Ol' ASS!” then he reared back his right arm and brought the belt down hard on her ass cheeks with a resounding “SMACK”. An angry red welt leaped into being across both cheeks as Sandy howled in pain. Adjusting his aim, Tony let fly with another stroke. Another “SMACK”, another beautiful welt right below the first and another cry of pain for Sandy. He repeated the process two more times, slowly moving down her ass.

By the fifth stroke of the belt, Tony had arrived at his primary target-the “sweet spot” between the ass and thighs. “Sweet” for the sadist, that is... it was anything but sweet for the person under the belt. Tony came down on the juncture with the same force as he had the other four blows, but where the other ones felt like hot strips of metal had been laid across her ass, this one felt like a red hot katana had sliced both her legs off in one blow. Sandy screamed like Tony had never heard her before, then took several deep breaths while sobbing softly. He almost stopped the scene right there, but Sandy finally choked out through her tears “You son of a bitch! How could you do this to me!” It was one of the safewords they had set up at the beginning of their relationship. It meant “That was over the top but I'll be able to continue.” Tony relaxed and made a mental note to apologize for his overenthusiastic hit when it was all over.

“So the whiny bitch gets brave when she gets warmed up, eh? Let's see what we can do about that!” Tony said with a malevolent glee as he bent down to untie the rope attached to the eyebolt in the floor, keeping the rope on Sandy's collar to use as a leash. He released the snaps on the ankle cuffs and pulled her legs back together, then secured the two snaps to each other so that all Sandy could do was shuffle her feet.

Tony then reached around Sandy's shoulders just above her tits and helped her stand back up. He checked her eyes quickly to gauge her condition. Sandy's eyes were red and bloodshot but they were responsive to light and they were lit up with desire. Her mascara had run, but up her forehead and into her hair, giving her an almost clown-like appearance. Satisfied that she was tolerating the rough play, he tugged on her leash. “We ain't done yet, bitch. In fact, we're just starting!” he snarled.

Pulling the leash just enough to keep her unsteady but not force her to fall, Tony led his captive to the St. Andrew's cross. He tied her leash on the cross and went back to Sandy’s toy box. He pulled out wrist cuffs that matched the ankle cuffs and collar. Returning to Sandy, he placed the cuffs on just above the rope binding on her wrists-tight but not too tight. He linked the snaps together like he did with the ankle cuffs then he undid her wrist bindings. Tony stopped to admire the pattern of the jute rope embossed on her skin. He ran his fingers along the valley, tracing the ridges and valleys made by the twists in the rope.

“What are you doing to me?” Sandy demanded, a bit puzzled at Tony's seeming inaction.

“Shut up, bitch, before I stick a sock in your yap... or maybe I should just shove that nasty pair of panties in there and tape that fuck hole shut for now” Tony retorted. “I'm just admiring my handiwork.” He then slid the cuffs down to cover the rope marks and tightened the cuffs until they were comfortably snug, then he separated the clips and moved her left arm over and up, fastening the snap to an eyebolt in the cross. He reached behind her and grabbed her right wrist and did the same thing on the other side, forcing her to shuffle back against the wood. Tony then knelt down and did the same for her legs. She now looked like a large flesh colored “X”.

Tony stepped back and admired his captive with a sinister leer. Sandy was in amazing shape. Her 40DD tits were all natural, with beautiful reddish colored areolas and nipples Tony could suck on all day and she had just enough of a pinch in the waist to give her an attractive hourglass shape but still afford ample cushioning when he would grind down on her in the missionary position. Her legs were shapely and had not an ounce of fat or cellulite on them. When she wasn't lust crazed, she was every bit the picture of a Southern belle. However, Tony almost never got to see that side of her. He was good with that.

Looking to his right, Tony scanned the row of crops, floggers, cat-o'-nine-tails and short whips hanging on the wall next to the cross. He spied one that was familiar but seldom used. He had given it to Sandy on their third scene. He took it down and held it behind his back as he returned to his spot in front of the naked blond.

“I see you stickin' those udders out at me” Tony sneered. “You think they're gonna distract me with their size? I've seen better. I'll bet you like havin' men paw at your tits, sucking and biting your nips. You get off on having their hands all over your fun bags. Well, I don't want to disappoint you, so I'll put MY hand all over your skanky tits.” As he growled the last, he swung his right arm out from behind his back and revealed his choice of implement-a crop with the slapper shaped like a hand. He started slapping her tits all over, leaving five-fingered red marks all over like obscene dalmatian spots. Tony alternated between leaving hand prints and flicking her nipples. Sandy twisted and bucked as Tony rained down the crop on her tits, crying out when he flicked her nipples. The nipples, however, got even harder than they had been and looked like they might pop off her globes.

After covering the ample surface of her tits fully with red hand prints, Tony stopped to admire his work, then went back to the collection and swapped the crop out for a stingy flogger. He rained stinging blows all over her tits and even flogged her inner thighs and cunt. Sandy's cries became intermingled with groans of pleasure, especially when the flogger slapped her clit. Tony kept the flogging up for about ten minutes, then stepped back to look Sandy's body over. He tits were a medium red, her thighs were a shade or two darker and her cunt literally dripped with her arousal. She just about hung from the cuffs attached to the cross and her eyes were closed.

Tony returned the flogger to its hook and picked up the final implement for this part. It was a cat-o'-nine-tails made out of black rubber. Each tail had four or five pieces of the same rubber tied around the tails to make them look like the barbs of barbed wire. It was another present from him to Sandy. It was possibly the kinkiest Christmas gift he had ever given. He took it down and swung it a few times. He loved the distinctive “swish” the tails made. Sandy heard the sound too. Her head jerked up and her eyes snapped open wide. She let out a long, moaning “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Tony chuckled, “You remember this one, eh, bitch? I remember my ears rang for a day. I think I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen again.” He went back to the toy box and pulled open a drawer. He looked over the contents and picked out a large red ball gag on a harness. He went back to the captive and said “Open wide, bitch.”

Sandy shook her head and repeated her “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Tony grabbed her nose and pinched it shut until she had to open her mouth to breathe, then shoved the oversized rubber ball into her mouth. He let go of her nose and quickly secured the harness around her head. He then handed her a large jingle bell. Sandy knew this was her non-verbal safeword. She was to drop or throw it if she was in distress. Sandy's eyes were wide and fear was plainly etched on her face, but she clutched the bell tightly.

Tony stepped back and gave the whip a few more practice swings, to get the memory of how it handled back. He then stepped a little closer and brought the whip slashing down on her right tit. She screamed around the gag, though it was muffled, and tried to shrink away from the next swing. Tony brought the next stroke down on her left breast and she screamed again. Both breasts now had a pattern of scratches on top of the reddened hue of their skin. Tony's third stroke was on the outside of her left thigh and then he swung the whip up and around to land a blow on the outside of her right thigh. He did that same circuit two more times, then replaced the whip and stepped out of character for a minute to check Sandy's wounds. He caressed her breasts, her thighs and her pubic area, making sure that there was no major damage. He removed the ball gag, whispering in her ear “Are you alright?”

Sandy replied in a husky whisper “You're really intense tonight but I can handle it.”

Tony whispered back “You're making me proud, dah-lin.'” Sandy let out an involuntary chuckle. Tony stepped back with a smile, stepping back into character.

“What do you think is so funny, bitch?” he spat out.

“How you're going to look when I have you hanging here naked with your tiny dick barely visible” Sandy hissed back.

“Never gonna happen, fuckmeat. Never gonna happen” Tony growled. He stepped up to Sandy's left side, then knelt down and unclipped her left ankle from its restraint. He then stood up and unclipped her left wrist, sticking his fingers into the cuff to control her arm. He drug her left arm over to where he could refasten it to the eye bolt to which the right wrist was secured. He then refastened the left ankle to where the right one was, then released the right ankle. He stood up again and disconnected her right wrist, then drug that one over to where the left had been secured. After securing her right ankle, Sandy was turned around so her back was exposed and her tits were pressed into the wood of the cross.

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