Friday, April 6, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Terry's Dilemma

(Gardener's note: I've been hoping to get to do something like this, so I'm glad the FFF Challenge is continuing, courtesy of Ram The Sunlover.  The challenge this time: 255 words or less, using "too many" somewhere in the story and writing about the following picture.  Here is my first effort.) 

Image: source unknown

Terry found himself in a position he had wound up in too often. Older women were always hitting on him; and by old, he meant at least as old as his mother. Some might say it was wrong or even sick to be attracted to older women. They didn't know what Terry knew.

He remembered the first time he set his sights on older women. He was 15 and he had come across a showing of The Graduate on a classic movie channel. He lay in bed later that night, Anne Bancroft's voice still ringing in his ears-”Would you like me to seduce you?” If he had been Dustin Hoffman, the movie would have ended very differently.

At 18, he got a job at Murphy's Grocery. All his friends (the ones who didn't go off to college) got jobs at the bigger chain supermarkets but Terry went for the smaller store because so many older women continued to shop there. He was friendly and helpful to all the women who came in, which translated into multiple occasions to finally live out his fantasy.

Now, at 21, he was finally able to go to clubs where alcohol was served, which brought him to his current dilemma. Another older woman was after him-and having had too much to drink, she had reached under the table to pull out and stroke his cock in an attempt to get him to notice her. This time was one too many, however.

“Grandma, please!” was all he could say.


  1. Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! Glad to see new blood participating.

    Great setup, and that last line - priceless!


  2. hahaha! That ending cracked me up.

    I liked the backstory. Good job.


  3. ROFLOL! Oh my god! Great set up and gotcha! Very good first effort.

  4. LOL! This was a good one! Glad you joined in on the FFF fun!

  5. Speaking of surprise twist endings...good one! and welcome to FFF.

  6. Thank you all for your gracious welcome. I can't wait to see what this week's challenge will be!

  7. Hi Gardener...

    That was GREAT! I LOVED the 'gotcha' at the end. Nice set up of the scene, I was pulled along and *boing* surprised me!

    nilla, smiling