Friday, April 20, 2012

The Next Step: Flash Fiction Friday, April 20, 2012

(Gardener's note: Another Friday, another FFF Challenge from Ram The Sunlover.  The challenge this time: 129 words or less, using somewhere in the story a word that, when spelled backwards, has a different meaning  and writing about the following picture.)

woman in stockings corset and heels having a blindfold tied on her by a man with white gloves
Image: source unknown

My butler brought her into the room. Blindfolded in the limo, she knew not where she was. My chauffeur had taken a winding route back to the estate. She only knew I would be at the end of the journey.

I sat there, silent, as she was led into the room. She had dressed as I ordered, the black mini-dress, fishnet stockings and spike-heeled boots being one of my favorite outfits for her. It was the way I wanted her to look when I took the next step.

Tired of casual encounters, of submissives kept only as pets until bored of them, I needed more. I found it in her.

My butler removed the blindfold. I was on one knee, holding a ring. “Marry me” was all I said.

(Since I used all my 129 words, we'll never know what her answer was...)


  1. Hey - great twist at the end and use of the word pairing!

  2. Awesome twist! Great story, very sweet. Well done!

  3. awww! i liked this. i'm hoping she said, "yes!" :)