Monday, April 2, 2012


He watched her come in and sit at the bar-the same stool she sat at every time. She ordered her drink and pulled out a ten, laying it on the bar. He had observed her so carefully he knew everything she would do in the next thirty minutes, although he would dictate how the last twenty went.

She was a thirty-something woman with long, chestnut brown hair. She had it done up in a tight ponytail high on the back of her head. He remembered that was a sign she had just come from the gym. From other times he had watched her, some from even closer than he was now, he knew she had green eyes that looked like jade, set against skin that was... “glowing” was all that came to mind. Her smile could melt your heart.

She wore a white button-up blouse under a gray sweater vest with a geometric design and a matching gray knee-length skirt. He'd seen her wear that outfit twice before during his time studying her. It must be one of her favorites. She was about five and a half feet tall and he estimated she was 36-26-36-not quite an hourglass figure but looking good. She obviously took good care of herself.

He had sat at the table about 15 feet away from her because it gave him a good view and she would walk right by him when she went to the ladies room. It would only seem natural that he would be getting up to leave when he made his move. He perused the paper he had retrieved from the trash can it had been deposited in, but kept an eye on her all the time.

She stood up, thanking the bartender for the drink, and headed for the ladies room. He let her pass and turn to go down the hall, then idly pulled a bill from his wallet and dropped it on the table. As he picked up his paper, he noticed that he had left a $50 bill. He panicked a bit as he reached for his wallet again. He switched the $50 for a $20. He didn't want to be remembered as the man who was a big tipper. He didn't want to be remembered at all.

The delay meant that he had lost sight of her and by the time he got to the janitor's closet she was already in the restroom. He switched to plan “B”. Slipping in to the unlocked closet, he put on a balaclava that covered all of his face except his eyes. He pulled out a length of rope and readied it for use then stuck it in his back pocket for ready access. He heard the restroom door creak so he looked through the crack he had left in the door.

She came into view in a few seconds. His heart pounding with excitement, he pulled open the door, reached out with his right hand to grab her left wrist and drug her into the closet before she knew what had happened. Pushing the door closed with his butt, he quickly covered her mouth with his other hand to stifle any screams. He had her right arm behind her as he held her in front of her. So far, so good.

He leaned his head forward and whispered hoarsely in her ear “Don't make a noise and it will all be over soon. Otherwise...” and he let her imagination fill in the rest. “”Now, I'm going to uncover your mouth. I want you to put your left arm behind your back and interlock your hands” he ordered the shaking woman.

As he took his hand from her mouth, she said “Please, don't hurt me. I'll give you anything you want. Just don't do this!” He moved his left hand down to her left wrist and held both wrists as he reached into his right back pocket to retrieve the rope. Finding the bight, he quickly wrapped the rope around her wrists, tying them tight. Once he was satisfied with the tie, he spun her around to face him.

He saw her eyes moving back and forth as she tried to find any distinguishing marks to tell the police later. He knew that all she could see were his eyes-his ice cold blue eyes. She seemed to slump as she realized she had no way to identify her assailant. “Pl... Pl... Please, take my money” she stammered. “I have lots of money and credit cards. You can also take my car-the keys are in my purse.”

He started unbuttoning her sweater vest as he said “You see, the thing is I don't need money-I've got all I need. Credit cards, too. Driving a hot car would surely get me busted. I don't want any of that.”

“Then what... what do you want?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“You'll see soon enough” he said as he started in on the buttons on the blouse. When he got down to the waistband of the skirt, he pulled both the sweater and the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, trapping them even more. She had on a lacy white bra. He guessed she was about a D cup. He wondered what her nipples looked like. Well, there was only one way to find out.

As he slipped his fingers under the shoulder straps of her bra, she started weeping. “Please, please don't do this to me. I'll give you anything if you stop. I won't tell anyone. I...”

He cut her off. “Yeah, you said that already” he growled softly as he slipped the straps down her arms and peeled the bra cups away from her tits. She had nice brown silver dollar-sized areolas that were topped with thick nipples that were hardening before his eyes. “I'm sure you got lots of stuff you like to give me... but I only want one thing right now.”

Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he meant. “Please don't rape me... please... please...” he voice trailed off. Then she looked in his cold blue eyes and said “I have herpes. If you rape me, you'll get it too.”

He just laughed. “That's a relief. Here I thought I was going to give them to you” he said sarcastically. “Besides, I'm not going to fuck your skanky cunt. There's only one hole I want.” He shoved her back against the wall and then put his hands or both of her shoulders. He forced her to her knees. She landed on an old towel with her eyes level with a massive bulge in his trousers.

“Oh God, no!” she wailed. “I... I can't do that. I won't do that!”

“If you hope to get out of this closet alive, you will” he threatened as he unzipped his fly and reached in to pull out his hard cock. She stared at it in horror.

“I... I can't take that in my mouth!” she pleaded. “I've never done that before! It's too big! You'll choke me!”

“That just makes it all the more fun” he chortled. He grabbed her ponytail with his left hand and used his right hand to rub his cock head all over her face, smearing pre-cum on her cheeks. “Now open up like a good girl and it'll all be over soon-and you'll get a big reward!”

Her eyes closed, she shook her head and tried to get away from his hard shaft. He let go of his cock and pinched her nose closed. After about 40 seconds, she opened her mouth to breathe and he stuck his cock in her mouth. “You bite me, you're dead!” he warned her.

He started pushing and pulling her head with her ponytail, forcing her mouth around his thick meat. He could feel her resisting so he put his right hand on the back of her head and moves his left hand to the other side, holding her head still as he began pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth. He hit the back of her throat with his cock head and she gagged-but she quickly adjusted the angle of her throat and his cock slid down her throat until her face was pressed against his pubic bone. “It seems like you've done this before” he snorted.

They were like that for a good ten minutes, he changing his grip on her head from a two handed one to holding her by the ponytail again, leaving his other hand free to fondle and pinch her nipples. Soon, he felt that old feeling as his climax approached. He hissed at her “I'm about to cum. If you know what's good for you, and if you don't want to ruin that pretty little skirt, you'll swallow the entire load!” She couldn't say much-his cock made an excellent gag-but she looked up at him and nodded her head to show she understood.

In a few seconds his cum started shooting out. The first spurt went straight down her throat, but he didn't want her to miss all the fun so he pulled his cock out until just the head was left in her mouth. He filled her mouth with his hot, salty cum so that she had to swallow a few times before he finished. When he stopped spurting, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked her head up to look at him. “You better clean up my cock good-show it you loved what it did for you.”

She licked his cock clean and gently sucked on the head to tease out the last of the cum. He turned as he tucked his cock back in his pants and headed for the door. She looked at him with tears in his eyes and pleaded, “Please, don't leave me here like this. I won't call out or make a scene. Please untie me.” He ignored her and reached for the doorknob. She gave a heavy sigh and said “Snowcone.”

He stopped with his hand on the doorknob. “Snowcone?” he asked.

“Master, the slip knot jammed. I can't get it untied!” she said in desperation.

He turned back to her, pulling the mask off as he did. He knelt down in front of her. Wiping a tear from her cheek, he said “What's wrong, little one? Why did you safeword?  You usually love to work your way out of the ropes.”

She looked at him with a frown. “After you left for work today, Timmy's day care called. They're closing early today!” she wailed.

“I remember what happened the last time you were late” he said, standing up and then lifting her to her feet. “Turn around” he ordered. As she did, he continued, “I don't want to have to go through thatagain!” He looked at the knot then fished a pair of EMT shears out of his jacket pocket to cut the restraints. “It's only rope” he muttered.

As she tucked her breasts back in her bra, she told her Master “Do you know how painful it is to tuck these puppies back in their den?”

“And this from a self-admitted pain slut” he chuckled.

“Well, there's pain and then there's pain” she admitted as she buttoned up her blouse. “Don't forget to pick up some merlot on the way home.”

“I thought it was your turn to choose tonight, little one” he said.

“That good a performance deserves a reward” she giggled.

“You better get going, slave” he said, giving her a hard swat on her ass. “I love you.”

Just before she walked out of the door she turned to look at him and cooed “I love you too, Master.”

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