Monday, April 9, 2012

Tony and Sandy: Part 1

(Gardener's note: When I started this blog,it was to present a story I had been working on for a while.  I asked for a little advice from a "talented amateur" (think Emma Peel in The Avengers... the TV version, not that dreadful train wreck of a film.)  As she confirmed my suspicions,  I put that project on the back burner and decided to relaunch this blog to get some more practice on shorter projects.  However, I feel some elements of that project can stand on their own (with a little editing.)  This is the first part of one of them. Let me know what you think.)

Tony wasn't sure of what he was going to do to Sandy just yet. He didn't like elaborate and detailed scripts for his scenes. Being impromptu and seizing on opportunities was more his style, and Sandy just couldn't get enough of his style. Tony always seemed to know how to push the emotional envelope with his submissive while stopping just before the “line.” Sandy especially loved not knowing what was going to happen. She really got off off on the uncertainty and even fear as to what would happen next.

As he drove, Tony ran some scenarios through his mind. He decided it was time to push all her buttons. As he drove closer to her house, a basic outline of what he wanted to accomplish tonight formed in his brain. He began to work out the character he'd be playing as he wanted to kick things into high gear as soon as he walked through the door.

Tony drove through the entrance gate of Sandy’s house. The gate and the 10 foot wall surrounding the property gave Sandy all the privacy she could ask for. Tony smiled as he remembered their outdoor exploits, from dropping her in the snow naked and hogtied (then getting naked himself and fucking her doggy style with her head in a snow drift) to an honest-to goodness crucifixion (with Sandy tied to the cross) in the rain. He then put aside those happy memories and proceeded to get into character.

Stepping out of his car, Tony went over to the front door and tried it. The doorknob turned easily and the door quietly opened. He pulled it shut, reached in his pocket for his key ring and slowly locked the door. Stepping back a bit, Tony took a deep breath, shook his arms and head and thought to himself 'It's showtime!' He reached out and rang the doorbell. He waited a few seconds and rang it again-and again-and again. He could hear footsteps racing down the hall.

Sandy ran to the door, annoyed that someone would be so rude as to repeatedly ring her doorbell. Their timing sucked, too, as she was expecting her Tony to arrive in about 20 minutes. Arriving at the door, she turned the knob to no avail. Hadn't she unlocked the door for Tony just like always? She turned the latch in the center of the doorknob and opened the door a bit. “Who is...” she started to say, when the door flew open, just missing her, and she was greeted by the sight of Tony standing on her front step. He was upset-no, he was pissed.

“How dare you lock me out, bitch!” Tony snarled, a hard look in his eyes and a sneer on his lips. He strode into the foyer of the house and wheeled around, forcing Sandy to turn to face him. She reached out and swung the door shut as she did. She ended up about a foot from the door, facing Tony. “I... I... I...” she stammered, completely confused by his uncharacteristic aggressiveness.

“'I... I... I...' You WHAT?” Tony growled in a low voice.

“I... I thought the door was unlocked for you” Sandy said, trying to hold back the panic that was rising from the pit of her stomach. 'I remember unlocking it myself, my...”

“You sure you didn't dream it?” Tony retorted derisively. “That's all you do around here, Sandy. Sleep and eat and spend my money.”

Sandy realized that this was the start of their “scene”... this night's role play. A part of her, however, was still very anxious. She had never seen Tony like this before. She couldn't tell how far he would go, how much in control of himself he was-and it was turning her on.

“Tony, you know I do more than that...”she protested weakly.

“Like what? Sucking the mailman's cock?” was the reply.

“T... T... To... Tony, I never...” she stammered.

“That's the problem, bitch” Tony growled. “You never. Look at tonight. I tell you to dress up, that we're going out. I want you to look hot so I can show you off and rub those bastards' noses in the dirt. But what do you do? You drag some old rag out of the trash bin and try to pass it off as fashion!”

“But... but I thought...” she pleaded.

“You THOUGHT?” Tony sneered back. “Where did you get the idea you could think?” He slowly moved closer to Sandy and subtly moved her to within six inches of the door without her noticing it. “You DO NOT THINK! You DO WHAT I SAY!” His left arm flew out-his hand caught Sandy around the neck and slammed her body against the door. He used enough pressure to make it feel real but not enough to really choke or even bruise her.

“Well, Sandy” Tony continued, “you fucked up my night so we'll just have to stay in and make our own fun, okay?” The words sent a shiver down Sandy's spine but once it reached her tailbone, it took a detour straight to her clit, which started throbbing.

“Since we're staying home, why don't we get comfortable?” Tony said sarcastically. He then reached out with his right hand and grabbed the collar of Sandy's dress. He gave a mighty tug and the dress ripped in two down the front, revealing her lacy bra, panties, nylons and garter belt.

Tony looked her up and down like he was inspecting a side of beef hanging in a meat locker. “And you forgot the rule, didn'tcha? NO... FUCKIN'... PANTIES!” He pulled out a knife he had in his back pocket, flipped it open with a practiced hand, ran the blade up the left leg hole of the lacy nylon garment, just scratching her thigh with the tip of the knife so it left a red streak but no blood. He faced the blade out and jerked it up, cutting one side from the leg hole to the waistband. He then repeated the process on the right side, and Sandy's panties fell to the floor. Her cunt lips were already glistening.

Tony flipped the blade closed, stuck the knife back in his pocket and grabbed Sandy's right wrist in his free right hand. Still holding her by the throat, he began to pull her right arm over to turn her to face the door. She made the turn with his left hand still on her neck, but now squashing her bra-encased 40DD tits against the door. She had to turn her head to prevent hurting her nose as her face was shoved into the steel of the door.

“I guess we won't need this any more” Tony said as he roughly tugged the remains of the dress off Sandy's shoulders and down her arm, exposing her curvacious body. He tossed the ruined dress aside and reached into his back pocket, where he pulled out a coil of rope. “Put your hands behind your back” he ordered.

“No, Tony, please don't do this” Sandy protested. Tony could tell Sandy was slipping into character only because they had played so much in the last year he could read her like a book.

“You're tellin' me NO?” he roared. Reaching out with his right hand he grabbed Sandy's wrist and forced her arm back. Using it as a lever to keep her against the door, he let go of her neck and grabbed her left wrist, pulling it back also. Using his big left hand to hold both hands together, he started looping the rope around her wrists. When he had a couple of wraps around the wrists, he wrapped the rest of the rope over the first part of the tie, winding it around the rope and tying it off. Sandy's arms were now bound behind her back.

“Let's go to the play room, bitch. I wanna see you ride your little pony” Tony said with an evil tone in his voice, then he chuckled. He grabbed her bound wrists and started dragging her backwards across the foyer and down the hallway. Sandy was crying and protesting the whole way. They arrived at the door of the fourth bedroom. Tony flung it open and drug her into her own custom-built dungeon, flicking the lights on as he did.

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